9.1 – RCL Draft Recap #4

I managed to squeeze one more RCL draft before I draft in my friends 10-team, 2QB league. I had the 11th pick and wanted to go WR/WR but the way the draft went, I opted not to. Here’s how my team shaped up. (Please ignore the team name, Im sure I’ll come up with some dank meme for it later)



So my original plan was to go WR/WR at #11 and #14. That plan got a wrench thrown into it when my top WRs, Brown/Dez/DT/Julio got taken before it got to me. I could have hard committed to the WR/WR but I called an audible and went with Jeremy Hill to secure the my top RB left on the board. Ideally that pick would have been CJ Anderson, but he also was taken before #11. After taking Hill, I told myself I’d take whoever fell between Odell and Gronk. I second guessed myself a bit when Gronk actually did fall to me in the 2nd rd, but I stuck with my original plan and took him. When you’re picking next to the turns, you can usually ensure yourself one of two players, and youre guaranteed one of three since there are only two picks between yours.

Nothing too exemplary of the first two rounds. In the third, I was really hoping that one of Millers/Ingram/Gore would fall to me. I debated Murray or Sanders, but ultimately went with Sanders. At the time it was a bit of a risky proposition to take Sanders since he hadnt been practicing, but since the draft, there’s been news that Sanders was back at practice.


They call round 4 the luxury round, and I went with Maclin to add to my WRs. Four QBs were taken in round 4 and with so many holes in my lineup still, waiting on QB was an easy call to make. I think Marshall would have been an ok pick here as well. In round 5, Foster was taken. In all the RCLs Ive done, Foster always seems to go rd 4/5. Im a little skeptical about Yeldon, but in rd 6, I think he was a good enough value to warrant taking as my RB2.

789Rd 7, a lot of my favorite WRs were taken ahead of me, so I went ahead and secured the CIN backfield by taking Gio. The one downside to picking Hill early is if you want to handcuff him, Gio is usually the first backup RB taken. Ideally, you’d like to get your handcuff in rds 9+, but Gio’s price is inflated for no reason… I followed up with Bradford in the 8th. I thought about taking him in the 7th, but decided to take Gio first since I noticed that the guy picking between my picks had already taken Wilson. I might have been able to wait on Bradford, but with two other teams still QB-less and a long time til my next pick, I just took Bradford.

In rd 9, I was hoping for Bryant/Bell/Mathews, but none of them fell to me. Woodhead seems to have a bigger roles than I initially thought in SD, and Im happy to scoop him up here in the 9th as a backup.

10111213In these last rounds, I just built up depth with a mix of sleepers (Coleman, Jones) and potentially useful players (Stevie/Gates/McFadden).

Yahoo gave me a C- grade for my draft :(, but I felt a lot better about it than my previous RCL (which apparently is going to be redrafted with 12 owners). I really wish I got off to a better start in those first two rounds, but I think going Hill/Gronk to start and buoyed by relatively solid WR corp, the team will be ok. Im not sure if it has the firepower to be a dominant, championship-worthy team, but if I can spin a trade or make a big pickup, that may be enough to carry me into/thru the playoffs. As with my free leagues, I usually dont interact much with the other owners, but seeing as I have nothing but time on my hands as I recover from surgery, maybe I’ll try a little harder in these RCLs. I’ll try to recap my 2QB league draft either tonight or tomorrow and have the draft from my main league up sometime by the end of the week. Hopefully I havent revealed too much in all these draft recaps…

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