10.29 – SJW Week 8 Predictions

Team BBC (4-10) vs McAfee’s Colts (0-14)

Oh my…a clash between the two teams at the bottom of the standings. After a brief flash at the start of the season, Josh’s season has tanked as Rodgers and Lacy have. Coming off a BYE right into DEN, it may be a while longer until they can right the ship, but can Josh afford to wait? Coach vZ had his best showing last week (congrats on finally breaking 100!) and it still wasn’t enough as he continues to search for the elusive first win. He just traded Marshawn (vs DAL) for Hilton (vs CAR and DEN next wk) in what is either a desperation or homer move as Marshawn would appear to be the stronger play in the short term. I honestly have no clue how this one will go, but I’ll throw my hat in with Coach vZ this week.

My Pick: McAfees Colts

Show Me Your TDs (4-10) vs The Walking Dez (4-10)

The season has turned around for Jon these past few weeks as Rivers, Lamar, and fellow Terp, Diggs (+1 alum bonus – you listening JMatt?????), have fueled strong weeks. This week, he faces Jeremy who will hope to be carried by his strong remaining core of Cam/Ivory/Evans. Jon’s got some tough matchups for some of his secondary players, but his big guns should help him come thru this week.

My Pick: Show Me Your TDs

The Limping Dez (8-6) vs Ellen Mao (9-5)

The Brady for Odell swap hasn’t worked quite like Aleks and Adrian probably hoped, but they do find themselves in the mix with the other 8-6 teams for one of those precious playoff spots. RB has been an issue for The Limping Dez as without Lewis, there is little to no depth behind Lewis. He’s sporting a questionable tag, but is expected to play on TNF. In good news, Dez is slated to make a return this week (will there be an accompanying team name change???), but to what effect is to be seen. Mao is down Demarco and Mathews to BYE, saving him the trouble of deciding which to start but is otherwise at full-strength. Favorable matchups up and down his roster makes him an easy pick in this one.

My Pick: Ellen Mao

Team Varma (8-6) vs FAAB Couch (6-8)

In the face of a heavily favored opponent and coming off the loss of Foster, I’ll admit, I did flirt with the idea of picking against myself for the first time this year. After some trades, Im curious to see if I did enough to get myself a W this week.

My Pick: FAAB Couch

Love 2 collude (10-4) vs Team Reffe (9-5)

Each of these two top teams are dealing with minor BYE issues, but regardless, I will take the squad sporting three (!!!) top RBs in a season where RB production is few and far between. Dylan is making his own claim to the RB-king throne with newly acquired Marshawn Lynch, but with Gates hurting and Reed on BYE, he may not have the horses to win this race.

My Pick: love 2 collude

MATCHUP OF THE WEEK: Team Chandra (8-6) vs deflate deez nuts (14-0)

Here we finally get the team Vishnu envisioned when he traded for Gurley and Cobb weeks ago. With Ben back, Vishnu’s team is at full strength and he’s going to need all of it if he wants to give Alee his first loss on the season. Alee has a lot riding on the TNF game, so this matchup might be decided right then and there. I think Alee doesn’t get enough from the TNF game and Cooper/Benjamin cant overcome hard matchups; if Ben isn’t too rusty, Vishnu just might squeak by with the win.

My Pick: Team Chandra

Last Wk: 5-1, Overall: 25-17

Alee’s Picks:

  • Team BBC over McAfee’s Colts
  • Show Me Your TDs over The Walking Dez
  • Ellen Mao over The Limping Dez
  • FAAB Couch over Team Varma
  • Love 2 collude over Team Reffe
  • Deflate deez nuts over Team Chandra

Last Wk: 5-1, Overall: 20-10

SV’s Corner:

  • Team BBC over McAfee’s Colts
  • Show Me Your TDs over The Walking Dez
  • The Limping Dez over Ellen Mao
  • Team Varma over FAAB Couch
  • Love 2 collude over Team Reffe
  • Deflate deez nuts over Team Chandra

Last Wk: n/a, Overall: 18-12

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