11.20 – Week 10 Recap, Week 11 Preview and SJW Predictions


Sorry for not posting the recap on Tuesday, I was preoccupied with real life things and didn’t get around to it. There isn’t much to say about the matchups anyways so Im going to squeeze all these posts into one this week. (Got to conserve my dwindling supply of kawaii anime girl images too…)



This one pretty much went as I expected it to. Cam had his usual solid fantasy QB day buoyed by a rush TD. No TDs for Ivory or Yeldon, but still solid floor games for ~20 pts between them. Evans got his purely off volume. I probably should consider myself fortunate that he went his third straight week without a TD, something that will probably rectify itself with the return of one or both of Vjax/ASJ to draw some coverage. Snead was absent from the box score, in what was probably a combination of his knee injury, upcoming BYE, and blowout nature of the game. In the same game, Crowder, a late FA pick up, came thru for Jeremy, scoring his first TD vs NO’s generous pass defense.

Barnidge got back on his TE1 horse hauling in a 6/65/1 line from Manziel. Nice to see at least that part of the offense sticking around thru the QB change. Graham was a disappointing 3/41. He does seemingly alternate nice games (10+ fantasy pts) with duds (<6 fantasy pt) so maybe next week is a going to be better? Thankfully Jeremy Langford was stashed on Jeremy’s bench where his 34 pt day couldn’t hurt me. Maybe I would have preferred to have played Langford in a week where I would have lost anyways just to keep my points against average high…

I was a bit disappointed in only getting 16 pts from Bortles (how far we have come…), but truthfully it didn’t really matter because the same problems that have haunted my team all year did so again this week. A grand total of 6 points from my RBs was underwhelming to say the least. Turns out the decision between Duke and Blue that I was agonizing over up to the start of the games was a moot point. In seemingly a plus matchup, Jmatt threw up another stinker and AJ underwhelmed in a second straight week. Both players’ performances were probably systemic of their whole offense’s struggles this past week. AJ’s is particularly troubling as he’s supposed to be able to elevate an offense by himself. Im still not sure if CIN’s desire to use their talented non-AJ players ends up hurting them or maybe simply it was a bad Andy game.

Adams and Landry both scored in the teens. Adams off sheer volume (20+ targets?!?) that somehow he was only able to turn into 10/79 and Landry partially on a very fluky TD. I think it’s safe to say that Adams probably was way overhyped in the offseason as GB’s savior when Jordy went down. I cant really subscribe to the theory that there is some underlying problem with Rodgers that is causing GB’s problems; Im more prone to believing that it’s a combination of factors rather than the solely the HoF QB’s fault, but regardless, losing to this DET team at home in GB was almost unimaginable coming into the game. Kelce was predictably corralled in a matchup with DEN and wasn’t helped by the fact that KC didn’t really need to rely on him as they controlled the game throughout on both sides of the ball.

Sucks to lose what was a winnable matchup, but not totally surprising considering the harsh reality of the limits of my roster. Looks like this week, Jeremy was right, DSTs are just DSTs and it doesn’t rly matter which one you choose. Shitty week, but I hope to get a rematch with Jeremy in da Gurley Bowl.



With AP and Charcandrick going off for 30+ pt games, Cutler somehow with a huge game vs STL, and Cooks also blowing up, those 4 players would have been sufficient to win last week which is good because everyone else on my team totaled something like 30 pts across 7 players. Hopefully after these BYEs are over with, there might be some more even production from my starters.

SJW Preview:


If youre wondering where AJ is? Well, in preparation for the Gurley Bowl, I shipped him off in a trade for DeAngelo Williams who is unfortunately on BYE this week. Luckily this matchup is pretty much meaningless for both of us, so I don’t mind eating a BYE week. It sucks to lose my WR1, but my RB situation was dire enough to justify the move. It also helps that my pick up of Amendola last week looks a lot better after Edelman’s unfortunate injury. I picked up Danny because I figured he’d the one running the routes that Dion Lewis was fulfilling for the NE offense, but now also down Edelman, Id expect Amendola to get another bump in production. My team now is pretty much the slot-shame special as Landry, Jmatt, and Amendola project to be my starters at WR from here on out. (Maybe I should change the settings to full PPR??? 😀 )

While I also have Romo, with this being his first week back after a lengthy layoff, I’ll roll with Bortles vs TEN. The odds of Bortles being a bust are moderately high with this being a TNF game and all, but Im not sure how much of a game plan JAX really even prepares/Bortles executes each week so maybe the short week isn’t as damning? When all else fails, could just go with the throw it to Arob plan. With Duke on BYE, Blue and Ellington are my starters at RB this week. Expectations are perpetually low for Blue (will he be replaced by Grimes/Polk? Or leaned on with Yates at QB?) and considering Ellington’s limited touches, I don’t expect him breaking off big chunks of yardage with regularity. (EDIT: HA DAMN, I didnt even get to post this before I decided to bench Blue in favor of Sproles – If Mathews cant go this week, I like Sproles chances to get some work out of the backfield and give Sanchez some easy completions to get into rhythm/move the ball).

For Coach VZ, he thankfully no longer has to agonize over whether or not to start Peyton as the QB is out this week. In his stead will be Alex Smith with a nice matchup vs SD. Id probably expect your typical Alex Smith QB2, 14-16 pt week. Latavius sure looked like OAK’s workhorse back (Roy Helu who?) at the beginning of the season, but recently it seems like OAK has been curbing his workload. DET however is a nice matchup that he certainly can do well in, even with limited touches so a total dud is unlikely barring him getting benched for some reason. In a similar vein as Duke in CLE, Sims offers a reasonable floor each week due to his role as PCB in TB albeit with a little more consistency but less big play potential.

