10.15 – Week 6 Preview


Team Reffe, the 5th stop on my tour of the top6 teams in the standings that ends in a date with Vishnu next week. Perennially underrated, Dylan’s team looks like it did last year — couple of studs backed by a hodgepodge of players behind them. This year, AP and Devonta/Edelman were his core until he cashed in Devonta/Edelman for Hopkins and a lot of bench help. Actually, he’s starting everyone he got from that trade haha (Ellington/Hopkins/Garcon/Matthews).

In the TNF game, Ryan gets to face a NO team with one of the worst defenses in the league. With a banged up Julio and a short turnaround to the TNF game, I expected ATL to rest Julio, but it looks like he’s playing. Maybe he’s just a decoy, but he still managed a TD (fmbl recovery) last week whilst hobbled; just been that kind of season for him. I think the play is just to beat NO down with the Freeman and the run game which could limit Ryan’s #s this week unless someone takes like a screen for a TD. NO doesnt strike me as the kind of team that will really challenge ATL and turn this into a shootout conducive to a big fantasy day for Ryan, but this is a division game at home for them so I guess its possible…

Coming off a BYE, at home, and vs a KC team ripe for getting their spirits broken, this is a prime game for MIN to grind their opponents to dust with AP. KC’s weakness has been it’s pass defense, but that hasnt been MIN’s m.o. so far this season. Ellington is more change-of-pace behind CJ right now, though he may get a larger workload now that he is further removed from his latest injury. He could get a few catches, but I think he’ll have to break a long TD if to have a good fantasy day.


Accurate depiction of what is about to go down on Sunday.

Dhop has just about a full game’s worth of targets more than the next receiver in the league. Im so happy that I get to face him again! The JAX secondary isnt special and there’s the chance that HOU just opts to beat them via the run game after seeing how effective it was for TB, but regardless, Dhop is gonna get his. TY has been quiet thus far, but if Luck plays, maybe that vertical element re-enters IND’s offense. Pierre is meh for me. Versus a stacked NYJ secondary and with Jackson returning and Crowder emerging, Pierre will need a TD to make an impact for Dylan’s team. I guess he might see more hot reads if NYJ’s pass rush, which gets Richardson back, is in Cousins’ face all day, but I wouldnt really count on it. Rishard laid a nice turd on the field before the BYE, but so did the whole MIA team. It looked like he was starting to pull away from the rest of their stable of WRs before that game, but who knows what is happening in MIA anymore with their new coaches. Gates should be ok vs GB, but probably wont go off either.

For myself, Bradford vs Mariota is a weekly conundrum. Bradford was ultimately the right start last week and has surprisingly put up consecutive top12 QB scoring weeks. Chip’s master plan seems to be working as Bradford is a lot more successful in the 2nd-half of games when defenses are presumably more tired. Those two RZ INT’s are a huge concern, but he’s been spreading the ball around and actually flashing a deep ball. Versus a NYG defense that doesnt really generate pressure and who just lose Amukamura, I think I will go Bradford. It was nice to see Mariota run a bit more (apparently he hit the 4th fastest top speed of any player last week…). I’ll chalk up the tough passing day to a good BUF defense though. TyGOD is available, but he shares the same BYE as Bradford, so I cant just pick him up unless I drop Sam Sadford 😦

Foster of course getting the nod for me. It was nice to see get all those touches, especially in the passing game considering he didnt really get it going on the ground. Hoyer might actually be better for him if Hoyer’s progressions just go from Dhop straight to Foster. Arian’s patience was definitely still there, but he didnt seem to have that same burst behind the majority of his runs when coming off his blocks. Hopefully that was just rust and with a long layoff between games, he’s good to go in a plus-matchup vs JAX. I have Duke in the RB2 spot currently, but of my other RBs, he has the hardest matchup. CJA gets CLE and Andrews faces MIA. If Hillman doesnt play, I may go CJA….nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Andrews actually has averaged 12 ppg over the last two games despite being in a RBBC of one of the least appealing rushing attacks. He has surprisingly soft hands for such a burly back. Its entirely possible that all three of these RBs just get to ~10 pts in their own special ways.

AJ is AJ. For as good as BUF’s defense is on paper, they do get beat an awful lot… Arob actually has a moderately difficult matchup and Bortles’ shoulder is banged up. If its not a big deal like he claims and Arob continues to get targeted deep, he should have a decent week. Moncrief’s value is tied to Luck’s status, but NE’s defense can yield production to WRs when they nurse leads late in games. With PHL’s offense getting into rhythm, hopefully some of that mojo gets redirected at JMatt after seemingly everyone else has gotten theirs the past two weeks.

I think this matchup comes down to the back-end of Dylan’s roster. If Matthews/Garcon/Ellington/MIA DST can give him like 30 pts, the rest of his team may be able to carry him to victory. If they cant and my players just have average weeks, I should be able to win.



Alrighty, my first matchup with Jeremy of the year. Too bad he basically auto-drafted this team, hence the lack of QBs. Losing Charles is also a big kick to the nuts. If you’re wondering where Landry is, I just traded him and Bryant for Alshon and ….CJA :’) . If Alshon plays, I may slot him in for Brown or West (why did I pay 40% of my FAAB for West???). We’ll see if his team can put up a fight, but this looks to be an easy win…

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