9.3 – SJW Draft Recap

My main league drafted last night. A majority of these guys I drafted with just the night before so they had a good look at the players I really liked. I was going to change the team name to something else, but after Maclin fell into my lap in round 5, I have to keep this name now xD. Here’s my draft:


I predicted if the owners from yesterday’s draft liked the same players I did, they’d have to reach for them to deny me and Id be left with some good values at the cost of some of my sleepers. That did happen, most notably with a persistent owner taking Agholor in the 5th, allowing me to take Maclin (who I chose over Marshall). However, the downside of having my sleepers scooped right in front of me also happened making the mid-rounds a little tough like when the same owner took John Brown ahead of me in the 7th.

The draft used my custom ranks that I made a month ago and didnt update so I wasnt seeing the same board that everyone else was seeing, making it hard to predict what picks people might make. In the 9th, I took Bradford but didnt realize that Romo, who I would have preferred, was still on the board. Not the biggest deal, but still a little frustrating. Tho there was a risky moment where the draft client lagged a bit and I almost drafted Jordy in the 2nd…

Im all in on the Arian Foster this year, taking him with my 4th round pick like I did in my previous draft. Unlike in that draft however, making this move in this draft came at the cost me getting an additional solid starter (ie- my FLEX spot), but the allure of first-round production in the fourth is just too much to resist. Last year, I gambled on Spiller around this point of the draft to out-perform his draft spot, but lost that bet. My guess (hope?) for Foster is that he comes back around week 5, carries me through the mid-season before getting hurt again, and then maybe he makes an appearance in the playoffs.

Strength of my draft is probably my WRs. I love all three of AJ, JMatt, and Maclin and together, I think I might have the best group of WRs in the league even after using my 4th rounder on Foster. I lucked into Kelce in the 6th and if his ankle injury isnt serious as reported, I should be at worst, breaking even at the TE position most weeks.

In a 2 RB, 0.5 PPR league, I think I can get away with starting one elite RB and a mid-tier RB or a pass-catching RB. I believe in CJ Anderson and consider him an elite RB, so snagging him in the first allowed me to focus on getting WRs and values afterwards before turning to my 2nd RB. I wasnt able to secure Hillman to handcuff him however after I prioritized getting a backup for Bradford in the possibility of injury. I wonder if I could have waited on QB  one more round and taken Hillman instead, but I didnt want to risk being left with taking Palmer (another injury risk QB) and didnt consider any of the other QBs remaining worthy of draft consideration, even as backups.

My most glaring weakness is probably my bench and FLEX spot. The last 4 guys on my roster, Coleman/Jones/Lockett/Montgomery, probably can’t just be plugged into my lineup right now if one of my starters went down. If Joique sucks (very possible) or if Foster takes more than two months to come back, this will  be an even more pressing issue. The other problem with taking such deep sleepers/unproven talent is that they are nearly worthless as trade chips. Any trades I do for probably the first month or so will probably have to involve my starters. In rounds 7-9 I probably should have targeted players with more solid floors like Woodhead/Boldin/Stevie/Wheaton. This is probably the price I pay for taking Bradford, who I think needs to be paired with a relatively safe backup, and Foster, who is useless for the first four weeks at least, in the 4th round. Luckily, these arent the most essential of positions on my team and replacements for these spots can be relatively easy to find if necessary and can potentially be solved with the return of a healthy Foster.

You can check out the whole draft here:

Some thoughts on the rosters of my fellow owners coming out of the draft:

Best RBs

  1. “love2collude” – Leveon/Ingram/Martin
  2. “The Walking Dez” – Charles/McCoy/Ivory
  3. “Ellen Mao” – Demarco/Forsett/Vareen

Best WRs

  1. “Team Chandra” – Julio/Andre/Marshall
  2. “Maclin, You Son of a Bitch” – AJ/JMatt/Maclin
  3. [Tie] “Ellen Mao” – Antonio/Keenan/ARob; “0for2 Jon” – DT/Devante/Agholor/John Brown; “Bom Trady” – Dez/Cooks/Fitz; “Deflate Deez Nutz” – Odell/DHop/Cooper/Funchess

A lot of good WR groups in this league. That’s either a reflection of the depth at WR or the emphasis owners put on the position. I think my WR2/3 have higher upside than “Team Chandra”, but I’ll give him and Julio the top spot. “Ellen Mao” and “0for2 Jon” built a little differently around their elite WRs, with “Ellen Mao” going with the higher floor WR2s and “0for2 Jon” going with the more hyped WRs.

My vote for the best team coming out of the draft is probably “Team Chandra”. Most underrated draft effort in my opinion is “Team Reffe”, dont sleep on this team! Who had the worst draft? Not saying bc I dont flame my leaguemates 😀

We did this draft the day before the Brady news broke, so there actually is a team that took Luck and Brady. I think he’s shopping one of them so if one of them gets moved, it could make waves in the league. We’ll see what kind of price either one commands.

Ahhhh I cant wait for the season to start. Ive done so many drafts now, Im just antsy to see my guys on the field. I’ll preview my week 1 matchups later this week or next.

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