4.8 – Player Haters Assc – Draft Recap

While I continue to try and claw my way to a championship, I thought now would be a good time to cover the draft we had at the beginning of the season. We had this draft on 10/25/14, 20+ long weeks ago. My team was called “This Team Needs Jon Lee” (what a celebrity this Jon Lee guy…) at the time.

Our league set up was H2H – categories; FG%/FT%/3PM/REB/AST/STL/BLK/DD/PTS. Seeing the setup, it’s easy to imagine why a punt-FT% strategy is so strong. If you can get guys like Dwight/DeAndre/Drummond, you’ve basically secured four cats (FG%/REB/BLK/DD) for the cost of one (FT%). Assuming you fill out your roster with Good defenders (STLs) and efficient scorers (PTS), you could pretty much ensure a 6-3 result most weeks.

Durant’s injury was also another variable before the draft. A consensus #1 pick the previous season,  Durant offered the tantalizing possibility of getting the #1 player at a late-first/early-second round price. At the time, no one knew the roller-coaster that would be Durant’s foot, thinking that it would be only a few weeks without the superstar.

Going into the draft, my idea was to go with the punt-FT% strategy. I was picking #7 (out of 10) so my plan was to draft a stud center in round 1. If Durant was there in round 2 when my turn came back around, I was going to take him; if not I would continue to load up on frontcourt players. DeAndre Jordan/Dwight Howard were my targets in round 3/4 for my strategy. I didnt think both would be available, but just one paired with my first two picks would have been ok too. From there I would have had a strong enough base to start addressing other areas while also continuing to add more frontcourt players if they were good values….of course the draft didnt go like this at all. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Round: 1
(1) The Mexicans – LeBron James SF
(2) Steph Tikka Masala? – Anthony Davis PF
(3) How’s my Dirk taste? – Chris  Paul PG
(4) I Hate Vishnu – Stephen Curry PG
(5) Team Wang – Kevin  Durant SF
(6) Team Luna – James Harden SG
** (7) This Team Needs Jon Lee – DeMarcus Cousins C
(8) Kent Blazemore – Russell Westbrook PG
(9) Team Lozano – Carmelo Anthony SF
(10) THJ Brownies – Serge Ibaka PF

Round: 2
(11) THJ Brownies – LaMarcus Aldridge PF
(12) Team Lozano – Kevin Love PF
(13) Kent Blazemore – Blake  Griffin PF
** (14) This Team Needs Jon Lee – John  Wall PG
(15) Team Luna – Kawhi Leonard SF
(16) Team Wang – Al Jefferson C
(17) I Hate Vishnu – Andre Drummond C
(18) How’s my Dirk taste? – Dirk  Nowitzki PF
(19) Steph Tikka Masala? – Kyrie Irving PG
(20) The Mexicans – Marc Gasol C

I did land Boogie Cousins at #7, but Durant got taken at #5. Not the biggest deal, but in round two, I had the choice of committing to my punt-FG% strat or going down another path. In my opinion, Boogie was the best center in the game. The best part of his game, besides the monster FG%/REB/PTS totals is that he isnt a burden in FT% like Dwight/Drummond/DeAndre and that he contributes in STL/BLK. So in round two, I switched gears a bit and took John Wall. Its easy to find players who can get those PTS/REB double-doubles, but I think the rarest commodity in fantasy basketball is the guard who can also give you double-doubles. Wall is one of those guards capable of achieving the coveted PTS/AST double-double. His monster STL #s are just the cherry on top.

Round: 3
(21) The Mexicans – Dwight Howard C
(22) Steph Tikka Masala? – Al Horford C
(23) How’s my Dirk taste? – Chris Bosh C
(24) I Hate Vishnu – DeAndre Jordan C
(25) Team Wang – Joakim  Noah C
(26) Team Luna – Damian Lillard PG
** (27) This Team Needs Jon Lee – Derrick Rose PG
(28) Kent Blazemore – Nicolas Batum SF
(29) Team Lozano – Monta Ellis SG
(30) THJ Brownies – Paul  Millsap PF

Round: 4
(31) THJ Brownies – Ty Lawson PG
(32) Team Lozano – DeMar DeRozan SG
(33) Kent Blazemore – Nikola Vucevic C
** (34) This Team Needs Jon Lee – Kyle Lowry PG
(35) Team Luna – Goran Dragic PG
(36) Team Wang – Kobe Bryant SG
(37) I Hate Vishnu – Kenneth Faried PF
(38) How’s my Dirk taste? – Klay Thompson SG
(39) Steph Tikka Masala? – Thaddeus Young SF
(40) The Mexicans – Mike Conley PG

It seems that I wasnt the only one thinking of going a punt-FT% strategy. Drummond went in round 2 and the same team took DeAndre in round 3. Oddly, those two were paired with Steph Curry from round 1, creating an odd synergy, but I guess Curry is too good to pass up at #4 overall.

