10.27 – Week 7 Recap

Going into drafts this year, one of my big strategies was to take Foster sometime after rd 3. A player that despite a propensity for racking up injuries, has had a history of being very productive when he does play. While teams were happy to take Leveon Bell in the top 5 picks on average, rd 4 for a RB1 that might miss a week or two more felt like a bargain. Well, after waiting for three weeks, Foster was able to give me 3/4 above average weeks and looked poised to help bolster my RB corp that had been honeypotted by CJA. Unfortunately, in meaningless garbage time, he blew his Achilles, ending his season. You could argue that he shouldnt have been out on the field in a meaningless situation, but I think injury is a risk that could have happened at any time so its kind of moot for me. Regardless, with Foster going down, my already fragile roster (in SJW) takes another hit and the RB landscape shrinks even further (Charles, 2wks after tearing his ACL is still RB#8!).



So Vishnu’s studs and duds lineup actually worked pretty well this week. His studs, Julio and Gurley, took advantage of prime situations and scored a combined 50 pts (I think I had projected them for 60). Other filler on his team actually did their jobs as well as Twill, Kearse, Watson, and Sproles (aided by some free catches at the very end of the SNF game…) chipped in with respectable performances. I was really hoping that he would keep Tamme in his lineup after the 1pm bell, but he astutely made the call to start Green. It was an easy decision to make after Gates was announced to be out, but even if Gates played, I think Green would have had a nice game vs an OAK team that has struggled to defend the middle of the field all year. In a BYE-filled week, he had to rely on a lot of filler players and he did hit on pretty much all of them, but his decision to stream Landry was the one choice that didnt work out and unfortunately it cost him this week. The situation did seem pretty cushy, a QB with Brown and Bryant vs KC? – the justification was clearly there, but I guess games like this one are why Jones is a 3rd string QB.

My streamer, Fitzmagic, came through with a 20+ pt game and I might continue to ride him through a relatively light schedule the next few weeks. Foster owned garbage time before getting hurt. Duke’s work in the passing game saved his week. Arob was able to overcome a hard matchup as he inches closer to matchup-proof status. Moncrief saved his day with a garbage time TD. Everyone else had solid days, including Oliver who I grabbed when it was announced that Gordon would be inactive (apparently a lie…). Jmatt continues to ride the strugglebus and the bricks for hands memes continue to flow. I wonder how much of his struggles can be tied to a lack of an outside threat, struggles of the PHL offense as a whole, and this mysterious hand injury he is reported to have….or he just sucks….

With Foster done for the season, there’s a noticeable dearth of talent on my roster. Blue was the de facto backup to Foster, but Ive never really been convinced that he’s a particularly talented RB. I dont think its realistic to expect CJ to rise from the ashes to become productive and save my season either. Jmatt is pretty untradable at the moment, so it looks like I will be selling Arob and AJ off for parts. Ive never really been in a position of desperation like this before, but I guess it’ll be a learning experience…. Silver lining is that Ive beaten Vishnu in both our matchups this year…yay…. x_x



Yet another Foster-fueled win. An earlier trade of one of my excess of QBs, Flacco, for Diggs actually worked out really well for both parties and both players helped us to wins this wk. This team is better equipped to deal with the loss of Foster as AP, Hill, and West are still on the roster. This matchup was over before MNF, so I was able to drop my kicker (Catanzaro) and pick up a random FA (Marvin Jones, though I initially picked up Starks). I was also playing with fire a bit as I didnt pickup a TE at all this week to fill in for Eifert. I was waiting after the 1pm games to see if I had to and if so, I was targeting Ladarius Green. He also got snatched up and it looked like I could get by without a TE, but I had Ertz on watch in case anything changed after the 4pm games.

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