8.24 – Owner Profile – Jeremy King

Jaden Smith-twitter enthusiast, True Detective (season 1 only) fan, and my leaguemate, Jeremy, has been pestering me for a while for a blog post about him so here it is.  If you recall, I made a post a while back detailing our fantasy basketball matchup. As I wrote then, Jeremy and I share a lot of the same opinions regarding fantasy players and he has been my fiercest rival in the leagues we share. 

Jeremy and I first played fantasy football together in 2013 in a league run by a mutual friend. Having never met before, we communicated the way most anonymous leaguemates do: shot-in-the-dark trade offers. Judging from the email trail I drudged up, it was about week 4/5 of the season and I had sent him the following trade offer:

My: Matt Ryan, MJD, some WR other than AJ Green (so one of Stephen Hill/Sidney Rice/TY Hilton I think…)

For his: Tom Brady/CJ Spiller and Chris Johnson/Hakeem Nicks

I usually structure my offers this way to express my interest in multiple players without resorting to using multiple different trade offers to the same owner. Taking exception to the trade, he sent me the following message:

“in what way would a Ryan/MJD/anyone but Green for Brady/Spiller or CJ/Nicks trade benefit me? That’s literally a downgrade or a push at every position.”

Mostly frequenting free leagues until then, I wasnt accustomed to actually conversing with other owners regarding trade details. I dont have a copy of the exact message I sent to him, but I defended my offer and he replied in turn with a counter argument refuting the points I brought up. Some highlights from his message include:

  • Disrespecting MJD: “MJD has also done nothing to boot.”
  • Thinking Hakeem Nicks was elite (LAWL): “We both know [Nicks] is a great receiver”
  • Making the pleb mistake that real life success = fantasy success: “[Brady is] also… oh one of the best QBs of all time.”

Eventually undergrad institutions were dragged in, accusations of condescension were made, and that’s probably the kindest way of saying how the rest of exchange went 😀

By season’s end, neither of us was entirely right or wrong in our assessment of the trade, but we were both left quite salty and eager to absolutely dominate the other in future matchups. I dont remember how that league ended up; when I tried to check, I found that ESPN had already repurposed the league for some lame 10-teamer. I lost last year in our one fantasy football matchup in our main league…but he missed the playoffs gambling on a trade for AJ Green. In our other fantasy football league, I dont recall our H2H record, but his team was stacked, mine…not so much. Both of us made it to the playoffs in that league; I lost in round 1 and he got to the championship where he ran into Odell. In fantasy basketball, we both made the playoffs last year. He lost in rd 1, while I lost in that championship. I dont remember the result of the 2013 season, but I think we both made the playoffs that year. I know he was the fantasy basketball champion in either 2012 or 2013 as he so kindly reminds us often.

Pros – usually good for one big trade a year; good drafter; (as a LM) good at coming up with punishments for being caught cheating in fantasy basketball

Cons – Usually shoots self in foot with said trades; doesnt think MJD is elite; doesnt appreciate kawaii anime girls; overall tryhard

So there’s my quick write up on my fellow fantasy owner and friend, Jeremy King. If you enjoy Jaden Smith fanboyism, give him a follow on twitter: @tw1ttaplease.

Note: Those “highlights” I took from his message should be taken as my attempt at humor and not taken seriously. In context, at the time, he was perfectly valid in his assessment of the trade. Actually, this whole post probably shouldnt be taken seriously 😛

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