9.16 – Week 2 Previews



My mu this week involves fellow top6-scorer-who-also-lost-his-mu, Tyler and “love 2 collude”. ESPN and FantasyPros both predict that Tyler’s squad is favored by a TD which sucks since Im the underdog, but also hopeful since the margin is actually quite close. Whereas again, I have a lot of poor mu’s, just about all of Tyler’s big guns have good mu’s this week.

Starting with Brees/Ingram/Colston vs TB, this has the possibility of being the single game that could just bury my team. I can envision a gamescript where TB continues to be dogshit on defense and Brees has one of his 300+yd/3+TD games of yore. If NO controls the game like I expect they will, Ingram will get plenty of carries. If Spiller is out again, Ingram’s workload should include work in the receiving game as well. On the flipside, if TB is down early, it should mean less running work for Martin like last wk vs TEN as TB plays catchup. Im not entirely sure what to expect from Colston. You could see a game where he gets peppered with targets and scores a TD or you could get something like last week when Coleman vamps him and you get the dud you saw last week.

I figured that MIA would dominate WAS last week, but that necessarily wasnt the case. Again with a easy mu vs JAX, one would think that MIA would easily control this game. Landry should get his usual heavy dose of catches if not big yardage, but I wouldnt count on a return TD every week. Between Landry and Cameron, there’s a good chance of a TD somewhere in there.

Alshon has a relatively tough mu vs Peterson and an ARI def that shutdown Brandin Cooks last week. With another week to continue his recovery, I think he’ll be fine. DeAngelo carved up NE’s soft DEF last week, but SF is a much stouter opponent coming off a game where they bottled up AP. Finally, the STL DST might be one of Tyler’s leading scorers this week. Russell Wilson was running for his life all day last week vs this defense. With the far less mobile and less talented Cousins under center, this STL DST should feast.

On my side, my best mu’s seem to be Bell (:( fml) vs MIN and Moncrief vs NYJ. If Hilton cant go on Monday, I’ll stick with Moncrief, if Hilton seems on track to play, I may consider swapping Moncrief out for Coleman to get a piece of that juicy NO/TB mu. CJ/Maclin/Kelce/DEN DST all play on Thursday and this one looks to be a close game. KC could harass the shit out of Manning and stifle their passing attack. CJ is questionable for this game, but hopefully the game plan goes thru him this wk and he holds up. I continue to believe in DEN’s defense; starting them and also Maclin/Kelce is a dicey situation. Ideally, Maclin and Kelce produce enough to be worth the starts, but DEN’s defense holds the KC offense as a whole down.

AJ has the potential to be a bust this wk in a mu vs a SD defense that just held down Calvin Johnson, but all he needs is one big play… I think if Im going to win this week, it’ll be off the backs of Bradford and Jmatt. Last week vs ATL was a bit disappointing as PHL didnt seem to be in rhythm for most of the game, but got it together in the 2nd half. Jmatt continued to be unguardable out of the slot and a favorite target for Bradford.

My team came thru big last week, mostly off the back of Kelce and big performances by my DST and K. This week is going to be another challenge and 0-2 is a very possible result for my squad. My guess is that, in a close finish, I lose this matchup (mostly to Brees and Ingram) and I land somewhere outside the top6 overall after I dont get enough out of the DEN/KC TNF game :(. The fact that Leveon is sitting on Tyler’s bench (Leveon is on Tylers bench.Leveon is on Tylers bench.Leveon is on Tylers bench.Leveon is on Tylers bench) does give me a glimmer of hope of pull off a win however.


codg wk2

Hmm a lot of the guys on my opponent’s team look awfully familiar…. Not much I want to say about this mu. Im probably being overconfident, but I think Jon will need the best-case scenarios from guys like Woodhead/Coleman/Moncrief and a bunch of subpar games on my side in order to win this. Its possible that Cooks/Maclin/Landry/Brown/Brady disappoint this week, but Im confident I’ll come out of this mu with a W.

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