9.2 – Crew of Dirty Gentleman Draft Recap

This draft was done on Tuesday, 9/1. I was going to hold off on publishing my draft recap until later since Im drafting again with 8/10 of the same people in my main league, but whatever, I’ll just publish it as soon as Im done. (Not like anyone will read it anyways T_T BibleThump). I will probably also change my team’s name since “OFLEX OR RI…oh wait…” is a pain to type out constantly.

So this league uses an OFLEX spot (“OP” on ESPN) where you can play any offensive player. Usually, that means your 2nd QB will take this spot. Also, there are two FLEX spots so in drafting, there is more worth to just taking the best player available rather than worrying about positional scarcity. Other small things about the scoring in this league: It’s 0.5 PPR and there are small bonuses for players that hit on big plays (~+2 pts for 50+ yd plays). Some more minor details about how defenses are scored (yards allowed and points allowed factor in), but not too concerning. My strategy with defenses is to try and target ones that play for turnovers or can generate sacks consistently; if they have a good return man, even better. Regarding the yardage and points allowed, I kind of just close my eyes and hope for the best šŸ˜‰



Our LM got the first pick (“random” my ass :P) and took Luck. Otherwise, not too many other surprises. Forte went early for my taste, but he was a PPR monster last year. Lacy and Lynch fell to some happy owners in the second half of the first. Two teams were able to pull off the WR/WR start. Ideally, if I go WR/WR, I want two of my top four WRs (Brown/DT/Dez/Julio), but one of those plus Odell/Calvin (and kind of AJ), are also strong starts in my book. AP and Hill, two RBs I consider first-rounders fell to me, so I was pleased to have both of them in a league where we only have to start 2 RB.


I was looking for a WR in the third, but AJ got scooped right before my pick. I went with Cooks over even Alshon/Hilton. Maybe a bit of a reach, but I think the difference is small enough that I could go with the guy I liked. Those three have a bit of an edge of Matthews since I dont think Matthews will have many opportunities to break off 50+ yd gains if he is working out of the slot. Of course, it’s nitpicking, but this early in the draft, every small detail counts.

I almost went with Sanders in the fourth, but sac’d him so I could reach and take Foster. I already had my 2 RBs so Foster was purely a luxury pick. Im not relying on him to come back and be a big contributor on my team, but if he does, my team should be pretty scary. Being a 10-team league and plenty of depth at WR, it wasnt too gut-wrenching to make the decision.


And here’s why I was ok with reaching on Foster. With the depth at WR, I was still able to secure Maclin and Landry in rounds 5 and 6. This did come at the cost of securing a solid TE starter however as my two non-Gronk favorites, Olsen and Kelce were taken in this range. With them and Bennett gone, I just abandoned the position until my penultimate pick.


Finally in rd 7, I addressed the QB position by taking Matt Ryan. I think my love for this dude is pretty well-documented, but I do think with Shanahan in town and a paid-Julio, Ryan can have a big season. He’s right next to Brees in my QB ranks. I wanted to get another QB soon, but waited too long for Bradford. Bradford is a bit of a strange case since his strong pre-season has helped his ADP skyrocket. I also didnt expect him to be taken with two teams that already had 2 QBs and an autodrafter picking between my 8th and 9th round picks, but oh well. With Bradford gone, I erroneously thought I could still wait on QB and get one of Romo/Stafford/Eli, but they also got snatched up before my 10th round pick. I was able to round out my roster nicely as I missed those QBs, so I wasnt too mad. Having starting line up nearly filled, even after taking Foster, I was comfortable taking Bryant who fell to the 10th and stashing him for when he returns from suspension.


In round 11, I made a pick that apparently upset a lot of other people as I took Brady. The third player on my team who potentially might miss the first 4-5 weeks of the season, I dont think I would have the guts to take those players if I werent already set at pretty much every other position. It was around here that people started to fill up their benches. For me however, my bench was already pretty full with all these suspended/hurt players. I still needed a QB2 and TE, but those were actually in relatively good supply still at this point in the draft.


Quick, Parker, and Jones are all just upside plays. I debated who I wanted as a place-holder for Brady in my 2nd QB spot and was debating between Kaepernick and Flacco. Ultimately, I went Flacco since I think Trestman will give him a boost and I think he will be a little more consistent than Kaep (which is kind of odd way of describing one of the more random QBs in the league in Flacco). I dont need monster games from that spot, but I do need a solid 15 or so points per week until Brady is back. If he ends up not serving any games, than awesome, Flacco is still a serviceable backup that Im ok with plugging in on bye weeks. Tyrod Taylor was also my wild card that I would have liked to pick. Those legs of his make him super appealing, but with really only 2 RBs on my roster at that point, I wanted another RB and went with Jones. Bush, DeAngelo, and David Johnson probably have bigger roles at least initially, but Im enamored with Jones’s game so I had no problem taking him over those guys.

At this point, TE’s are all the same to me. Historically, I usually hate Davis, but here I didnt particularly care. There are so many good TEs just floating on the waiver wire after the draft. If Vernon sucks, picking up a new one isnt a problem. MIA is my defense of choice since I dont like taking SEA/HOU/BUF where everyone else does. MIA still has my boy, Cam Wake, and the addition of Suh should just terrorize their cupcake early-season schedule.

I didnt actually have much of a plan going into the draft. I was kind of hoping that the QBs would go earlier so I could squeeze even more value out of my skill players, but the way it worked out is fine as well. I havent seen a draft before that had as many suspended/injured players on one team before, especially without really sacrificing much of the starting lineup. I think the fact that there were two auto-drafters and that there its only a 10-team league made it happen. HOPEFULLY, I didnt reveal my hand too much for tonight’s draft, but I think I at least drove up the price for some of these guys to where if others start reaching for them to deny me, there will be other players that fall and become values instead. If I can navigate those waters, I should be able to come out of the draft ok.

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