11.12 – SJW Week 10 Predictions

If you want to know how rushed this post is, just know that Im writing it up in WordPress’s client instead of just writing in MS Word and then copypasta-ing 😛

Ellen Mao (12-6) vs McAfee’s Colts (2-16) 

Not much to say here, should be an ez win for Mao. Maybe Coach vZ will set his lineup by Sunday?

My Pick: Ellen Mao

The Walking Dez (6-12) vs FAAB Couch (7-11)

Barring any movement in the standings, this may be a preview of rd 1 of the Gurley Bowl.

My Pick: FAAB Couch

Team BBC (4-14) vs Team Reffe (11-7)

GB seemingly back on track, but wow Josh Law forced to start some real subpar options after injuries. Dylan at pretty much full strength, the only blemish being starting Cousins for Ryan on BYE.

My Pick: Team Reffe

Closed For The Offseason (5-13) vs Deflate deez nuts (16-0)

Yeesh, BYE week blues got Jon throwing Hoyer/Thompson/Givens/RichRod and a prayer out there this week vs Alee

My Pick: deflate deez nuts

The Limping Dez (12-6) vs Team Chandra (8-10)

Both Aleks/Adrian and Vishnu lost their QBs to injury last week. I like Carr a lot more than Flacco, but in a slight upset, I will go with Dr. Chandra to keep his playoff hopes alive this week.

My Pick: Team Chandra

Team Varma (11-7) vs love 2 collude (12-6)

Who’s questionable in this mu? EVERYONEEEEE!!! I think Tyler’s RBs just bury Shubh who doesnt have Forte or Woodhead to defend himself this wk.

My Pick: love 2 collude

Last Week: ???, Overall:??? (will edit later…)

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