9.22 – Week 3 Fanduel Notes

Still trying to learn the ropes of DFS, but here are some of my notes for Week 3 in Fanduel.


  • Jimmy Clausen (@SEA, $5300)
    • The cheapest starting QB, but it’s @ a pissed off 0-2 SEA. Alshon may be a little gimpy still as well. The ultimate dart throw.
  • Nick Foles (vsPIT, $6500)
    • Shown he can hit the big play. Can see a game script similar to last wk for PIT where they get up big and stop giving a fk on defense letting Foles rack up the pts. Has Bailey/Britt, possibly Quick and maybe this is the wk that Gurley returns.
  • Blake Bortles (@NE, $6700)
    • I think last week a bit of a fluke, since Bortles didn’t have any TOs. JAX should be down early vs NE, but as PIT and even BUF have shown, NE can be had thru the air. ARob/Hurns/Lee definitely capable weapons to hurt NE. Always the possibility that Bortles just shits the bed tho….
  • Andy Dalton (@BAL, $7100)
    • Part of me wants to say no since its Dalton @ a division rival….but BAL looks like shit w/o Suggs. How much of that is b/c they were on the road Im not sure…CIN definitely a stronger, more refined offense than OAK tho.
  • Cam Newton (vsNO, $7900)
    • He’s running. Mostly b/c he doesn’t rly have anyone to throw to, but if youre gonna use Cam, might as well use him now before those 12.0 carries/game catch up to him. NO couldn’t even stop TB, so seems like there’s blood in the water in this mu.


  • Darren Sproles (@NYJ, $5400)
    • Very volatile and I don’t think Id use him, but worth noting. If you think PHL will try and dodge the NYJ def w/ quick dump offs to Sproles.
  • Damien Williams (vsBUF, $5700)
    • Super interesting if Miller cant play. MIA OL cant rly block anyone, but like PHL, if MIA tries to dodge, Williams could be useful outlet out of the backfield.
  • David Johnson (vsSF, $6000)
    • I feel like a lot of people are going to jump on this one, but it’s pretty juicy. Getting an Ellington/Charles (when they were behind Mendenhall/TJones) vibe from Johnson. SF seems like they can be beat if you soften them up thru the air first and ARI/Palmer can def do that.
  • Danny Woodhead (@MIN, $6400)
    • Still so well-priced for his above-average chance at scoring TDs.
  • James Starks (vsKC, $6500)
    • Could be great if Lacy cant go. I don’t know what the procedure is for MNF players in DFS is tho. KC’s pass rush is fearsome, their run def not so much. HOU with Blue/Polk/Grimes almost hit 5.0 ypc vs them wk 1 and DEN’s run game just sucks (OL mostly, but CJs injury and 4 day turnaround did not help).
  • Latavius Murray (@CLE, $7000)
    • CLE’s run def not the greatest and Murray looked good vs BAL and the OAK backfield is entirely his.
  • CJ Anderson (@DET, $7300)
    • Partly wishful thinking as a CJ Anderson owner, but 10 day turn around to rest his toe gives me hope. Even better if Levy is still out.
  • Jeremy Hill (@BAL, $7600)
    • Murray showed what could be done vs the BAL def. Split with Bernard is kind of worrisome, but I think Hill goes back to being the lead dog.


