9.17 – SJW Week 2 Predictions

Sooo turns out I am not very good at this prediction thing… Last week, I was 2-4 for my predictions. Part of that is due to my own homerism, but w/e. Let’s see if I can bring that up to like ~60% accuracy by the end of the season.

“deflate deez nutz” (2-0) vs “McAfee’s Colts” (0-2)

Well Coach VZ seemed to think that his WRs are ok because he didnt go particularly hard after any in the FA auction, but I strongly disagree. Smith/Floyd/Washington are booty. Even if Gurley returns this week, I dont think he’ll be fully effective as STL tries to ease him back. My guess is that huge weeks from Lynch and Hyde are wasted as Peyton and Cobb dont contribute enough to make up for the effective zeroes of Smith/Floyd/Washington. It’s pretty much all difficult mu’s for Alee’s players this week, but I dont think he needs A games from all of them to emerge victorious this week.

My Pick : deflate deez nutz

“Team Reffe” (1-1) vs “Team Chandra” (2-0)

Both ESPN and FantasyPros have Team Chandra has heavy favorites this week over Team Reffe. AP and Watkins were huge disappointments for Dylan last week; he’ll need them to be much more productive this week if he wants to have a shot at a win. If Murray/Marshall (I heard he is playing thru a broken screw in his foot????? jk…)/TWill/Sankey stumble, which I think is very possible, Dylan has a chance. TY Hilton’s availability could change things, but I still think Team Chandra will win with the margin being a lot closer than the predictions think.

My Pick : Team Chandra

“FAAB Couch” (1-1) vs “love 2 collude” (1-1)

I already previewed this mu. Since then, news on CJ has gotten more pessimistic and so has my outlook on this mu. Im still pretty much trying to stay at .500 until Foster’s return. I know my team is probably more of an underdog than the projections suggest….but homerism prevails.

My Pick: FAAB Couch

“Ellen Mao” (1-1) vs “Team Varma” (1-1) 

Drew still has some questions about wtf happened to Eli/Forsett/ARob/Tate, but opted to wait another week to see if last week’s duds were flukes or trends. On the other hand, Shubh is probably questioning Calvin/Olsen’s usage and Sanders’ QB right about now. Shubh says everyone always picks against his team (even though I corrected predicted he’d be victorious last week….), so this week I’ll prove him right and pick against him.

My Pick : Ellen Mao

GAME OF THE WEEK: “The Walking Dez” (2-0) vs “Bom Trady” (1-1)

I dont think anyone got hit as hard as Aleks did after week 1. Losing Dez and Ellington are huge blows that not even the probable return of Spiller can assuage. The difference between Luck and Kaep is probably smaller this week than most due to Kaep’s mu vs PIT. Evans’s availability is a bit of an inflection point between these two teams. If he can go, ASJ will be negatively affected, but if he can’t or is given less than his usual workload, ASJ might be able to continue the roll he started in week 1. Interestingly, Jeremy is currently opting to sit McCoy in favor of Coleman even after DeAngelo Williams trampled this NE defense last week. Im expecting Cooks/Fitz/Ivory to have good games and even Dion Lewis should get a healthy amount of catches to be relevant this week. I gotta believe there’s a better WR than Crabtree out there in the FA pool tho… This is actually kind of a hard one to predict. I feel like I should pick The Walking Dez, but I think Bom Trady has a legit shot… I’ll pick against Jeremy’s team for the 2nd straight week and go with Trady with the upset (even if it means predicting Adrian will win too *shudder*).

My Pick : Bom Trady

“Team BBC” (0-2) vs “Lean Quatifah” (0-2) 

A real clash of the titans in this one. Lacy and Rodgers were predictably solid for Josh, but his veteran WRs really failed him last week. For all the hype JL’s team was riding going into week 1, they (mostly the MIA offense) stumbled spectacularly. There’s still plenty of optimism to be had however. John Brown/Abdullah looked electric and DT/Adams/Miller will have better games. Josh’s WRs have infinitely better mu’s this week, but I think JL’s team shows up this week. Im not sure who he’s starting from his plethora of options, but Im sure any number of different combinations will be sufficient to beat Team BBC this week.

My Pick : Lean Quatifah

Last week: 2-4

Overall: 2-4

SV’s Picks:

  • love 2 collude over FAAB Couch
  • Team Chandra over Team Reffe
  • Ellen Mao over Team Varma (youre always supposed to pick your own team Shubh!!!!!)
  • Bom Trady over The Walking Dez
  • Lean Quatifah over Team BBC
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