8.30 – RCL Draft Recap #3 (?)

I was hoping to squeeze in a little more practice before my drafts next week, so I signed up for another RCL draft this weekend.  I pulled out when I saw the draft time wasnt what was written on the website, but the LM later changed the draft date, so I hopped back in. Oddly, for the first time to my knowledge in a RCL, the league didnt fill before the draft. I thought the whole draft would have been cancelled if we didnt have 12 owners, but it went ahead and started the draft anyways with 10 owners. I think a bunch of owners also werent aware of the time change since half of them werent there… 10-team league with like half of them on auto-draft, needless to say, I didnt take the whole thing too seriously. I wont breakdown all my picks, but y’all can peep how the draft went.


12 3
My WRs are STACKEDDD and I think I drafted enough redundancy at RB that I’ll be fine. Yahoo only projected my for a 4-9 finish tho…. 😥 I dont know how viable it is to wait on QB AND TE yet. Maybe wait on one but not the other? Regardless, this team was fun to draft. If we play out the league, cool, if not, it’s ok, I’ll just have another RCL draft to recap for y’all. I do have another one scheduled for tonight that already has 12 owners, so hopefully that one is a little more useful as practice.

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