3.28 – 2015 QB Preseason Top 10

Heyooo, here are my preseason top10 for QB in 2015.

  1. Aaron Rodgers
  2. Andrew Luck
  3. Drew Brees
  4. Russell Wilson
  5. Peyton Manning
  6. Tom Brady
  7. Cam Newton
  8. Ben Roethlisberger
  9. Philip Rivers
  10. Matt Ryan

Tier 1

These two are head and shoulders above the rest of the QBs in my estimation. I wouldn’t fault anyone for spending an early pick on one of these two.

  • Aaron Rodgers

Simply the best. Nelson and Cobb are elite WRs and Lacy is a horse in the backfield. No real concerns over the OL. There isnt a throw Rodgers cant make in pocket or on the move. Played through a calf injury late last year and broke his collarbone the year before, but neither suggests he is a major injury risk. Used to run more, but has reduced his carries recently probably to expose himself less. Is still athletic enough to scramble and pick up yards with his legs however.

  • Andrew Luck

Young blood. Last year, it seemed like he regularly posted some of the fattest stat lines of the year from the QB spot. Gore may bring a little more balance to Indy’s offense next year, but this offense will still go through Luck. Hilton, Johnson, Fleener, Allen, and Moncrief give Luck a litany of options to beat opposing defenses. Like Rodgers, Luck is capable of beating defenses with his legs, but is a bit of a stronger runner.  It was also nice to see him stay on the field and continue to throw even when IND built up large leads, but that may have been a product of having TRich as your RB and not having the greatest defense.

Tier 2

Truth be told, I probably will not be drafting anyone from this tier. All four of these guys have put up monster seasons in the past, but this year Im not so sure the value will be worth the price. Certainly capable of proving me wrong, but I likely won’t be paying to find out.

  • Drew Brees

Even when it felt like NO was transitioning to a more ground-based attack especially near the endzone, Brees still got his, leading the league in attempts and yds. In fantasy, unlike years past, he often felt underwhelming as your starting QB, but that could just be a reflection on how high he has set the bar for himself. With the departure of Stills and Graham, Brees lost some of his best weapons. However, he has shown before that he can make his receivers look better than they really are. Cooks, Colston, and Hill remain so it’ll be interesting to see if Brees focuses on fewer targets instead of spreading the wealth like he has before.

  • Russell Wilson

Arguably the best scrambler in the NFL, Russell can do a lot of damage with his legs as evidenced last year. Adept at making the right decision to either keep looking downfield or just run it himself, Russell is also good about protecting himself when he does leave the pocket. Graham is a huge upgrade over what Wilson was throwing to last year and should open up options all over the field for the SEA offense. His WRs are not that special individually, but as a whole it seemed like Russell was able to find them in key moments, especially when he was scrambling. The SEA offense still will feature the running game with Lynch, putting a bit of a cap on how much Wilson can do with his arm, but I think they put the ball in Russell’s hands a bit more especially with Graham now in town. A rise in passing numbers but with a decrease in the running (particularly the rush TDs) is definitely possible.

  • Peyton Manning

The elder statesman himself. Manning was pretty dominant to start the season, but faded pretty hard as the season went on. Hard to say if the DEN offense shifted to a more running-based attack naturally or because Manning wasnt as effective. The loss of Decker didnt seem to affect him much as Sanders broke out last year, showing his utility. Demaryius was still a monster and JT, when healthy, was a TD machine. Manning’s arm has started to limit the kinds of throws he is capable of making, but age hasnt dulled his ability to make the presnap reads and adjustments that put his receivers in positions to succeed. The emergence of CJ Anderson could also take the ball out Manning’s hands, but if that means a fresher Manning later in the season, owners may not be complaining too much.

  • Tom Brady

Everyone thought this dude was dead after the first few games, myself included, but yet again, Brady and the Pats showed why you can never count them out. The OL which seemed overwhelmed to start the season, gelled and Brady started to cut up defenses, though he didnt break 20pts in standard scoring after his week 10 bye. Questions about his age seem to have been answered. Edelman has shown to be a versatile receiver and Lafell seemed to emerge a bit as the season went on, but Brady’s best target far and away is the unstoppable force of nature that is Gronk. Brady knows it, defenses know it, and yet the inevitable Gronk smashing happens. Like the other QBs already talked about, Brady has that ability to work with whatever talent (or lack of) he has and win. Give him a monster like Gronk and its almost unfair.

Tier 3

I think these guys are a little under-valued and can provide nice returns if you find them later in drafts.

  • Cam Newton

For someone who smiles a lot, Cam may be the negative body language prince (sorry, but Smokin’ Jay sit atop that throne). In a year marred by injuries, topped off by a freakin car accident, Cam’s rushing numbers suffered as the Panthers seemed hesitant to let him loose. Well described as a RB2 and QB2 in a single player, without the running component, Cam was predictably ineffective a just a passer. Part of that can be attributed to his terrible receiving corp, but Cam simply isnt a good enough pure passer. I think Benjamin is overrated as a receiver, but you cant deny he is a big downfield target for Cam. Olsen is reliable as they come at the TE position.  His best games were when he got going on the ground, teasing owners with a taste of he is capable of. A full offseason to get healthy again, I think Cam can return to doing damage on the ground and re-enter QB1 territory.

  • Ben Roethlisberger

This ranking comes down to Ben being a solid QB with amazing weapons around him. Leveon Bell is great on the ground as well as a pass-catcher when utilized that way. Brown can be used anywhere on the field. Bryant showed that he can be a deadly downfield threat. Miller is another year older, but still offers a reliable underneath option. Ben still has that knack for keeping plays alive and finding his guys downfield when plays break down. His numbers are a bit skewed with two (!!!) 6 TD games, but just goes to show what Ben and this offense are capable of.

  • Philip Rivers

Rivers showed last year why he should be considered among the league’s elite at QB. He put the team on his shoulders as his OL could barely keep rushers off him and the running game was uninspiring. Eventually the burden seemed too much to bear as the constant barrage of hits took their toll, affecting his play. His receivers arent gamebreakers, but are servicable. Gates isnt getting younger and Allen regressed in his second year, but they work for Rivers. It’ll be interesting to see how new addition Stevie Johnson fits into the offense.

  • Matt Ryan

A tough year for Matty Ice. With virtually no running game, a defense that often left the offense to play catch up, and an OL that could barely protect him, Ryan still managed to top 200yds passing each game. A solid group of WRs headlined by stud Julio Jones helped carry this offense. However, Roddy seemed to seriously slow down in his 11th season and Douglas who was amazing when filling in as the #2 WR is gone. Though I dont put much stock into strength of schedule this early, but the NFC south was complete ass last year. Two games vs TB, CAR, and NO could mean some big games for Ryan, especially if his OL can stay healthy and give him some time to throw.

Next up: Eli Manning, Tony Romo, Matt Stafford

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