So the fantasy basketball is finally over. I have a few more topics leftover that I can write about our league/my team so I’ll get to those later.

Fantasy baseball has been going on like three weeks or so by now. Im not going to lie, its woefully boring and tedious at times. I definitely understand why no one plays it anymore and why I skipped it last year. The game moves at a snail’s pace and there’s a lot of information to sift through and digest creating a large barrier to entry. Im finding that I dont really have the same passion for it that I do for basketball/football. Reading box scores and checking up on articles just isnt as fun as it is for baseball. Was 10 leagues too much? Maybe idk. The ESPN H2H leagues are as easy as expected, and the RCL’s definitely are a step up from those, but nothing so far has gotten me that excited. Its only the beginning of the season, but by the middle of summer, I may just start setting lineups for the month instead of the week… 😛 I can try to give updates on where my RCL teams are in their respective standings, but I get the feeling doing that may get monotonous. Should I start yolo-trading to entertain myself?

Football cannot get here soon enough. We’re getting teased with bits like schedules and the draft, but I yearn for fantasy draft season. I will continue to construct my rankings/tiers and maybe sprinkle some posts on players I like going into next season. Hopefully I dont end up getting sniped during drafts as a result of these posts…

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