10.6 – Week 4 Recap

So Alee suggested that I recap every matchup from the last week in SJW. No longer satisfied with his own hand, this is nothing more than a thinly-veiled attempt by him to get someone else to jerk him and his team off after a win. Too bad he wont even come to climax any ways since Thomas Rawls couldnt even break double-digits. Write a guest post if you want it on here so bad!!! Now, on to MY own self-indulgence…



This matchup was all over the place. For the second time, a strong stack that I faced underperformed. I was expecting ~50 pts from Rodgers/Lacy but the gamescript vs SF didnt dictate heavy usage and they only scored ~25pts between them. The Vjax rollercoaster ride hit a peak this week and stopped off for 26 pts, 2nd highest for a WR this week. Saying injuries really hurt Josh this week is an understatement. In a plus matchup vs PIT, Steve Smith got knocked out with broken ribs. Even more heartbreaking was going into MNF only down 5, with Ebron to play (~11 ppg thru 3 wks)…and then Ebron gets knocked out of the game with a knee injury when his teammate rolls into him. It sucks to win just because anyone got hurt, but I will take the W.

My reaction to Ebron getting hurt 😦 Get well soon big dawg

I definitely did not deserve to win this week when I decided to start Foster over Duke Johnson at the last minute. Even after explaining my reasoning why I thought Foster would return week5 and why Duke was in my lineup during my preview of this mu, I was blinded by the prospect of my RB1’s (sorry CJ!) return to the field. A lot of it was a gamescript that went south very quickly, but everyone knew that Foster wouldnt have a full workload going into the game. Im happy to see Duke have a great game and hopefully he can be a solid FLEX (or even RB2??? soz CJ!!!) later on. CJ had his best game…with 7.5 pts, but I needed all of them this wk. At this point, I know I should probably bench him, but with such an inviting schedule, he continues to find his way into my starting lineup. Ive gotten over the fact that he’s a bust, but I kind of like rooting for him now…

If you’re wondering where Maclin went, I traded him! In a package with Mathews to the Demarco owner, I got Allen Robinson in return. I think Maclin offers a bit more floor (as evidenced by his 11/150 effort last Sunday — oops ¯\_(ツ)_/¯), but with AJ, Jmatt, and Moncrief already pretty steady players, I think ARob’s potentially higher ceiling is a better fit for my team. My receivers, including Kelce, had middling to low-scoring games this week, but I still believe in them.

Bradford was the biggest surprise of the week. 3TDs were more than I expected, but even more surprising was how he got them. On Sunday, Sam displayed a deep ball that I didnt even know he had. Of course he had to sprinkle in at least a LITTLE disappointment in there as all those TDs went to fantasy irrelevant players. He almost hit Jmatt for another TD, but alas. Regardless, its a positive step for the PHL passing attack and makes the Mariota/Bradford debate a little harder for me week to week.



Well, 0 pts from a DST is better than -6 I suppose… An ugly matchup highlighted (lowlighted?) by Flacco, Foster, Cooks, Stafford, Julio, Calvin, and JMatt’s subpar games, I managed to eek out a win with Hill, AP, and Maclin. Now there’s currently a log jam at 2-2 in the CoDG lg. I guess this lg isnt the slam dunk I thought it would be when I drafted my team. I’ll probably have to trade for a WR after Cooks has been a disappointment thus far.

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