10.15 – SJW Week 6 Predictions

The Limping Dez (6-4) vs McAfee’s Colts (0-10)

Having Luck miss the past two weeks has probably made Aleks quite regretful for shipping off Brady — since the trade, Aleks and Adrian’s brain child has gone 1-3. Even with Lewis, Odell, and Luck all questionable, a date with Coach vZ’s squad is probably just the panacea The Limping Dez needs to get back to its winning ways. Coach vZ has finally decided to stir it up a bit after a winless start by making a deal with the devil.



Did he get enough back for his two superstars? Probably not, but a change (or like you know…a FA pick up or something…) was sorely needed for Coach as he chases that elusive first win.

My Pick: The Limping Dez

Team Varma (4-6) vs Need More Chandra (1-9)

After finding his first win and narrowly missing out on a coveted 2-0 week, people keep asking if Jon’s back…yeah, Im thinkin he’s BACK! He’ll look to build on that momentum (and stick with a team name for more than a week) versus Shubh who had his own 2-0 finish last week. Shubh’s been able to ride big games from Hurns and James Jones while Calvin’s been scuffling, but I think this is the week that Calvin starts to pull his weight for Shubh’s squad. If Jon’s secondary pieces of offenses (Montgomery, Wilson, Rodgers) cant overperform another week, he may be once again looking for a new team name.

My Pick: Team Varma

love 2 collude (6-4) vs Team BBC (4-6)

This week, Tyler’s team, led by Ted Ginn and shiny new $99 FAAB toy, Charcandrick West, will take on Josh’s Team BBC. Last week’s matchup between Tyler and Aleks/Adrian was one for the absolute ages. In the SNF game, Odell has a huge game for Aleks/Adrian only for Donnell (one of Tyler’s 3 FA pick up starters that week) to help Tyler cut into that lead with a last second TD grab. Going into MNF, with Leveon left to play, it was Bell’s last-second, game-winning, wildcat dive that bought home the W for Tyler.

Josh’s matchup last week wasnt as rosy however. Another surprisingly low scoring day from Rodgers and Lacy was Josh’s downfall in a matchup vs Alee’s #1 team that required excellence from everyone if Josh wanted to win. Consecutive down weeks has left Josh exploring options to improve his team and his involvement in potential trades has been a hot topic this week. I like Tyler’s team to come out on top this week, but this could be a potential trap game for him as Josh’s WRs have very good matchups on paper.

My Pick: love 2 collude

Team Chandra (7-3) vs The Walking Dez (4-6)

In easily the ugliest matchup of the week, Vishnu and Jeremy will go head-to-head. BYEs and injuries have dictated that less than optimal starting lineups are being fielded for this one. If Julio and the newly acquired Cobb can be play through their injuries and be productive, Vishnu’s stars and scrubs lineup just may prevail over Jeremy’s that looks like it’s being held together by duct tape and bubblegum currently.

My Pick: Team Chandra

MATCHUP OF THE WEEK: deflate deez nuts (10-0) vs Ellen Mao (8-2)

As if there was any question as to what is the most anticipated matchup this week. A clash between the top two teams will hopefully live up the hype. With Brady, Edelman, Gronk, and Blount there to dig into the cornucopia of the NE/IND matchup, the success of Alee’s team will hinge on how much flesh the Patriots will want to exact from the Colts for driving the Deflategate controversy. Devonta Freeman will probably be asked to carry the load tonight in the TNF game vs division rival, NO. Taken together, they should be able to carry the load and overcome the difficult matchups and injury woes that his other starters face.

Some hard matchups for Drew’s top players, Brown/Maclin/Allen, but you wont see any of those benched this week. Forsett may not be able to play Sunday, but Buck Allen has already been picked up by Drew as insurance. Eli is going to have to have another nice 20+ pt game this week if Drew wants to have a shot at giving Alee his first loss on the season.

My Pick: deflate deez nuts

Team Reffe (6-4) vs FAAB Couch (4-6)

Time to start that playoff push babyyyyy!!!

My Pick: FAAB Couch

Last Wk: 4-2, Overall: 16-14

SV’s Corner:

  • The Limping Dez over McAfee’s Colts
  • Team Varma over Need More Chandra
  • love 2 collude over Team BBC
  • Team Chandra over The Walking Dez
  • deflate deez nuts over Ellen Mao
  • FAAB Couch over Team Reffe

Last Wk: 4-2, Overall: 13-11

Alee’s Picks:

  • The Limping Dez over McAfee’s Colts
  • Team Varma over Need More Chandra
  • Team BBC over love 2 collude
  • Team Chandra over The Walking Dez
  • deflate deez nuts over Ellen Mao
  • FAAB Couch over Team Reffe

Last Wk: 3-3, Overall: 11-7

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