11.4 – ATML Team Draft Recap (JL Guestpost!)

Ayyy!! Special shoutout to my man JL for this guestpost 🙂 . This the good shit right hurr – Andy

Since the fantasy football season hasn’t been a disappointment (sigh) and I now have to deal with the grade school level trash talking from Shubh and Vishnu, I’ve decided to dump all of the (little) knowledge on football to make room for the basketball season. Mr. Tsundere has given me the opportunity to do a little write up on each of the 10 teams we have this year. Most of my thoughts of players come from what I remember last year, this year’s situations, and of course, the upside (HYPE!). It’s important to keep in mind that we’re only a few games in at this point in the season, so I’ll try not to overreact/underreact.

Pride leads to destruction

With the 1st pick of the draft, “Pride leads to destruction” (…what?) Aria went with The Brow. There was plenty of hype surrounding AD but so far he hasn’t shown much. He’ll be fine. I love Deandre but decided against punting FTs this year. One of Andy’s target, Eric Bledsoe should be in for a solid year as the focal point in Phx. Kyrie has first round upside for a 5th round steal, but that all depends on when he plays. Another player that I like with some upside is Jerian Grant. Picked up on the first day of waivers, Grant will be the Knicks starting PG. I mean Calderon is their current starter and has only made 1 FG in 2 games, so there’s that.

M.I.L.L.$.A.P Rocky

JKing went with the MVP, Steph Curry. This man does it all and another player that carried me throughout the season last year. Looks like Chef isn’t done yet. He’s already putting numbers (I think it was 48% 3s, 70% 2s, 95% FTs). I’m also excited to see what the Greek Freak has in store for us this year with a little more help on a young Bucks team. Not sure about Noah since he’ll be coming off the bench and working with a decent Chicago front court. I think Valanciunas could be in for a nice role in his 4th year on the Raptors, the upside and opportunity is there for sure. It looks like a pretty balanced defensive team right now. Lots of his players are looking to put up a little bit of everything stat-wise.

Still Drafting…

I had the 3rd pick and messed around with the thought of Harden, KD, Westbrook, and Boogie. It eventually came down to KD and Westbrook, but of course I went with my guy, KD! I had Gobert and then I didn’t have him (please see Adrian’s part). In the draft I realized I didn’t have any PGs so I began to pull the trigger on pretty much on anyone. I came up with MCW, Rondo, Ty Lawson, and Mo Williams. Not the best but they’re all in relatively new situations and provide good upside. Other than the rental lease I have on Mo, hopefully these PGs end up being the starters for the rest of the season. Please send Trill back if you find him… L

Team Chandra (Team Pops)

Picking right after Aleks and Vishnu in the draft was the worst. I realized that I wanted a lot of the players he had last year (Vishnu keeps saying he won it all last year, but I don’t recall this). Russell is gonna be in MVP mode all year. The only difference will be that it’ll be easier for him this year than it was last year. The Clippers are gonna be who they were last year so Blake was a solid pick. First NBA game and Okafor looks good, he’ll prolly flourish until the Sixers are healthier (and because he is on the Sixers). Great news for the Morris twins, they’re on the same team! I’m sure Marcus and Markief are very pleased. Marcus was a nice day 1 waiver grab as Stanley Johnson will need some time. I don’t think Covington will be the guy he somehow was last year just because more depth and talent was added (but then again, it’s the Sixers).

The Luck of Shubh (Team Varma)

James Harden fell to him with the 5th pick! (It’ll be interesting to see if Shubh’s luck prevails over Lil B’s curse.) Team Varma won’t be bad with strong players at the C/PF positions (Hibbert, Drummond, Gobert, Draymond, and even Kanter coming off the bench.) Initially I thought he needed more help at PG, but the likes of Harden, Teague, and Jack might be enough. I’ll have to comment on his obsession with the Boston Celtics and being surprised that he only grabbed David Lee. Although, Shubh has been a long supporter of David Lee, so this makes sense but the Celtics’ frontcourt rotation doesn’t. He’ll have to channel his inner Brad Stevens (Shubh’s 2016 COY pick) to figure this out.

My Balls on Abby’s Chin

My Balls on Abby’s Chin (another one I don’t get…) went CP3 with the 6th which isn’t bad at all for a player who will get you both assists and DDs. Adrian’s next pick was Jimmy Butler, who he didn’t see at first so asked to rewind the draft once Jimmy was taken shortly after Adrian’s pick. (Honestly, I don’t know who he initially picked and why the draft was backed up. But I can’t say I’ve seen a draft backed up. This altered the next few picks. I was ecstatic about getting Gobert and then was my heart crushed when I didn’t.) Moving on. I think it’s Jimmy’s time in Chicago, but we still have to see if DRose is okay with that. I thought it was interesting going for Tim Duncan and Aldridge, but they’ve both been doing fine.

Let’s Boogie! (Team Reffe)

Cousins went 7th overall to Dylan. Sky’s the limit for this dude and I don’t think Karl is a bad coach. He doubled down on the Pacers with PG13 and Hill, together they’ll run that team. DWade still looking good, I guess this is at the expense at Dragic not looking so good. Two later round I noticed was Eric Gordon and Trevor Ariza. Ariza will get you 3s and steals and he’ll surpass his late round value. Eric Gordon might have that opportunity too as he is linked back up with his old coach, the same coach that offered him a max contract, and a Pelicans team that’s got a lot of injuries. Someone’s gonna have to help AD but will that guy be Gordon?

sassa fras

Up next is sassa fras grabbing Dame Lillard with #8. Lillard is gonna ball out (again) this year. (Portland, not so sure about.) One of the reasons I wanted a late round pick was for the chance to get someone like Dame and Kawhi Leonard. With the spurs aging out, they’ll transition to Kawhi and Aldridge. So far so good (more like GREAT) Whiteside. The key here is that Whiteside stays healthy. The 1st overall pick, Towns, just had himself a career game in his 2nd game! Alee’s first year team is looking like a solid one. I’m curious to see if sassa fras keeps up this level of playing throughout the season.

Bench Spot #5

Andy had LeBron fall to the 9 spot. The King has been a player to shy away from with the amount of rest, stress, and celebrity appearances that will partake throughout the season. Does this mean he’ll miss half the season? No… Let’s be real, he’ll still put up his number and full stat lines on any given night (that he plays). Maybe the local DC team has gotten to me, but I like John Wall and the Wizards this year. Think about what he did last year and now add in a healthy Beal. I don’t think Russell is ready so I like the Clarkson pick up. Aaron Gordon, hype list approved. I’m curious as to what he can do this year. Why was he so high on Wiggins? (Same first name? Maybe.)

Dan, Daniel, or Danny? (Team Lopez)

Last but not least, Team Lopez goes back-to-back with Carmelo and Klay Thompson. One of my biggest surprises is the Cav’s focus to Love. While Kyrie is out and LBJ will be resting, I think Kevin Love will always be out there. They’re tryna get him back into that T’Wolves All Star that we once knew and loved… 😉 Kevin Love is looking to be a great pick as long as he doesn’t get his arm yanked. Mudiay looks like he’ll be riding the ups and downs this season, but did show some good looks in the first game. Rubio looks more confident with his shot. If this is true, he might have taken his game to the next level since we know the assists are there.

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