3.30 – Player Haters Assc – Playoffs Rd 1 vs “MILL$AP ROCKY” Recap

What a slugfest. This one went down to the wire. Since the mid-round update my opponent ran away with the PTS cat, meaning the matchup came down to 3PM and DDs. By Sunday, I had fully exhausted all 14 of my waiver acquisitions and was clinging to a narrow lead in 3PM and we were tied in DD. My opponent had 3 possible acquisitions remaining, but luckily, thanks to the super-early 12:30 PM WAS/HOU game and my opponent’s ignorance Saturday night (cool guy :)), he didn’t use those last 3 picks ups and I managed to escape with the win.


Injuries played a part for both teams. He probably took the biggest blow in losing Ibaka. On top of that, he had to deal with missing games due to injury/rest/tanking from some of his best players, LMA, Hayward, Millsap, and Lawson. For me, it wasnt as bad. I lost Terrance Jones and Lowry for most of the matchup, Draymond/Beal/Harris missed games here and there, and Dragic has been playing dinged up, but for the most part I was able to get the most out of my key contributors. Whereas moving Lowry to the IR opened another roster spot for streaming, my opponent parked Ibaka in his, limiting his roster flexibility a bit. In the end, I had a 100/3317 to 96/3111 advantage, but that could have been offset a bit if he used his last three acquisitions.

This matchup truly did boil down to the streamers. The edge I got in 3PM and DD just from streaming turned out to be the difference that got me the win. Overall though, my opponent was far more efficient with his steamers, led by Ersan who had 3 amazing games and 1 complete dud. It felt like I missed more often than I hit with my streamers, but my streaming MVPs have to be CJ Miles and Matt Barnes, dropping a combined 18 3PM. Knowing I didnt really have a chance in either percentage cat, I ignored both and sold out for 3PM.

streamer stats - mestreamer stats - jeremy

This was probably one of my most memorable playoff matchups ever. After he lost Ibaka, I thought it would be a relatively easy matchup, but his team had absolutely no quit and I found myself down halfway through. After losing last year in the first round to the streaming antics of my opponent, I vowed to be less stubborn and move on from players faster in order to win. I had grown attached to Terrance Jones, Len, and Hibbert over the course of the season, but cut bait to stream and it worked out nicely. It was also nice to take a series from last years champion ;). Up next is a rematch with “Fuck Jon Lee” and Russell Westbrook. I got a preview what that’s going to be like spending two weeks playing against Reggie “Mini-Russ” Jackson, so hopefully my team is prepared to win DAT CHIPPP!!!!

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