9.16 – Week 1 Recap



Well, my matchup nearly perfectly met my prediction so I cant be too upset or surprised by the result. I expected god-like games from Gronk/Odell and then filler elsewhere. It was actually Hopkins that had the god-like game and Odell stumbling, but the result is the same. Riding week 1’s #1 WR, #1 TE, #1 DEF, and #3 QB, Alee (deflate deez nutz) rolled to the league’s high score and #1 overall in the standings. As intimidating as this score may be, I think this is the peak of Alee’s team’s potential or very near to it. The stars absolutely aligned for some of his key players this week:

  • Brady being returning just in time for an easy matchup vs PIT -> +Gronk
  • Toby Gerhart a Sunday morning inactive -> +Yeldon
  • Desean Jackson getting hurt -> +Garcon
  • A pick-6 getting overturned upon review and the ball being placed at the 1 -> +Jennings (ok this is debatable since Jennings was also told “not to score” at the end of the game too…)
  • 34 pts combined from DST+K is ridiculous (32 entirely plausible tho 😉 )

Being a NE-fan, Im sure Alee will use every NE fan’s favorite comeback and claim Im just being salty, but I am expecting mostly negative regression as his players face more challenging situations. I do expect Odell and Cooper to have better games however and Alee is masterful at, albeit sometimes too reliant on, playing the matchups regardless of the talent of his starters.

On my side, I was pleasantly surprised. With my top players, CJ/AJ/Maclin putting up subpar performances, my secondary players really stepped up to buoy my team to a top6 finish and I escaped with a 1-1 for the week. Im usually content with 15-20 pts from my DST+K, so getting 32 this week from those spots was huge (and absurdly lucky). Kelce’s performance actually blew me away since I thought HOU would be a tough mu, but he was an absolute god-warrior on Sunday. It seems like he’s going to be live up to all that preseason hype and be a stud this season.

AJ and CJ’s performances were particularly worrying however. With the emergence of Eifert, I worry AJ’s redzone looks are going to be affected, but he should still have a role as the team’s main deep-threat/big play receiver. Im trying my absolute best not to have visions of Montee Ball when thinking about CJ. Hopefully last week was just a hard mu vs a good BAL defense and his toe injury is minor and not chronic. If Peyton’s arm really is cooked, maybe DEN’s game script shifts more in favor of riding their studly defense and running the ball a la more traditional Kubiak offenses; if so, hopefully CJ is up to the task.

I regrettably chose to drop James Jones on Sunday for Benny Cunningham to fill out my FLEX spot; the prospect of a free starting RB, even one playing for STL vs SEA, was too much to pass up. This week, the difference wasnt that much (only ~-5 pts so it didnt make a difference in this mu), but Cunningham has practically no value whenever Mason/Gurley return.

The rest of my bench continues to be a waiting game. Coleman and Lockett flashed their upside last week. More positive performances from them would be really encouraging and open up possible trade opportunities. Mathews was someone I had debated putting in at FLEX and last week was the kind of performance I expect from him weekly: some yards with a reasonable shot at a TD. At this point, it’s a challenge to figure out if Mathews or Bell (or even Duke) has a better chance at producing more than that to shore up my RB2 spot. As much as I’d love Foster to return ASAP, Id much rather get as many games as I can from him. If waiting a few more weeks means a lower chance of reinjury (LOL we are talking about Arian Foster right????) then I’ll live with it. Of course, the dream would be the emergence of Christine Michael to emerge and grab the DAL starting RB job by the throat and run with it. From the last guy on my bench, one can hope right?


wk1 lodg

I wont split up my recaps this week since there’s nothing to really say about this mu. Coming at me half-cocked with Winston and no other QB, it was a blowout plain and simple. After Thursday, I was having serious buyer’s remorse after dropping Miller for Eifert, but that dissipated in a hurry. Cooks’s performance was a little disappointing, but with so much talent at every starting position, it didnt really matter for my team. As much as Brady returning sucked for my other mu, its a good thing for this team bc Flacco and BAL were absolutely stonewalled by DEN; they need Periman back in the absolute worst way right now because Aiken and Brown are not cutting it as their WR2. With Foster/Bryant/Agholor waiting in the wings, Im feeling very good about this team’s prospects for the season.

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