9.23 – Week 2 Recaps

Donte mfkn Moncreif. Going into the MNF game, I was down 30 with Moncrief to play in the SJW league and was up 22 facing Moncrief in the CoDG league. In a week that had been totally frustrating until then, I figured that the fantasy gods would be cruel and Moncrief would score somewhere between 22 and 30 points 21 to 29 pts to fuck me in both leagues. The dream of course, would have been a 30 burger from Moncrief to secure the win in the slightly more serious SJW league at the expense of the clownier CoDG league. Both leagues use similar scoring systems (CoDG has a small big play bonus I think…) and Moncrief finished with…21.7 points. Miraculously, Luck opted for dumpoffs to Robinson to close out the game instead of going to Moncrief (ty Andy!!) and I came away from this horrific week with at least one win.

EDIT: So a Wednesday stat correction gave DEN DST +1….fantasy gods giveth, fantasy gods taketh away >:|



In my preview, I predicted a 0-2 finish for the week and that was indeed the result, but it played out slightly different than my prediction. The TNF was a bit of a mixed bag with CJ’s absolute dud, Maclin/Kelce getting stifled by the DEN defense, and the DEN DST coming up huge for the second week in a row. Alshon’s injury, the unexpected ineptitude of the NO offense, and a quick AJ TD actually gave me hope on Sunday that I might steal a win this week. That dissipated as I watched Bradford and PHL just totally shit the bed vs DAL. A super late, garbage time TD to Matthews dad help me catch up a bit (and helped me finish in the money in my DFS cash games). I want to say I got cheesed by a bullshit performance from Ted Ginn, but honestly, Tyler would have gotten the same result starting Malcolm Floyd. The absolute backbreaker was watching DeAngelo Williams score 3 (!!!!) TDs in what may be the last time we see him all season.

Before Sunday, I was weighing if I should start Duke or Joique. I opted for Joique and the possibility of goal line work and a score over the the probability of Duke’s higher usage. During MNF as Moncrief started to heat up, I wondered if that 1.5 pt difference between their shit scores was actually going to be the difference between a win and a loss. Thankfully, my sanity was spared. I wish I could take solace in the fact that had I just gotten a reasonable performance from Bradford or CJ, I would have come away with a win, but the truth is Tyler’s team was at its absolute lowest – no Leveon, Alshon, flops from the whole NO offense  – and I still couldnt come up with a W.



When I previewed this mu last week, I was cocky and confidant that it’d be an easy win. HUGE duds from Hill and MIA DST really left the door open for a loss however. As much as Bradford screwed me in SJW, he really cost JL in this mu; opting to start Bradford over Peyton is just salt in the wound. As painful as a 0.1 pt loss is, Im certain that things will get a lot better for JL’s squad with Leveon returning and better days for Ameer. Shoutout to the fantasy gods for showing me mercy on Monday tho :). Fantasy gods, why have you forsaken me so??????

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