9.24 – Week 3 Previews

I actually woke up at a reasonable hour this morning only to discover a stat correction had credited DEN DST with a forced fumble and consequently +1 fantasy pts. A shit fantasy week somehow went even further south as a 0.1 pt win become a -0.9 loss. Fantasy life I suppose… Any ways, I now sit at an ignominious 1-3 in SJW and 1-1 in CoDG after two weeks of football. Not the dominant (or even promising if we’re being super emo today…) start I had hoped for, but there’s a lot of season left to still play.



This week, Im up against ex-“Bom Trady”/”The Limping Dez”. Off to a solid 3-1 start, the co-owned Limping Dez rode Fitz’s 30burger and 20 pts games from Dion Lewis/Crabtree/Gostkowski to trample poor Jeremy whose whole team outside Kaepernick/Charles/Crosby shouldnt have even shown their faces on Sunday. The Limping Dez employs a dual-top3 QB strategy with Brady and Luck — quite unique in a league such as SJW that only starts one QB. This lineup is the one I expect the duo to employ since their bench, littered with the likes of Dez/Ellington/ASJ, is more hospital clinic than bench right now.

This is actually how I imagine Brady is every game.

Both Brady and Luck should put up top5 QB scores this wk so it doesnt really matter who starts for The Limping Dez. Maybe NE goes up big and kills clock with the run game, limiting Brady? I think them running up the score is more likely… Luck will probably be throwing all day vs TEN. I cant forget how they continued to mercilessly throw on NYG right until the end of the game last year.

Dion Lewis has so far been killing it. Everyone knows Belichick is unpredictable with his RBs, but what if this year he keeps that up by …. sticking with one RB. Keeping Lewis in even after 2 fumbles is pretty telling if you ask me. Randle sucks, but the who DAL offense has been ravaged so he should earn his keep by default. Spiller is a bit of a wild card. Predictably, he wasnt given much work in his first game back, but with Brees hurting, maybe he’s used more as Brees’ hot option.

Cooks has been riding the strugglebus all year and looks to be miscast as a WR1 on NO. If Brees is limited, maybe NO opts to try and get the ball in Cooks’ hands and let him try to create from there, but CAR is pretty tough on WR…(I wonder if Cooks would be a good contrarian play in DFS…). Fitz should still be solid vs a SF that just got eviscerated by PIT. I wonder if this is more a John Brown game tho if ARI opts to try and hit the big play like PIT and Antonio Brown did last week. Crabtree is…Crabtree. Hopefully, Im not on the receiving end of some kind of career renaissance for the WR. Walker is a total mystery to me. Not sure if he will play or how involved he will be if he does.

On my side, Ive benched Bradford for Mariota. Until PHL shows they can run block, I think I will roll with da duck. I dont think it’ll be this week since NYJ’s DL seems poised to be living in PHL’s backfield all day. Bradford’s total inability to throw downfield either due to unwillingness, inadequate protection, or lack of proper personnel isnt helping the PHL offense either. I wonder if Bradford knows that passes can go 10+ yds… Hopefully, Bradford can survive until the PHL OL gels and can take advantage of a relatively soft middle portion of the schedule.

Really hoped that Foster would play this week, but looks like he wont. In week 5, HOU plays in the TNF game, so I doubt Foster plays week 4 with the quick turnaround between games. That TNF game week 5 or just week 6 might actually be the most realistic return dates for Foster. I got Starks from the FAAB auction for relatively cheap ($11) so if Lacy cant go, Starks should be a solid fill in this week and possible trade piece to the Lacy owner. If CJ struggles after a 10day break between games and vs a DET def that has been trumped by Melvin/Woodhead/AP the first two weeks, I think he may really be a bust and I may be royally screwed in the RB department.

WR is what’s going to have to carry me until Foster returns. BAL has struggled to defend the pass this year, so Im expecting a solid game from AJ. Hopefully JMatt can avoid Revis island vs NYJ and abuse Buster Skrine. I think Maclin has been getting a little unlucky on some big plays so far and he’ll be better when they start connecting. Moncrief is looking like a steal at $32 FAAB, especially after seeing Rishard Matthews and Travis Benjamin go for $45 and $30, respectively (WHERE ARE YOU NOW HATERS???). Of course every fantasy owner wishes their players got more targets, but really, KC wont win many games giving Kelce just 5 targets.

DEN DST…even though you just fucked me this morning in CoDG with that stat correction…GIVE ME STRENGTHHHH!!!! My prediction is an optimistic one: CJ bounces back and my team is able to outgun Brady en route to a 2-0 finish.



This mu is a total coin flip. I have the better QBs, but that’s about it. AP and Hill were 1st rd RBs, but have been a bit of a mixed bag so far this season. Outside of Landry, it’s pretty much boom or bust for my WRs. Latavius and DT seem to have the best mu’s on paper this week. I think this is the week that SEA finally realizes that they have Jimmy freakin Graham on their team and put him to use abusing the CHI defense. Perhaps CAR tries to put away NO with Jstew? With their great defense and lack of passing attack, I think thats what CAR tried to do vs HOU last week, but JStew still wasnt that productive…maybe this week they try the same game plan but JStew manages a TD. I think it’ll come down the DST and K unfortunately. In such a close mu, every player matters and if the MIA DST flops again, that might be my team’s downfall this wk. Since my opponent doesnt have any clearly dominant play/mu over me, I think I’ll default to picking my squad to win, but it’s very close.

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