9.30 – Week 3 Recap

Im going to make this post relatively short since Im still very salty about the loss in SJW and my loss in LoDG is mostly for the same reasons. As Shubh so kindly pointed out to me, I was lucky enough not only to run into Fitz AND the ARI DST, but to do so in BOTH leagues! Time to buy a lotto ticket (or enter some GPPs)….



Solid starts from everyone sans-CJ, god-like game from AJ, and surprises from Ryan Mathews and Maclin netted me the 2nd highest score in the league for week 3. Unfortunately, I ran into the highest scoring team in the league sporting three (!!!) 30-pt scorers and par-games from Brady/Lewis/Cooks/Walker. Through three weeks, I have the 4th highest point total, but only a 2-4 record to show for it. Ive been brutally punished for gambling on Foster in the draft and my team’s margin for error shrinks considerably with each week.



To hear Shubh brag about going WR/WR in the draft or how he KNEW that Fitz and the ARI DST were going to be AMAZING is like hearing someone brag about the first time they had sex — self-promoting and utterly uninteresting. His team probably could have flirted with 200 pts if Rivers and SD hadnt been stymied as they were by MIN. Whereas his team’s arrow is pointing up, the opposite could be said for my team. As much as Brady/Ryan/AP are the pillars of my team, I wont win anything if I continue to get a total of  10.8 pts from 4 starters (Hill/Eifert/MIA DST/McManus). I think Hill and Eifert will have better games (Eifert a bit unlucky with getting a TD called back) and I dont anticipate starting a defense that nets me -6 every week. Like FAAB Couch, there is hope on the horizon in a Foster (and Bryant) return, but until then Im going to have to hope for some positive variance in my boom-bust WRs Cooks and Brown to hopefully tide me over.

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