9.24 – SJW Week 3 Predictions

Week 2 sucked for my teams, but not for my predictions! In a complete turnaround from week 1, I went 4-2 with my week 2 predictions. My refusal to pick against myself continues to hurt my correct %age but such is the life of a homer. On to week 3!

“McAfee’s Colts” (0-4) vs “Team Chandra” (4-0)

I really feel for Coach VZ, week2 DFS favorites Lynch and Hyde disappointed last week, but at least Peyton seemingly has gotten his mojo back. Unfortunately vs Murray, Marshall, and the SEA DST, his team wont even get a chance to pull off an upset. Easy win for Team Chandra as Vishnu comfortably remains in first; truly the darkest timeline.

My Pick: Team Chandra

“love 2 collude” (2-2) vs “deflate deez nuts” (4-0)

Leveon is back!!! …but what about some of the other heavy hitters on Tyler’s team? Brees and Alshon are iffy for Sunday and not locks to be fully effective if they do play. Alee’s team took a huge hit when Romo broke his vag…I mean collarbone last week and he’s picked up Foles as his replacement. PIT’s secondary is exploitable as SF demonstrated and Foles can hit the big play…but it’s Nick Foles. Dhop suffered a concussion Sunday and it’s unknown if he’ll be cleared in time for Sunday’s tilt vs TB. Odell and Gronk are going to have to do a lot more heavy lifting than usual this week if Alee was to keep that pristine undefeated record. I think Tyler’s team will put together a strong effort but come up just a little bit short this week.

My Pick : deflate deez nuts

GAME OF THE WEEK: “Team Varma” (2-2) vs “Team Reffe” (1-3) 

Shubh’s team was almost able to pull of the upset and prove the world wrong last week, but unfortunately his decision to go with Cole Beasley over his FAAB pick up of James Jones was the difference. This week, he face’s Dylan’s formidable team led by  Ryan, AP, and Edelman. Freeman, Watkins, and the NYG DST (!!!) strike me as risky plays, but I can envision scenarios in which they pop off. Shubh’s hoping that his preseason favorite, Greg Olsen, finally gets back on track this week. I also think Calvin, who has looked mortal recently, is going to have a tough day vs either of DEN’s CBs, but he is a must-start when healthy. Shubh’s got a decision to make with his QB and WR3 spots. Vegas has SEA as more than 2 TD favorites over CHI, but how much that is going to come thru the air? He currently has the Wilson/Baldwin stack rostered, but if SEA just grounds and pounds away, I wonder if he’ll regret his choice. I’ll think Team Reffe, -9 pt underdogs, has a shot at pulling off the upset this week.

My Pick: Team Reffe

“The Limping Dez” (3-1) vs “FAAB Couch” (1-3)

Hopefully you’ve read my preview of this mu, but even if you havent, you already know who Im picking 😀

My Pick: FAAB Couch

“Lean Quatifah” (0-4) vs “Ellen Mao” (3-1) 

Nightmare start to the season for JL. All the hype and upside his team has entering the season has yet to be realized. On the other hand, Ellen Mao has had to battle through arguably the toughest first two weeks any team has had to face. Demarco has been a worrisome disappointment and is not dealing with a sore hammy (curse of 300+ carries truthers rejoice). The saving grace of his team has been his WRs; each of Brown, Allen, and ARob has blown up for at least one game this season. The floor those WRs provide are the reason I’ll take Mao this week, but if JL can hit it big with John Brown and Jared Cook this week, he’s got a shot.

My Pick: Ellen Mao

“Team BBC” (2-2) vs “The Walking Dez” (2-2) 

After JUST sneaking into the top6 last week by 0.1, JOSHLAW faces a tough challenge vs The Walking Dez. Done in last week by complete no shows from his WRs, I dont think that’ll be the case again this week for Jeremy’s squad. Led by Cam and the NYJ DST, I think he comes away this week with a win. Even if Lacy plays Monday, I dont think he’ll be at the 100% he’ll need to be for Team BBC to have a chance.

My Pick: The Walking Dez

Last week: 4-2

Overall: 6-6

SV’s Corner:

  • Team Chandra over McAfee’s Colts
  • deflate deez nuts over love 2 collude
  • Team Varma over Team Reffe
  • FAAB Couch over The Limping Dez
  • Lean Quatifah over Ellen Mao
  • The Walking Dez over Team BBC

Last Week: 4-2, Season: 4-2

After digging thru a whatapp chat and past a totally unnecessary explanation on ypc and a debate on if “< 3” looks like the STL Rams logo, I find that he didnt even make a pick for one mu….youre taking a loss for that one Shubh.

Anyone else see what Shubh sees?????

Anyone else see what Shubh sees?????


Alee has also throw his hat into the prediction ring. Here are his picks this week

  • Team Chandra over McAfees Colts
  • deflate deez nuts over love 2 collude
  • Team Reffe over Team Varma
  • The Limping Dez over FAAB Couch
  • Ellen Mao over Lean Quatifah
  • The Walking Dez over Team BBC
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