  • Marqise Lee (@NE, $4700) and Allen Hurns (@NE, $5100)
    • If JAX gets beat down early and go to the air, Lee and Hurns have a good shot of being useful. Im leaning more towards Hurns since he seems to be the #2WR in JAX and NE may try to take away ARob, but rly Bortles kind of spreads the ball around.
  • Rishard Matthews (vsBUF, $5700)
    • Totally unknown to me as more than just that guy that Tannehill keeps throwing to that isn’t Jarvis Landry, but cant really argue with his production. Seems to have a role on MIA and looks to be ahead of Stills and Jennings (are these two even on the team?!?!). Maybe Matthews suffers if/when Parker ascends, but that doesn’t seem to be now.
  • Leonard Hankerson (@DAL, $5700)
    • Is he the #2WR??? Total gamble, but if teams are selling out to guard Julio, maybe he’s more capable than Roddy of taking advantage.
  • Kendall Wright (vsIND, $5900)
    • If IND’s offense gets on track and TEN is down, Wright could benefit the most. Even better play if Vontae Davis sits out due to his concussion.
  • John Brown (vsSF, $6000)
    • I want to love him, but I feel like his role is just to make space for Fitz right now. Maybe if those PI calls turn into catches or if he can string together 2+ long TDs, he could be what youre hoping for, but right now he kind of feels like a trap.
  • Donte Moncrief (@TEN, $6000)
    • I think its clear hes overtaken Andre as IND’s #2 WR. If the IND offense finally takes off, he is going to be a big beneficiary.
  • Eric Decker (vsPHL, $6000)
    • I rly liked Decker considering his role now that he’s operating out of the slot and his ability to be a weapon in the RZ, but his PCL sprain will probably make me avoid him until its not an issue.
  • Allen Robinson (@NE, $6600)
    • Same reasoning as Lee and Hurns, the rich mans “JAX WR”
  • Larry Fitzgerald (vsSF, $6700)
    • High floor play. I think he has a good chance at outperforming his price, but not as drastically as last week’s bonanza.
  • Brandon Marshall (vsPHL, $7400)
    • Bryon Maxwell LOL
  • Julian Edelman (vsJAX, $7700) and Jarvis Landry (vsBUF, $7600)
    • Both guys that take advantage of the 0.5 PPR scoring. If you can space the extra $100, try and get Edelman. Landry gets a bit of a bump if Cameron cant play.
  • DeAndre Hopkins (vsTB, $7800)
    • Rly hoping that the return of Foster takes heat off Hopkins and some of those Mallet darts connect with Nuk.
  • AJ Green (@BAL, $8000)
    • Not very confident in this one. With Eifert, Jones, and Bernard (kind of Sanu too), Dalton just has so many targets to choose from. The days of AJ being force fed the ball seem to be over, but the chance at a long TD and more always a possibility with AJ.

*With ASJ out, Vjax ($7200) and/or Evans ($7400) @HOU could be good plays, but Evans’ hamstring kind of scares me off. Not sure either actually outperforms their price either…


Honestly, my TE strategy is just pick Gronk, but if you want to be a hipster, here are some other options….

  • Gavin Escobar (vsATL, $4500)
    • Im kind of reluctant to put this one out there, but if Witten cant go, Escobar might have more than his typical RZ role.
  • Coby Fleener (@TEN, $4900)
    • Not the most aesthetically pleasing TE (or receiver actually), but if Allen is out, we’ve seen the damage Fleener can do.
  • Eric Ebron (vsDEN, $5100)
    • TD threat but that DEN defense is sick and coming off 10days rest.
  • Vernon Davis (@ARI, $5400)
    • ARI used to be absolute gimmes vs TEs, not sure if they’ve turned it around however. Davis has been getting targets so maybe this is his week.
  • Travis Kelce (@GB, $6400)
    • $2000 less than Gronk!!! I think DEN was a tough mu and Smith barely giving him any targets didn’t help. @GB, he should have a better game.


  • ATL (@DAL, $4300)
    • No Romo/Dez/possibly Witten. Expect DAL to go run heavy and ATL to know it.
  • NYJ (vsPHL, $4500)
    • PHL has serious OL problems. Expect NYJ to be able to get pressure w/ just their DL.
  • DEN (@DET, $4600)
    • Maybe Im overestimating the effect that 10-days rest has, but DEN’s defense is legit and Stafford may be limited.
  • SEA (vsCHI, $5300)
    • The most expensive DEF, but if you can afford it, SEA at home in a must win game vs Clausen and a possibly gimpy Alshon sets up very nicely. The possibility of Lockett returning a punt/kick just makes SEA DST even more attractive.


Hmm Ive just been picking the cheapest kickers and its been ok for me so far (McManus, Brown, Folk). Not sure whats the best strategy for kicker. I do feel like Mr Moneybags whenever I can shell out that $$$ for the top K tho 😛

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