9.10 – SJW Week 1 Predictions

The day has finally come, football is back! After much agonizing over my MU and a cursory glance at the others, here are my predictions for week 1 in my league

“deflate deez nutz” vs “FAAB Couch”

  • ATL vs PHL on MNF turns into shootout and Bradford and JMatt help me overcome godlike games from Odell and Gronk. Jennings and Yeldon flop and Im not punished for starting Joique and Mathews as RB2 and FLEX.
  • My Pick: FAAB Couch

“McAfee’s Colts” vs “Team Reffe” 

  • Very close mu. Both teams sport a marquee QB, stud RB1, boring/plodding RB2, some hodgepodge of middling WRs. Imma go with Team Reffe. Will AP suffer from losing key members of his OL to injury? I think Edelman and Watkins make the difference here for Dylan, but c’mon man, gotta step your team name game up!
  • My Pick: Team Reffe

“love 2 collude” vs “The Walking Dez” 

  • I hate to pick against the team with the best name in the league, but I love “love 2 collude” in this mu. A trio of Wallace/Wright/Wheaton has some PPR potential, but I think Ingram (without Spiller) and Landry help “love 2 collude” coast to an ez win.
  • My Pick: love 2 collude
  • ***Guest Preview of this mu coming soon!***

“Team Varma” vs “Team BBC”

  • Although the best team name I ever saw from Team Varma was when they were “Team Chandra” (out of spite), I will pick them over Team BBC. Vjax gets a boost if Evans misses Sunday, but also means he’ll be the focal point of TEN’s defensive attention (not that that means much…). Smith and Boldin have tough mu’s for the vets and who knows what you’ll get out of Johnson. Versus the overall consistency I expect from everyone in Team Varma’s lineup, I think Team BBC will suffer the painful double loss if you include losing to me in LoDG 😉
  • My Pick: Team Varma

“Bom Trady” vs “Supreme Hypebeasts”

  • I think the replies to a recent poll question posed to our league helps make this an easy pick and explanation. Q: “Whos team is Ass?” A: “Probably the team with 2 top 10 QBs, starting dion lewis and still has Fred Jackson on the roster”. Yup, Bom Trady’s 2nd round pick of Andy Luck will sit the pine this wk. Did Supreme Hypebeasts buy into every hyped breakout candidate mentioned out of Sigmund Bloom’s mouth this preseason? Yup. Looks like he’ll be able to comfortably see how all those sleepers shakeout this wk.
  • My Pick: Supreme Hypebeasts

MATCHUP OF THE WEEK: “Team Chandra” vs “Ellen Mao”

  • A clash of CMU alums, both teams drafted extremely well and will come out of the gate hot. Their QB1, RB1, and WR1 all have exploitable mu’s this wk. Will the supposed PPR consistency of Forsett overcome the potential explosive ability of Murray? Will Allen/ARob be solid WR2 plays? Will Marshall/Andre prove that age is only a number? Tough call, but I think I will go with the Mao. I think Ben has a big game vs an overrated NE def….but the most of that goes to Antonio. NYG/DAL turns into a classic NFC East battle and Eli and Odell valiantly try to carry NYG. I could definitely see this one coming down who scores or doesnt score a TD this wk.
  • My Pick : Ellen Mao
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