11.3 – Week 8 Recap

For the first time I actually blog and follow my team through a full season, I really wish I could have given yall a more successful team to read about. In a season marked by frustration seemingly at every turn, this week probably took the cake. In a week where I wasn’t supposed to have a chance, I actually had one; AJ and Tavon had big games and my opponent had some key players underperform, but ultimately I was done in by Fitzpatrick and Bush suffering injuries early in their games. I could accept losing to like an Eli or Brees coming off a bonanza, but to lose because of injuries – if I can steal a catchphrase from TJ of Recess – womps. Fantasy is truly a cruel mistress.



Palmer had his second 4TD game of the season, but this time with the yardage to match en route to his highest fantasy scoring day to date. CLE lost key members of its secondary yet kept the game close enough that Carson was throwing all day. It should be noted that he did also get a rush TD called back on review. Forte wasn’t having a great day, but was seeing enough volume to claw his way to a solid fantasy day until he had to exit due to a knee injury – considering the carnage of Sunday, he is pretty fortunate to only be missing a few weeks. McFadden had as solid a day as you could expect vs SEA, doing it all as a 3down back for DAL. I was a little surprised they didn’t ride him a little more (only 20 carries), but this looks to be his floor for as long as he is healthy and starting for DAL. Admittedly, I don’t know why SD went away from Woodhead this week; he usually gets enough work as a receiver to matter, but only had two catches on three targets in a game where Rivers completed passes to 10 different receivers. Rivers usually spreads the ball around and will probably continue to do so with Allen done for the season, but SD seemed bent on trying to get Gordon going, giving him 18 carries and 6 targets (5 catches). After 8 games, it really seems like Gordon will be a RB that’s highly dependent on the play of his OL and the behemoths of SD’s are simply too injured right now for Gordon to be productive behind.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people had pegged Calvin as a top 5 WR last week vs KC’s generous pass defense and DET trending towards a return to the looser, more free offense that had benefited Stafford and Johnson before. That wasn’t the case as KC’s pass rush got to Stafford with ease all day en route to 6 sacks and probably countless hits and hurries.  KC’s offense pretty much was able to do as it pleased, particularly on the ground, allowing them to end with a 10 min time of possession edge that probably kept their defense fresh all day. Calvin did leave at the end of the game with an ankle injury but it seemed more precautionary than anything considering the game was already over by then. Even with the BYE week, Sanders’ shoulder may have still hampered him (see: Randall Cobb) as he finished with 2/22 and looked to have some uncharacteristic drops. On the otherside, James Jones and the whole GB offense got smothered by DEN as the loss of Jordy seems to have a lot bigger impact on the GB offense than initially thought. I think the weather might have been Olsen’s greatest enemy as CAR played thru a monsoon for most of the MNF game, but he was able to come thru with 6/79 and a TD.

For what was like the second or third DST taken in most drafts, Shubh has been the only owner this year to fux with them and they rewarded him this week with their best game of the season vs TEN. In a week where scoring was seemingly down and a lot of big names were lost for the season, Shubh’s 116.9 was actually good for 3rd highest this week. His 2-0 has him sitting on a 10-6 record and 6th overall in the standings as he looks to try and secure a playoff spot over the final third of our fantasy regular season.

After just three passes, Fitzpatrick got hurt with what was later diagnosed as torn ligaments in his non-throwing hand, forcing him out of the game. Duke didn’t see much work even after turning his two targets into 68 yards; such is the life of a PCB in a RBBC I suppose. With Hyde out, I opted to start Bush over Blue, even vs STL’s defense considering the fair amount of catches they’ve ceded to RBs (see: Duke, Leveon, D Johnson), but his day (and season) ended after he slipped on the exposed concrete track circling the field running oob on a punt return and tore his MCL. I joked about CJA rising back from the ashes of this nightmare season for him, but he actually did it…on my bench. He looked more spry and ran with more juice than pre-BYE CJ. Hillman is still the starter, but CJ probably showed enough to continue have the short end of DEN’s usual 60/40 RB split. In one of the more positive gamescripts HOU will probably see the rest of the year, Blue didn’t dominate the carries vs TEN (14 to 8 for Polk), but a surprising 5/33 saved his day vs a pretty strong TEN run defense. Im praying Jesus Christine Michael or Cobb steps up this week or next so Im not left in a situation where I actually have to start Blue.

I think the pattern with CIN is if the game is close, Dalton just defaults to AJ, but if not and defenses try to take away AJ, Dalton’s ok with just hitting other targets. In a game that was tight all day, AJ turned 17 targets into a 11/118/1 line. Landry was held to just 6/71 as MIA got son’d by NE. Austin hit his fantasy ceiling as he had 2 TDs on the day, one receiving and one rushing. He usually gets 2-3 rush attempts a game which are usually pretty effective as a change of pace to the constant pounding of Gurley, but his inconsistent use as a receiver leave him relatively TD dependent. Adams, like Jones, had the clamps put on him by DEN and things may not get much better next week vs CAR. Kelce had a solid day with his first TD since scoring two in week 1. I was annoyed when I saw him stopped on the 2yd line after a catch, but KC called his number immediately and he score his TD on the next play.

DEN DST had its first game without a TO, but still had a good week after a few sacks and holding GB to just 10 pts. The loss drops me to 6-10 and probably out of playoff contention. I don’t even get to play spoiler as all my future opponents are either probably not making the playoffs either or having their spot pretty much secured. The silver lining is that we may never have to hear Shubh bitch about how unlucky he is ever again… At 8-8, I might have put a little more effort into working some trades, but after this week’s result, I think I’ll be focusing my energies on some other leagues. At least in the SJW league, in the consolation bracket, we’ll be fighting for the right to take Gurley #1 next season. Maybe I should dub it “Gurley Bowl”…



This matchup was a lot simpler than the other one in SJW. Simply, the PIT/CIN game wasn’t a bonanza and while Brown had one of his floor games, Dalton/Ben/Gio completely bottomed out. Devonta and Gronk were still great and Tate and Ginn were solid (but wow that drop was PEAK Ted Ginn….if anyone has a sad MJ of Ted Ginn, pls, send it my way), but my team just out-depth’d Adrian’s this week. Another win vs one of the top teams in the league…FeelsGoodMan

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