12.2 – SJW Gurley Bowl Rd 1 Predictions

Bracket Link: http://challonge.com/peweo7uq (I cant embed for shit on WP/dont want to install WP and dl plugins >_>)

#1 Ellen Mao vs #8 McAfee’s Colts

Having just missed the playoffs by just a point, Drew is the Gurley Bowl’s #1 seed and looks to parlay his season into at least something after missing out on a chance to finish in the money. Coach VZ got huge games from Hilton and Marshall and nearly pulled off the upset last week vs Team Reffe, but will he actually set his lineup this week? Eli’s inconsistency, the weight of PHL’s offense crushing Demarco, and Eifert’s questionable neck injury throw a little intrigue into this matchup, but Mao should comfortably pick up the W and move on to rd 2.

My Pick: Ellen Mao


My pick: FAAB Couch


#2 love 2 collude vs #7 Team BBC

Having squandered the 3rd most PF and lowest PA, Tyler enters the Gurley Bowl unceremoniously as the #2 seed. How far can his trio of Alshon/Arob/AJ take him? Will he ever pick the right QB in a given week? Significant questions, but ones that probably wont need to be answered if Josh still has Lance Moore and CJ0K in his starting lineup all week.

My Pick: love 2 collude


#3 Team Chandra vs #6 Closed for the Offseason

Closed for the offseason? Or open for the Gurley Bowl??? Vishnu seems to have the more talented lineup on paper, but we’ve seen how ugly the floor can be for his players. Jon is fighting to overcome some hard matchups himself as he’s relying on waiver talent instead of players like Gore, Rivers, and Diggs who have difficult matchups this week. Vishnu would be the chalk play, but I will go with JL to pull off the upset and deny Vishnu his chance at having Gurley on his team next year.

My Pick: Closed for the Offseason

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