At the back-end of round three, I was a little worried. I knew Cousins and Wall were studs, easy first-round values. In the picks since Wall at #14, I wanted one more solid player for my team, but at pick #27, I didnt see anyone who I thought was clearly a strong player. I took Rose because to me, he represented the best player available that was capable of reaching that stud-status. Sure he was risky, coming back from those knee injuries, but he at least had the potential for being a fantasy stud. Taking Lowry in round 4, was a bit of a value-pick. Maybe the rush for bigmen caused him to fall, but I was happy to take him this late. My team was guard-heavy at this point, but since everyone else seemed to be leaning towards loading up on bigs, I was ok with snatching up guards.

Round: 5
(41) The Mexicans – Chandler Parsons SF
(42) Steph Tikka Masala? – Rudy Gay SF
(43) How’s my Dirk taste? – Jrue Holiday PG
(44) I Hate Vishnu – David Lee PF
(45) Team Wang – Eric Bledsoe PG
(46) Team Luna – Kemba Walker PG
** (47) This Team Needs Jon Lee – Michael Carter-Williams PG
(48) Kent Blazemore – Rajon Rondo PG
(49) Team Lozano – Brook Lopez C
(50) THJ Brownies – Gordon Hayward SG

Round: 6
(51) THJ Brownies – Tim Duncan PF
(52) Team Lozano – Jeff Teague PG
(53) Kent Blazemore – Marcin Gortat C
** (54) This Team Needs Jon Lee – Wesley Matthews SG
(55) Team Luna – Victor Oladipo SG
(56) Team Wang – Jabari Parker SF
(57) I Hate Vishnu – Ricky Rubio PG
(58) How’s my Dirk taste? – Tony  Parker PG
(59) Steph Tikka Masala? – Kyle Korver SG
(60) The Mexicans – Deron Williams PG

MCW…I truly thought that in his sophomore season, he would grow into a more efficient player. On PHL (at the time), he had already shown he was capable of racking up great REB/AST/STL at the guard spot. Wes Matthews was one of the best “3-and-D” guys for fantasy, with above-average 3PM, FT%, and STL. After taking these two, I felt I was building on a team capable of owning the DD and STL cats while not being particularly weak in any other cat except 3PM so far.

Hayward was a player I had on my team last time that I was targettng here too, but I couldnt shake the memories of his poor FG% at times last year. I thought he was a bit overmatched in the NBA and putting up stats on a bad team, but he’s proven me wrong. Dude can ball and was a great value where he was taken.

Round: 7
(61) The Mexicans – Pau Gasol PF
(62) Steph Tikka Masala? – Robin Lopez C
(63) How’s my Dirk taste? – Jimmy Butler SG
(64) I Hate Vishnu – Lance Stephenson SG
(65) Team Wang – Derrick Favors PF
(66) Team Luna – Dwyane  Wade SG
** (67) This Team Needs Jon Lee – Nerlens Noel C
(68) Kent Blazemore – Trevor Ariza SF
(69) Team Lozano – Josh Smith SF
(70) THJ Brownies – Reggie Jackson PG

Round: 8
(71) THJ Brownies – Jonas Valanciunas C
(72) Team Lozano – Zach Randolph PF
(73) Kent Blazemore – Jeremy Lin PG
** (74) This Team Needs Jon Lee – Giannis Antetokounmpo SF
(75) Team Luna – Andrew Wiggins SG
(76) Team Wang – Brandon Jennings PG
(77) I Hate Vishnu – Tyreke Evans SF
(78) How’s my Dirk taste? – David West PF
(79) Steph Tikka Masala? – Kevin Martin SG
(80) The Mexicans – Jose Calderon PG

Youth revolution! I was happy with my first 6 picks, so I started to gamble a bit here. I loved the upside of Noel so I reached for him in round 7. I wasnt sure if he was strong enough to play in the post in the NBA, but fantasies of double-doubles with STL and BLK were too tempting to pass on and risk getting scooped. Ariza and Z-Bo were also options, but I didnt think they would contribute in enough categories to warrant the pick yet.

Giannis was my other huge reach. I wasnt sure how MIL was going to use him, but I was so curious I paid to find out. He hasnt really broken out this season, but he feels like he’s building up to it. I wish he did a bit more in STL/BLK, but maybe he’s one of those defenders whose worth you cant measure with just those two stats. I

Round: 9
(81) The Mexicans – Bradley  Beal SG
(82) Steph Tikka Masala? – Patrick Beverley PG
(83) How’s my Dirk taste? – Luol Deng SF
(84) I Hate Vishnu – Larry Sanders C
(85) Team Wang – Joe Johnson SG
(86) Team Luna – Terrence Jones PF
** (87) This Team Needs Jon Lee – Nikola Pekovic C
(88) Kent Blazemore – Jared Sullinger PF
(89) Team Lozano – Arron Afflalo SG
(90) THJ Brownies – Markieff Morris PF

