“Talking about your fantasy team is like talking about your kids, no one cares”

Hello! My name is Andy Han and this is my fantasy sports blog! A fantasy sports veteran, I wanted to add a new element to my fantasy teams so I decided to keep a blog and give them a little narration. Here you can find updates on my teams, the thought processes behind my moves, and maybe some tips for your own teams. I may sprinkle in some other post with rankings, strategies, and such as well so stay tuned. I primarily play fantasy basketball and football. I took baseball off last year and found myself completely clueless about anything MLB-related so I may try and get back into it this season. If you want to contact me or want to play in a league together, shoot me an email (ahan29@gmail.com) or you can find me on twitter @ahan29. Thanks for checking out my blog!

“Those owners aren’t there to entertain you, only themselves. I mean, that’s why I write, it’s only to entertain myself. You guys are the crazy ones reading this.”– Jay, Razzball.com

Also, “tsundere” is just a character trope that pops up in anime often. It’s just someone who acts bitchy because they are embarrassed of their true feelings.


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