7.10 – Social Justice Warriors – League Settings

For the past five years or so, my primary fantasy football league has been the one that I LM. It started off as a for-fun league with high school friends and has evolved into a pretty competitive league. Some guys have dropped out, new ones vouched for and joined. Some pretty funny stories in there too, but I’ll save those for another time ;). Rules, settings, and scoring have all evolved. Last year, we went a pretty standard setup for a 12-team, non-PPR league. No fractional scoring and the only wrinkle was an additional WR spot so you start 3 WRs a week (actually standard on Yahoo). In one iteration of the league, I think I made it 2 QB, 2 TE…that was uhm…unpleasant…do not recommend haha.

I usually do pretty well each year. I primarily attribute this to the fact that Im usually the one that actually knows most (if not everyone) in the league to be able to talk to them outside of shot in the dark trade offers. I dont think Ive ever missed the playoffs, but there have definitely been years where Ive just eeked my way in, especially in recent years. Last year I made it all the ways to the championship, rocking an All-star team of Luck/Bell/Charles/Forte/Nelson/Kelce only to be felled by fucking Jonathan Stewart, Odell, Cam, and Eli (PJSalt).

Any ways, there have been some big changes all around to the league this year. The biggest one is the standings and team records. Recently, we did away with the two division set up that is the ESPN (where the league is hosted) default in lieu of a single division. For years, some members COUGHSHUBHCOUGH have cited high points scored for/against while still missing playoffs as reasons for a change. So for this year, Im implementing a system I heard on one of the multiple podcasts I listen to.

It goes like this: Your record is a combination of how you did H2H that week and where your team’s score ranked in the league that week. If you scored in the top half of the league that week, its a win, if in the bottom half, its a loss.

  • ex1) You scored the 2nd most pts, but played the person who scored the most pts, your record that wk is 1-1.
  • ex2) You beat your opponent, but you both scored in the bottom half among the league, your record that wk is 1-1.

I think variance is part of the fun of fantasy – whether its who you play (in a 12-team league with 14 weeks in the regular fantasy season, you’ll face two opponents twice), who’s on waivers, or just week-to-week player performance. Following these rules for team records reduces that variance a bit, but Im pretty interested to see how it shakes out this year.

Another big chance is the move from waivers to FAAB (Free Agent Acquisition Budget). Ive never played in a league that uses FAAB before, but I dont think anyone else in the league has either… Another interesting wrinkle for this year. Personally, Im hoping to see someone blow their entire budget (you dont get more as the season progresses) for that player that has a huge Week 1 outta nowhere only to fade back into anonymity xD. I hope that I dont gimp myself by trying to be too frugal with my budget.

Some stuff about rosters: We’re rolling with the same set up, roster-wise, as we did last year:

  • QB
  • RB
  • RB
  • WR
  • WR
  • WR
  • TE
  • FLEX
  • DEF
  • K
  • Bench x7

Im still debating if I want to add another bench spot. Current its 10/7, starters/bench, so I think adding another bench spot and making it 10/8 is a bit much… Also, I turned off position limits, so hoarding players of a certain position may be another issue that comes up with adding more bench spots.

Scoring, this year Ive made the switch to fractional scoring (0.1 pt per rush/rec yd and 0.2 pt per 5yd passing) and 0.5 PPR. As you can tell by the scoring and roster settings, WR’s are pretty useful.

For the draft, ideally we’d do an auction, but I dont think many people are comfortable with it not to mention it takes forever, so Im sticking to snake. For this year, Im going to try allowing pick trading. My feelings on pick trading is that its like when you start digging into your computer’s settings and then get to a point where you get that “FOR ADVANCED USERS ONLY” warning – it can be incredibly powerful if you know what you’re doing, but you can also brick your whole system and fuck yourself. Im curious to see what pick trades, if any, are made this year.

For the playoffs, it’s also fairly standard. Starting week 13 (to 16), top four teams according to standings make it; two rounds, two weeks each. 3rd place, gets their money back, 2nd makes x2 their buy-in, and 1st gets the rest.

I think that’s about it for this year’s league. Some big changes, but I think it’ll be another fun, competitive year. I was thinking about trying something for the consolation bracket like winner gets to choose their draft position next year, but that’s kind of contingent on who wants to keep playing next year. Another fun one I heard of is where anyone who is out can gift players to teams still in the consolation bracket a la Hunger Games where they send you care packages. Ionno, I’ll keep sleeping on it til it comes around.

If you want to check it out, the link is here. If you’re wondering about the league name…we’ll I just made it up on a whim. The league name is just something I always struggle with every year. I dont want to name it something lame like “FANTASY FB 2015” or something hackneyed like “THE LEAGUE”, but can never really come up with something that great… Last year’s league was named “Sleeper Agent Solange”…like wtf is that?!?!? >_> As poorly LM’d as fantasy basketball was (at least initially with the league creator), “Player Hater’s Assc” was a great name for a fantasy league. I’ll always be jealous of that one.

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