4.1 – Fantasy Basketball Resources

Any fantasy sport comes down to information. Who is sitting, who is starting, etc. Here’s the resources Ive been using to fuel my fantasy basketball season. I hope some are of use to you!


  • Rotoworld – 2nd fastest source for player updates after twitter. Blurbs with analysis of information is great.
  • Twitter – The fastest source for information, especially close to game time IF you have a specific player in mind. Otherwise, its a nice source of general news and dank memes. My favorite follows are:
  • ESPN – More for the masses, but a great place to start. I dont really use the weekly schedule forecaster, but it can come in handy sometimes for a quick visual of who may have easy matchups that week. Regular source of content that can occasionally be helpful. This is the main platform I use for leagues so I just assume anything on here is seen by my leaguemates/common knowledge. Careful with their rankings if your league has different scoring settings than the ESPN defaults.
  • Razzball – Great source for their daily recaps of the previous night’s action. I also like their analysis of buy low/sell highs. I trust them a bit more than larger sites like ESPN/Yahoo.
  • Yahoo – I havent used this one much since I first started. The design of their website makes it more difficult to navigate than it really needs to be. The best part of their fantasy site is RotoArcade in my opinion. It is a blog, so you may often find yourself scratching your head at some of their posts, but overall its a nice perspective to consider.
  • /r/NBA – Your dank meme HQ. The fastest source of clips of highlight plays. Occasionally some nice in-depth analysis about things like salary-cap situation, etc, but mostly just dank memes. Quality has decreased a bit as the population has grown, but still good for what it provides.
  • Grantland – Specifically Zach Lowe’s work. His knowledge of the game is amazing and his articles are always worth the read to help your understanding go further than just the box score. Kirk Goldsberry’s graphs are fun to look at and Bill Simmons NBA articles are good reads as well.
  • Hoopshype – I dont really read this that much anymore, but can be a good source of rumors if youre bored. Their salary page is the one I refer to whenever the curiosity strikes me (BKN …>_>)
  • Hoopstats – Specifically their defense page which I use to identify good matchups vs weak defenses/defenses that dont defend the 3 well for streaming.
  • Basketball Monster – I cant speak for their premium content, but their player rater has uses that I havent found anywhere else. The flexibility of their player rater for different league settings and the option to factor in punting categories can help you identify players that have greater value on your team than someone else’s.


  • ESPN NBA Lockdown – Not a fantasy specific pod, but the discussion and information is good for keeping up with the going ons of the NBA.
  • CBSsports Fantasy – A fantasy specific pod. I usually skip certain episodes if the description doesnt sound interesting, but they usually come through with good information and analysis. They dedicate a bit of time for DFS, so if that’s your thing, you may get more out of this pod. I dont play DFS (yet), but the analysis is still good if you’re streaming players in your leagues.
  • Basketball Monster, Razzball – I listed these two together since I dont really listen to either anymore. Basketball Monster pods are fairly long which would be ok, but often times I found them to be a bit drawnout. The content-to-time ratio is a little low for my taste. Also, they dont seem to have a regular release schedule so I often find myself following other, more regular pods. Razzball has some odd sound issues occasionally and often times I find their written content far superior.
  • The Starters – This one I just started, so I havent really come up with an opinion yet. The casters have a nice rapport with each other and occasionally they give fantasy basketball some love, but their focus is mostly on just basketball which is fine. A good mix of fun and facts from what Ive listened to so far.
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