Round: 10
(91) THJ Brownies – Elfrid Payton PG
(92) Team Lozano – Tyson Chandler C
(93) Kent Blazemore – Isaiah Thomas PG
** (94) This Team Needs Jon Lee – Roy  Hibbert C
(95) Team Luna – Ryan Anderson PF
(96) Team Wang – Jamal Crawford SG
(97) I Hate Vishnu – Darren Collison PG
(98) How’s my Dirk taste? – Brandon Knight PG
(99) Steph Tikka Masala? – J.J. Redick SG
(100) The Mexicans – Eric Gordon SG

The latter half of the draft, I started trying to fill holes I had left in my roster. We use a 4 center limit in this league, so taking Pek and Hibbert meant no more C for me the rest of the draft. Im not sure why I believed in Pek or his ankles, but I guess he provides a bit more offense than Chandler who was taken in between my picks. Hibbert I took mostly for his BLKs. With West out for the beginning of the season, I thought there was some upside in the REB/PTS parts of his game as well.  I didnt want to commit to specialists, especially 3PM specialists just yet, but looking back, there were some really good picks that were taken here: Beal, Jones, Sullinger, Chief Kieff, Payton, Thomas,  Collison, Knight, Reddick.

Round: 11
(101) The Mexicans – Danilo Gallinari SF
(102) Steph Tikka Masala? – Gorgui Dieng C
(103) How’s my Dirk taste? – Taj Gibson PF
(104) I Hate Vishnu – Trey Burke PG
(105) Team Wang – Greg Monroe PF
(106) Team Luna – Jeff Green SF
** (107) This Team Needs Jon Lee – Tobias Harris PF
(108) Kent Blazemore – Carlos Boozer PF
(109) Team Lozano – George Hill PG
(110) THJ Brownies – Andrew Bogut C

Round: 12
(111) THJ Brownies – Mario Chalmers PG
(112) Team Lozano – Jameer Nelson PG
(113) Kent Blazemore – Gerald Green SF
** (114) This Team Needs Jon Lee – Draymond Green SF
(115) Team Luna – Jordan Hill PF
(116) Team Wang – Paul Pierce SF
(117) I Hate Vishnu – Terrence Ross SG
(118) How’s my Dirk taste? – Nik Stauskas SG
(119) Steph Tikka Masala? – Anderson Varejao C
(120) The Mexicans – Andre Iguodala SF

These two rounds are probably the main reason I was able to finish in first place during the regular season. The value these two provided is almost unmatched by anyone else taken around here. People must have felt Tobias’s injury history made him too risky, but I remembered that huge run he had at the end of the season two seasons ago. Mini-LeBron is probably a stretch, but that’s how I remembered him. He had stretches of production like that this year, but also missed time due to injuries as usual. Draymond was truly the diamond in the rough here. I picked him hoping for a boost in STL and BLK as I profiled him as defensive specialist. I never imagined he’d turn into the stud he has been this season, adding 3PM/REB/PTS and even AST into his game.

Round: 13
(121) The Mexicans – Enes Kanter C
(122) Steph Tikka Masala? – DeMarre Carroll SF
(123) How’s my Dirk taste? – Ersan Ilyasova PF
(124) I Hate Vishnu – Nene Hilario PF
(125) Team Wang – Omer Asik C
(126) Team Luna – J.R. Smith SG
** (127) This Team Needs Jon Lee – Alec Burks SG
(128) Kent Blazemore – Tony Wroten PG
(129) Team Lozano – Danny Green SG
(130) THJ Brownies – Henry Sims C

Round: 14
(131) THJ Brownies – Otto Porter Jr. SF
(132) Team Lozano – Josh McRoberts PF
(133) Kent Blazemore – D.J. Augustin PG
** (134) This Team Needs Jon Lee – John Henson PF
(135) Team Luna – Avery Bradley SG
(136) Team Wang – Manu Ginobili SG
(137) I Hate Vishnu – K.J. McDaniels SF
(138) How’s my Dirk taste? – Channing Frye PF
(139) Steph Tikka Masala? – Amir Johnson PF
(140) The Mexicans – Anthony Bennett PF

Alec Burks was another player I was high on coming into the season. Unfortunately injury ended his season early. In hindsight, Danny Green was my favorite pick in these last two rounds. Kanter came on after being traded to OKC after being inconsistent in UTA and DeMarre was pretty solid 3PM/STL all year, but Danny will forever by my man. I love that even when SA starts blowing people out, Duncan/Manu/Parker may sit, but Danny is a guy Pop is ok with continuing to give big minutes to.


At the time, I remember thinking I had one of the stronger drafts. I felt I got the best value out of my early-round picks since I didnt chase bigmen. None of my players were old/injury-risks and the guys I took mid-to-late had great upside. I got one of my favorite players in Boogie Cousins and was excited about having Rose/Noel/Giannis on my team as well. My favorite players are the ones that can throw down in STL and BLK and I thought a couple of my guys had the potential to do so. I wasnt sure if taking the guards would pay off and keep my competitive in DD, but turns out I was able to dominate the STL/BLK/DD cats all year. In another post, I’ll go over some of the other moves I made (trades/pickups — including trading my first-rounder and fav Boogie!!) that were huge in helping my team be so successful this season.

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