9.4 – SJW Week 1 Preview – vs “deflate deez nutz”

Week 1 is a rematch of last year’s championship vs “deflate deez nutz” (“Not Elite Without Eli” last year). A notorious NE/Alabama homer (the worst kind of person, ugh), I imagine he was pretty happy to land Gronk/Yeldon/Cooper/Blount in the draft. Odell carried him to the championship last year, so of course he had to take him in the first round too. I wonder if that Odell Kool-Aid made him open to drafting rookies because I think he has the most of any owner in the league.


Just like last year, the fantasy seas are beginning to part for my opponent. This time, the loss of Orlando Scandrick and the return of Tom Brady give boosts to his top two picks, Odell and Gronk, respectively. PIT looks to be a dumpster on defense and Gray should be a solid play vs them. Romo vs NYG’s decimated secondary should also be huge. Im expecting he’ll stick with Gray, but Funchess and Garcon are also solid options for his FLEX spot.

On my side, Im without Foster and none of my player’s matchups are particularly favorable outside of my PHL players vs ATL. If Im going to win this matchup its going to be off the back of the sheer talent of my players. I’ll probably roll with Mathews in the FLEX unless I hear great things about Duke Johnson or Brandon Coleman leading up to Sunday. Everyone else on my bench, Id rather see them perform on the field before I consider starting them.

Yeldon/Jennings/DHop/Cooper are relatively unknown/high variance plays for my opponent while Im unsure what Ill be able to get out of Bell/Kelce/Mathews on my side. I think it’ll be close, but Im a little pessimistic about my chances this week because of the favorable matchups his top players have. I’d be happy with a 1-1 result just cause of that. I doubt either of us will make any moves before Sunday considering we just drafted our teams.

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