12.1 – Week 11/12 Recap

Week 11 Recap



Kind of like two manatees trying to fight over some kelp, this matchup was ugly af (maybe that contributed to my delay in penning this recap…). Coach VZ got helped by his players hitting on a good number of TDs, but they also didn’t contribute much yardage. Ultimately, getting just 1 pt from his DST and K probably doomed him.

For myself, I wasn’t punished for eating DeAngelo’s BYE (not this this was a meaningful matchup). I probably should trust Blue more, with HOU’s defense coming on late and flipping the gamescripts that saw the HOU offense running nearly a full game’s worth of plays (on the season) more than other teams as they played catchup. There were a lot of “floor” statlines that were met, but the hero in this one was probably Amendola. In the MNF game, his 9/117 carried me to a W this wk.



In the immortal words of DJ Khaled: ANOTHER ONE! This matchup was similarly unaesthetically pleasing. After getting honeypotted by John Brown and his hamstrings earlier, I tried to get cute and start Ebron vs OAK…which netted me a nice 0 pts. Maybe my thinking was alright since he did drop a pass in the endzone, but after seeing VJax and Sproles, the two others I was thinking of picking up, score in the teens, I was a little miffed. West got hurt in this one, but still provided decent production before exiting. Watching Ware have a huge day in relief just salt in the wound. Brady had his worst game (statistically) of the season, but it was still enough to net me the W and secure my playoff spot regardless of week 12’s outcome. Unfortunately, Alee tied Aria (LOL), essentially eliminating himself from the playoffs. I was totally sitting on a “PRIDE LEADS TO DESTRUCTION” reply on the message boards after my low-ball offers offended Aria, but alas 😛

Week 12 Recap



Sorry no preview for this one. The main thing was that Coleman was subbing in for Devonta and that Rawls replaced Lynch in SEA, instantly solving Alee’s RB depth issue. This one was pretty much over after Thxgiving when Sproles and Adams combined for 6.9 pts and CAR DST and Gano went off for 39 total. At least Jmatt chipped in a garbage time TD for a 3/60/1 line… Amusingly, the rest of my team went off and ended up scoring the 2nd most pts this week, but for the 2nd time this season, that result was wasted vs the highest scoring team that week.

Bortles was a pretty poor real life QB vs SD, but his fantasy day looked pretty nice especially with a garbage time TD to ARob. He’s currently QB #9, but I wonder how sustainable his fantasy production is since he continues to have big holes in his real life QB game; a very Tannehill-like vibe from him. For all my jokes (re: hopes), CJA finally came alive in the snow vs NE. His huge game was squandered on my bench, but still, he looks to be over his earlier toe injury and with a more Kubiak QB under center, the DEN offense has been a lot more fantasy friendly as Kubiak offenses of years past.

Landry went off for the PPR dream of 13/165/1, a lot of that coming in garbage time as well. DeAngelo also benefitted from a very close, back and forth matchup with SEA that every fantasy owner hopes their players are embroiled in. Tavon was able to hit on some big plays, but like CJA it was squandered on my bench as I put too much faith in Devante Adams. Had I started CJA and Tavon, I would have been able to pull off the upset, but looking back, Im not sure how I would have justified starting them. CJA over Sproles maybe, but I think if I was benching Sproles, I probably would have gone Duke over CJA.



With the 4 playoff teams already determined, this week was mostly for seeding purposes. Tbenj was the hero in this one as he quickly rediscovered the connection with McCown on a long TD and helped me avenge my loss earlier in the season to Shubh. With McCown out and Davis in, I may just go with Maclin instead of Tbenj to gauge how that combo looks. Also, just before the trade deadline, I traded Brady/Eifert for Cam/Olsen. Im not sure how this move will work out, but that CAR playoff schedule was too enticing not to go for. I was having buyer’s remorse after seeing Brady do work against DEN’s defense and with his upcoming PHL matchup, but with Gronk out for a bit, Brandon LaDrop/Gimpydola/Chandler/White is a far cry from Edelman/Gronk/Lewis. My main concern is that Cam will run less to try and save his body for the playoffs, but CAR doesn’t seem like the kind of team to pump the brakes if they have 16-0 in sight. I must say, I am pretty proud of myself for coming up with a trade between a playoff team and an eliminated one that didn’t get people clamoring “COLLUSION” or “MONEY BACK PLS”. Im not a fan of this HOU team that wins thru defense and no longer yolo’s as hard on offense; between Ryan/Hoyer/Cutler, my QB2 will be a totally matchup-driven decision for the playoffs. I guess that flexibility is nice in a way, but I think I would prefer a QB1 I could just park in that OFLEX spot.

Partly due to the thanksgiving holiday, but mostly due to my negligence, posts have been sparse lately and that’s totally my bad. Sorry! I’ll be back this week with previews of the SJW and CODG playoffs as well as the much anticipated Gurley Bowl.

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