11.10 – Week 9 Recap



Ayyy we won! Outside of Jmatt, no one really had an outstanding game, but floors were reached and that was enough as the backend of Jon’s lineup totally bottomed out this week.

I thought Rivers was a lock for 20+ pts this week vs CHI, but the absence of Allen, Green, and during the game, Floyd really left the cupboard pretty bare in SD. Some penalties also made RZ possessions much more difficult for SD in this game. Miller had a huge game thanks to two GL plunges into the endzone and an excellent 7/97 as a pass-catcher. Gore also had a great week, albeit a tad inefficient, vs DEN thanks to a whopping 28 carries for a 28/83/1 line on the ground.

The biggest surprise (disappointment?) for me was DT. Vs Vontae Davis, he only managed 5/50 on 7 targets. Peyton found a lot of success dodging the matchup (Daniels, 6/102/1; Sanders 6/90/1) so I guess that was what was best for the DEN offense this week. I thought for sure that they’d test Davis with DT in the RZ tho… Diggs cooled off his hot streak as STL payed a good amount of attention to him and stifled the whole MIN passing attack. Im not sure if he’ll be as good as he was during his hot streak, but I think Diggs will bounceback vs some easier opponents that are coming up. Whether he can produce in tough mu’s vs SEA and @ARI in weeks 13/14 is yet to be seen. Moncrief predictably struggled vs DEN, but maybe he can be more productive vs less elite pass defenses coming out of his BYE.

Tye and Thompson didn’t work out at all this week, but I could see the reasoning for starting them. With the 0-2 this week, I think I effectively eliminated Jon from playoff contention (sorry! I’ll prob be joining you soon 😦 ). Looking at his lineup, it does look like a very studs-and-duds’y lineup. Missing John Brown this week was probably the difference. Luckily for me this week, his studs weren’t studly enough to make up for the duds.

Without ASJ, Evans was the only real passing threat on TB, making it relatively easy for NYG to defend (#2 DST how??). Winston didn’t throw for any TDs, but a rush TD saved his week. I was pretty amazed that Bortles managed to have a great week vs NYJ (possibly overrated defense???). It looks like he’ll be my starter for the foreseeable future. CJ…lol… Jokes aside, he was the more productive DEN RB this week and if Hillman continues to battle his quad injury, it should mean more work for CJ. Duke only caught 2 passes again this week, but at least one was for a TD. Here’s to hoping that McCown returns to starting soon and that the departure of Turbo Bob means more work for Duke.

AJ predictably wasn’t needed vs CLE. Sucked to see Eifert get all the RZ love, but not entirely unsurprising either. I still expect that AJ’s best games will be vs tougher opponents/in tighter games. Jarvis pumped in a 11/69 effort in a week where Tanny kind of struggled. Austin only had 4/15 as a receiver, but 8/66 as a rusher saved his day. Blessed be the end-around with your fastest player. The biggest winners this week were Jmatt and Davante Adams. Presumably fully healed from their mysteriously vague injuries, they both had strong weeks highlighted by Jmatt’s walk-off 40yd TD in OT vs DAL. It’s no coincidence that Jmatt’s best game came in a game where PHL found their rhythm. Equally due to his talent (or shortcoming of) and role as slot receiver, I think Jmatt’s production will be reliant on the offense rather than the other way around. The fact that Adams broke out for 7/93 vs CAR’s pass defense was also a very encouraging sign for his outlook rest of season.

Miller was a bit of a disappointment in a great mu vs OAK, but it wasn’t the deciding factor this week. Not sure he has much value if Ben is out again. We didn’t crack the top6 this week, but a win sure does feel good. Unfotunately, unless CJA suddenly repeats his second-half performance from last year, this may be towards the higher end of weekly outcomes for this team unfortunately. Not totally eliminated from the playoffs just yet, getting there is going to be tough sledding as top6 finishes will probably be few and far between.



When 10/11 of your opponents players score >10 pts and you have 5/11 that don’t break 6pts, chances are you wont be winning that week. Aside from Lacy and somewhat Ingram, every one of Alee’s players had solid games with Carr, Cam, Amari, and Blount having great ones. For myself, great games from AP, Eifert, and Alshon were wasted as I couldn’t surround them with enough help to get the W this week. 140 total pts is pretty respectable tho (5th out of 10 teams – why couldn’t some of these 170+ pt scorers play each other…). In the last 5 weeks, my lowest scoring week was 134.1 so Im pretty happy with my team’s performance of late. I do benefit from the 3rd lowest PA, so my team probably is a little worse than what my record suggests. Going forward, my team’s success will hinge on if I can cash in my wealth of WR2’s into more help for Brady and Alshon.

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