3.30 – Player Haters Assc – CHAMPIONSHIP vs “Fuck Jon Lee” Preview

Im not going to lie, Im not completely sure how to approach this matchup. Since the last time we met, my opponent has acquired Kyrie and gotten Blake and Isaiah Thomas back. Using a punt-FG% strategy, he gets max-value out of players like KCP, Smart, Batum and Covington and ends up stacked in the counting stats and FT%. Most concerning however is the presence of fantasy basketball’s current god, Russell Westbrook. Last time we played, Russ had 3 triple-doubles and I was only spared a fourth by a facial fracture. Now with 8 games queued up, OKC battling for the last playoff spot in the Western Conference, and Durant out for the year, nothing is poised to stop Russ’s from giving my team the business.


Last round, my opponent easily won his matchup, finishing 7-2 after leading 9-0 most of the matchup. Had we faced each other, I would have won 6-3 (my opponent last round would have won 5-4 as well). Maybe things would have been different if he streamed harder but that’s irrelevant now as we start with a blank slate. Having such an easy round meant that instead of using his acquisitions to try and fight for categories, he was able to use them to gear up for the championship round.


I think 3PM and FT% are lost causes versus this team, but I can take REB, DD, BLK, and FG% relatively easily. The biggest battles will be in AST, STL and maybe PTS. If I can take just one of those, I should come home with the chip. Right now, Im not entirely sure what my streamer strategy will be. If I can get Lowry back sooner and/or MCW improves on the dump he took last round, those categories are going to be easier. I still have approximately three roster spots I feel comfortable streaming. Since I wont really be trying to win the 3PM cat, I think I will just look for good overall production from those spots. Finding help in ASTs on the waiver wire is going to be hard, but Ill look for players on uptempo teams for the STL and PTS #s. I also STILL have #1 waiver priority that Ive been holding onto since the beginning of the season so if someone good is dropped, I’ll be able to get them.

Rest and missed games is going to make this round pretty wild. With GSW locking up the #1 seed, Draymond will probably miss a few games to rest and I expect he wont be playing all out the rest of the season. With seeding still up for grabs in the West, I expect Harden and most of the rest of my players to continue to produce as normal. For my opponent Kyrie and Westbrook (PLSSSSSS) may be rested down the stretch if their teams lock up their seeds early.

Since my opponent is going to med school next year, this may be the last year he can go all-out for fantasy so Im expecting his A game. GLHF

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