Marshall has seemingly slowed down a bit recently possibly due to some nagging injuries, but should have his typical low-end WR1 week vs HOU. With Luck on the sidelines, Hilton fantasy production might more volume-dependent with Hasselbeck at QB; if he does have some big plays, Id expect them to be more of the YAC variety than the deep target kind. Djax is slowly working his way back from his hamstring injury. Last week should have been a nice one to help ease him back into game shape as he wasn’t really needed to do much in a blowout win; @CAR will be a significantly harder test, but the potential of Djax breaking off one of his trademark big plays grows with each week he gets healthier and as Cousins gains more confidence. Nate Washington is a total wildcard as the return of Shorts probably means less targets for Nate and Yates at QB should be another downgrade. Zach Miller (apparently a different one than the one that used to play for SEA) has been vamping poor Martellus recently and Im not sure it’ll get much better in a tough matchup vs DEN.

Bottom line is, both our teams are bad and horribly flawed and our records reflect that. Who wins is a total tossup. Will Coach VZ get enough out of Murray/Marshall/Hilton and will anyone else have a big game to support his studs? Will my WRs get enough catches to hit some floors? Will my RBs give more >10 total pts? The answer to these compelling questions to be answered this week…



At 7-3 with three other owners and 5th/6th at 5-5, just winning one of my remaining two games means I make the playoffs and this is a good week to get that win. Maybe if Wilson finally rushes for some TDs, Flacco goes off, CJ has a huge rushing day, Karlos punches in like 2 TDs, or any other alignment of big games from Jon’s players occurs, he’ll have a shot. A lot of his players seem to be capped either by their roles (e.g. – Williams/Jones) or their matchup (e.g. – Flacco, Starks) however. I have some nice matchups but also some iffy injury situations with Alshon and Brown so I could see my team failing to reach its lofty projected score if my studs struggle or more likely, the back of my lineup cant support them enough. Jon’s proven to be pretty resourceful in this league, but his team does have limits. I still think this matchup is in my favor so it’ll be nice if I could secure that playoff spot this week and possibly use next week to start gearing up for the playoffs.


SJW Predictions

McAfee’s Colts (2-18) vs FAAB Couch (7-13)


My pick: FAAB Couch

MATCHUP OF THE WEEK: Team Reffe (13-7) vs Ellen Mao (14-6)

One of two matchups between two teams vying for one of the three remaining playoff spots, I could easily see a 2-0 and 1-1 result out of this matchup. No Eli/Antonio, for Drew, but that extra depth is proving to be handy as he has Matt Jones queued up in the FLEX and Sanchize in for the spot start at QB. I don’t doubt AP and Dhop’s ability to produce despite their questionable tags at the time of this post, but we’ll see if Ryan/Lynch/Watkins/Gates can provide Dylan with the solid production you probably thought you could bank on from these players way back in the preseason.

My Pick: Team Reffe

Deflate deez nuts (20-0) vs OFFICIAL RIOT LEADER (7-13)

Too bad fantasy isn’t like the regular season where you can rest your players after locking up the #1 seed in the playoffs bc that’s exactly what Alee has done with a perfect season thru 10 weeks. Even with the loss of Edelman for Alee, it doesn’t look like Jeremy has the firepower to stage an upset this week with the likes of Antonio Andrews/Crowder/Beasley in his lineup and is mostly likely looking ahead to the Gurley Bowl.

My Pick: deflate deez nuts

Team Chandra (8-12) vs Team BBC (5-15)

After a whole mess of a trade deadline, it doesn’t look like Josh is really prepared or cares enough to stand up to Vishnu’s team who is only really missing Big Ben this week.

My Pick: Team Chandra

Love 2 collude (12-8) vs Closed for the Offeseason (5-15)

I don’t know if anyone is happier to see the BYE weeks over with than Jon as some untimely ones have really cost him in some recent matchups. Not playing for anything this week, but his team again looks to hinge on the performance of the back end of his lineup as he hopes to get at least a respectable performance out of RichRod, DGB, and Moncrief. One game out of that 4th playoff spot, Tyler cashed in his RB depth trading BYE week RBs Ingram and DeAngelo for Langford and AJ, respectively. A WR trio of AJ/ARob/Alshon is tremendous and Im sure Tyler hopes to lean on them for a playoff run but he’ll have to get there first.

My Pick: love 2 collude

Team Varma (13-7) vs The Limping Dez (14-6)

Awww shieeetttt, Shubh with a legit shot at the playoffs. God have mercy on us if he makes it haha (jk Shubh! GL!) Last week’s win over Tyler thanks to Baldwin’s heroics was a strong statement and Shubh will look to continue his roll vs Aleks/Adrian this week. With 3 startable QBs, Shubh looks like he’s going with the seemingly matchup-proof Palmer albeit in a tough matchup (revenge game anyone??). His RBs have great matchups but his WR trio of Calvin/Sanders/Hurns come into this week with some serious injury concerns. Hurns is said to be a go for tonight’s TNF game where he’ll look to continue his TD streak (=0 maybe he will be a top24 WR, should have just taken my bet Shubh!). Sanders has injured seemingly every part of his body after 10 weeks, but reports are that he is also good to go this week. Osweiler will be throwing him the ball so it’s to be seen if Sanders will be safety net or if he just locks in on DT or the TEs.

Aleks/Adrian have been riding huge weeks from Odell/Cooks/Crabtree to surge to a comfortable 2nd place in the standings. With Odell and Cooks on BYE this week, I think simply breaking even and keeping serve in the standings would be a solid get for the team, but Im sure they’re still shooting for that W. That RB2 spot continues to be a question mark as they try to plug the hole with Joique this week, but if they can continue to get huge games from their WRs, that weakness may prove to be irrelevant.

My Pick: Team Varma

Last WeeK: idk too lazy to check, Overall: (will update…later….)

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