10.1 – SJW Week 4 Predictions

We’ve hit the quarter mark on the regular season in SJW. Teams have begun to separate themselves, but as the BYE weeks begin….

love 2 collude vs McAfee’s Colts

Coach vZ continues to be coy on the waiver wire. Despite Marshawn being banged up, Coach vZ doesnt seem too concerned as he didnt even make a bid for Marshawn’s handcuff, Thomas Rawls. If Lynch cant go on MNF, CotY AvZ will have to eat a zero since he has no one else playing in that game. Kind of concerning since his team’s path to victory seems to be just relying on Peyton, Lynch, Hyde and Cobb to carry him without much help from anyone else. Tyler’s squad finally got Leveon back and didnt miss Brees too much as Dalton hung a 30burger on BAL. Unfortunately, those heroics werent enough as he fell just short (2pts!) last week to the #6 scoring team, netting him a deflating 0-2 result (fkn Tannehill amirite?). I think love 2 collude gets back on track this wk with a win and Coach vZ is left searching for win #1 for yet another week.

My Pick: love 2 collude

MATCHUP OF THE WEEK: Team Chandra vs Team Varma

El Classico if there ever was one. Team Chandra overcame Big Ben’s injury and a goose egg from TWill (a Twill classic) to squeak by with a 1-1 result last week. Shubh had the misfortune of running into AP and Devonta Freeman last week. Along with tough mu’s for his top players, he had to eat an 0-2 week. This week, Vishnu is hoping for production from Mike Vick and continues to juggle the CIN RBs whereas Shubh is pretty much at full strength. A lot of good mu’s for both sides. I think the disadvantage Vishnu has at QB will be mitigated by the fact that it’s Vick’s first start and the advantage Vishnu has at DST and K. I think I think Shubh will get revenge for his earlier loss to Vishnu in CoDG, but Vishnu has a shot if Latavius and Julio can carry him. If Woodhead or the SD DST help Shubh to a win, I dont think we will ever hear the end of it however…

My Pick: Team Varma

deflate deez nuts vs The Limping Dez

This one is easy since the two of them just pulled off the biggest trade in the league to date:


Big boy moves

With this, coupled with the NE bye, Alee is pretty much conceding this week to Aleks/Trejo; perks of being 6-0 to start the season. With the trade, both teams have positioned themselves nicely to cruise through the regular season and into the playoffs.

My Pick: The Limping Dez

Team Reffe vs Jon’s Team

The perpetually underrated Team Reffe showed the league he aint no bitch when he rolled up over 150 points last week off the backs of Ryan, AP, and Devonta. No Edelman or Watkins this week, but Hilton seems to be recovering and Harvin is a nice play this week. JL’s team seems to change its name for each one of his 6 losses, but at least he too seems to be slowly recovering from a disastrous start. Gore and DT solidifying, some interesting pieces in Brown/Montgomery/Miller/Adams/Abdullah, there’s still a chance for a turnaround. I’ll go with JL to pull off the upset this wk.

My Pick: Jon’s Team

FAAB Couch vs Team BBC

Already previewed, but my pick will always be me soo… 🙂

My pick: FAAB Couch

Ellen Mao vs The Walking Dez

Actually another good matchup vs two of the better teams in the league (only 0.1pts separate them on the season). Mao having a bit of an issue at RB with Demarco iffy and Jeremy’s perpetual WR issues coupled with Shady and Ivory’s nagging injuries have hurt their teams. This wk will probably come down to how much Mao can get out of his RBs and if his WRs (arguably the best WR group in the lg) can carry him past Cam, Charles, and Karlos Williams. Its close, but I think I like Jeremy’s stars just a little bit more this wk.

My Pick: The Walking Dez

Last week: 4-2

Overall: 10-8

SV’s Picks:

  • love 2 collude over McAfees Colts
  • Team Varma over Team Chandara
  • The Limping Dez over deflate deez nuts
  • Team Reffe over Jons Team
  • FAAB Couch over Team BBC
  • The Walking Dez over Ellen Mao

Last wk: 2-4

Overall: 6-6

Alee’s Picks: 

  • love 2 collude over  McAfees Colts
  • Team Chandra over Team Varma
  • The Limping Dez over deflate deez nuts
  • Team Reffe over Jon’s Team
  • Team BBC over FAAB Couch
  • The Walking Dez over Ellen Mao

Last wk: 5-1

Overall: 5-1

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