9.5 – CoDG Week 1 Preview – vs “Team Law”

I have no mercy for owners that dont come up with team names. It can be something as hackneyed as “Password is Taco” or w/e, but to just leave it as “Team ____” is inexcusable. There’s not much that trumps destroying a “Team ___” team. My opponent is just in his 2nd year of playing fantasy, but his trash talk game is already legendary. His team has some real studs on it, but unfortunately for him, his phone ran out of battery shortly after the draft started, so most of this team was autodrafted, hence why Winston is his only QB. That huge hole at QB will probably doom him in our matchup and make the rest of the season tough for him.


I wasnt planning on having Brady for the first four weeks of the season, but to have him back and primed to stomp all over vulnerable PIT defense on opening night is about as good a matchup as it gets. We’re both sporting two first-rounders at RB which should be an even proposition. He has more top-end talent at the WR  spots, but if you include the FLEX positions we’re starting, we may be closer to even across all 4 of those starters. He has a slight edge at TE imo. There are some other options in the FA pool (Rudolph, Eifert, among others) that Im debating picking up and starting over Davis, but I dont think any of them are appreciably better options over Davis. I could start Agholor, but I like Brown’s matchup vs a NO secondary that might be without their starting safety. My 2nd FLEX spot, its not too imperative to have high floor player.

Having a QB, and a damn good one no less, in my OP spot vs an iffy RB makes me confident that Im going to take this matchup easily. Im not sure if he is thinking of starting Yeldon/Witten (I think I would go Witten over Allen), but I dont think it’ll make a difference. If he picks up Tyrod, that might be big enough a hail mary to have a shot, but he’s still behind in the Brady/Winston matchup. I may just pick up Tyrod out of sheer interest, but not sure who Id drop to do it. Foles/Cousins/Hoyer are the other starting QB options in the FA pool he might be considering.  Coming out of this week with a win while I wait for Foster’s return is going to be huge.

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