8.21 – RCL Draft Recap #1

So I may have broken my foot playing basketball….meaning I have even more time to write as I recover. Last night, all antsy and ready to draft after preparing all summer, I jumped into a Razzball RCL that was having its draft that night. A little unsure of how I’d do since these were all Razzball-ers, I figured it’d be good practice. The settings are pretty much identical to my main league (QB/2 RB/3 WR/TE/Flex, 0.5 ppr). The only difference I anticipated is that QB would be going wayyy late. I dont think my leaguemates in my main league share the same patience that I saw in this draft.

Here is the team I drafted:


I think I nailed the first three picks with some solid studs. I probably could have aimed for players with more established track records in the middle rounds. In the later rounds, I think I picked up some nice upside plays, especially as I abused Yahoo’s rankings and the fact that on Yahoo. you dont have to fill every roster spot (ie – dont have to draft DEF/K if you dont want).


I got pick #6. Im not particularly a fan of the middle picks, but they offer the possibility of starts like the one I got here where you get two studs in rounds 1/2 and then a really good player falls to you mid-round 3. That scenario happens only about 50% of the time in my estimation however since it hinges on people reaching for players at the end of round-2. If they dont, you kind of feel like you got shafted at mid-end of round 2 and are forced to take sub-par picks in round 3 as well.

I considered CJ at #6, but ultimately went with Lynch. It’s kind of a question of do you prefer the proven track record with Lynch or the potential situation with Anderson. Lynch comes with concerns about heavy workload the past seasons (already up to 2000+ career carries and has carried the ball 280+ times the past 4 seasons including 2 deep playoff runs recently) whereas Anderson is relatively unproven. I also considered going WR with either DT/Dez/Julio but couldnt pass on a stud RB.

It probably would have been optimistic to think Jordy would fall me to me in round 2 (2.07). Calvin and AJ would have also been a hard decision, but as it often happens when picking in the middle of rounds, you just kind of take what the draft gives you. Alshon and Cobb were also considerations for me in round 2, but I put a bet on a return to form for AJ after an injury-plagued season.

Getting Evans in round 3 was the biggest steal of my draft in my opinion. A late 2nd-rounder in my estimation, he just fell into my lap at 3.06. Had he been taken, I like Ingram and Sanders, and even Hopkins in that spot.


In these middle rounds, I fell into the trap that can happen when picking in the middle of a a round (say that five times fast). Instead of of just taking the guys I wanted, I took the guys that I felt were too-good of values to pass up. Round 4 for example; Gordon fell to me there and even though he will probably just be a 2-down back, I thought getting him in the 4th was just too good of a value to pass up. I was eyeing Edelman and to a lesser extent, Marshall and Watkins to round out my WR corp, but went with Gordon. In round 5, I panicked a bit and just fell back on the “safe” Kelce. The more I draft, the more I think waiting on TE is as good as waiting on QB. Names like Daniels, Walker, Witten, Thomas, ASJ, Cameron all went/go way late so it doesnt seem necessary to take TE early unless its Gronk. Landry didnt make it to me in the 6th and I didnt want to start falling behind on RBs by so I took Ivory. Missing on WRs in these rounds might actually be ok since I was able to start with Green and Evans.


The next couple rounds were a mixed bag. The QBs slowly began to be taken and benches started to get filled out. I was happy to snag Charles Johnson in round 7. Im still undecided how I feel about Funchess but took him here since he was creeping up into the ranking range on Yahoo. In round 9, I chose Romo as my QB over Cam and Rivers/Palmer. Rd 10, I liked the value of Colston. Inundated with WR and with the RBs mostly gone, I took Bush in the 11th. Im expecting Bush to handle 3rd-down/passing work in SF and if Hyde struggles, Bush is a candidate to take on a bigger role. Coleman is pretty much pure hype, but he is a redundancy for Colston. Brees’s passes are going to go somewhere and those two are the biggest receivers he’s got.


It was around rd 14/15 that I realized that Yahoo doesnt rank everyone they project. Fiddling with ordering the players left by projection instead of just Yahoo rank, I was able to find Wheaton and Dunbar way later than you would expect to find them in a RCL. I dont have a kicker as of now, but that’s really no big deal. I can always just drop someone before week 1 and pick one up for that week.

Yahoo gave me a B- but I wonder how much of that is punishment for not taking a kicker… I was super happy with the first three rounds, but need to work on finding the right balance between want and value to make a team Im truly satisfied with.

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