10.8 – SJW Week 5 Predictions

It’s probably no surprise that in a week where my constant wagering on my own team finally paid off, I would only get one other matchup correct and finish the week 2-4. Whoopsie. 😛

McAfee’s Colts (0-8) vs Team Varma (2-6)

Hamstrung by DET’s offensive struggles and CAR’s unpredictable pass offense (and the monsoon that went thru TB), Shubh took a tough loss last week. Coach vZ also took a loss last week, but it wasnt even close as his team couldnt even break 50 pts without Lynch. He does have rising RB star, Todd Gurley, now in his starting line up, but if he continues to start the likes of Michael Floyd and Torrey Smith at WR, who knows when he will find his first win.

My Pick: Team Varma

The Limping Dez (5-3) vs love 2 collude (4-4) 

Aleks’ trade of Brady for Odell flopped horribly last wk as Luck didnt play and Odell was blanketed by BUF’s defense resulting in a loss to his trade partner, Alee. Again this week, Luck will be out and in his place, will be Winston. Tyler’s squad put up the high score last week, but Im sure he wished it was vs someone other than the league low scorer. With Landry and Ginn on BYE, he’s resorted to Colston and Kearse at WR along with Alshon. We’ll see if Tyler can strike gold again with Kearse, but despite being down Luck, I think Lewis/Fitz/Odell/Clay will be enough to pull Aleks past Leveon and Tyler this week.

My Pick: The Limping Dez

Need More Chandra (0-8) vs Team Chandra (7-1)

Maybe not your ideal choices for a season-long campaign, but I think Jon has enough good matchups to beat Vishnu in a week where he doesnt have Roethlisberger or Marshall. Agholor/Brown/Rodgers (TE)/Austin/CIN DST are pretty risky, but at 0-8, there isnt much to lose. If he can hit on like three of them and Julio is held relatively in check (~20 pts), Jon’s got a shot.

My Pick: Need More Chandra

Team BBC (4-4) vs deflate deez nuts (8-0)


Not yet content with an 8-0 start, Alee opted to parlay his other star WR, DHop, and other depth for Edelman and the #1 scoring RB, Devonta Freeman. His NE/Bama fantasy finally complete, Alee looks to test his new look team against Josh. The receivers are the difference here as Benjamin/Edelman/Cooper/Gronk simply outclass Bryant/Jackson/Hankerson/Allen. The biggest underdog of the week (-22 according to ESPN projections), Josh will need the miracle of miracles.

My Pick: deflate deez nuts

The Walking Dez (4-4) vs Team Reffe (5-3)

Jeremy cant be happy after another close loss. Those frustrations might be compounded this week as injuries and BYEs have actually left him unable to field a full starting lineup as of this post. His opponent has AP on BYE, but has otherwise reloaded in his trade with Alee. Whereas the absences of AP/Watkins/Reed may have given Jeremy a shot, the return of Gates and newcomers Ellington/Hopkin/Garcon put Dylan in a highly favorable position. Im not sure there’s an answer out in the FA pool that will help Jeremy this week.

My pick: Team Reffe

MATCHUP OF THE WEEK: Ellen Mao (6-2) vs FAAB Couch (3-5)

It feels a little odd calling my own mu the biggest one of the wk, but it’s the one I think will be the closest.

My Pick: FAAB Couch

Last Wk: 2-4, Overall: 12-12

SV’s Picks: 

  • Team Varma over McAfee’s Colts
  • The Limping Dez over love 2 collude
  • Too Much Chandra over Team Chandra
  • deflate deez nuts over Team BBC
  • Team Reffe over The Walking Dez
  • FAAB Couch over Ellen Mao

Last Wk: 3-3, Overall: 9-9

Alee’s Picks:

  • Team Varma over McAfee’s Colts
  • The Limping Dez over love 2 collude
  • Team Chandra over Too Much Chandra
  • deflate deez nuts over Team BBC
  • Team Reffe over The Walking Dez
  • FAAB Couch over Ellen Mao

Last Wk: 3-3, Overall: 8-4

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