7.10 – Update (Im back!)

We fkn BACK fam!!!! Med school app has been submitted for verification, but before I get to work trying to catch up on the cycle by working on the secondaries, time to blog a bit!!!

So fantasy baseball is pure ass. I’ve lost all interest in the free leagues. Dont even update 4/5 of the RCL teams. Ironically, the first RCL team I drafted is some how in 1st place w/o any hitting (Holiday, Wright, Zimmerman all on DL). I think, when I finally get around to it, Im going to just blow up 4/5 RCL teams and see what happens. The one Im winning in…idk how I’ll maintain that for the rest of the whole season. How tf is it not even the All-Star break yet?!?!!? I’ll make a post updating the one good team and then another post about the trades I (try to) make with the other RCL teams.

As shitty as fantasy baseball is, fantasy football is almost here!!!! I’ll describe the settings for the league Im LM-ing and update/elaborate my pre-season rankings in future posts. Starting to get into mock drafting and absorbing all the info I can to get ready and share my findings with yall.

As stressful as this application stuff it, Im pretty pumped to get back to writing about fantasy! (Plus Ive still got plenty of pictures of kawaii anime girls to share LOL)

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