3.26 – RCL Draft Recap #1

Completed my first RCL draft on Monday. It reminded me of the first time I took the MCAT. I studied a bit, took some practice tests and on the day of the test asked myself “how bad could it be?” Of course, I proceeded to embarrass myself on the test. I was struck by deja vu after this draft :'(. After taking a day off and finally looking back, there’s a lot of room for improvement on my part. Good thing is, I still have four more of these to get the hang of it. These RCLs are a dramatically different beast than ESPN standard leagues. Like I expected, the challenge is exponentially higher. You surely dont improve that much just stomping on free leagues, so I hope to learn a lot from these RCLs.


Im going to be a little more thorough in my analysis of this time around since its a more competitive league. Reminder, RCL’s are all 12-team, 5×5 roto leagues.

Round: 1
** (1) Pog Champ – Mike Trout CF
(2) Team Bomber – Andrew McCutchen CF
(3) Bats n Balls – Giancarlo Stanton RF
(4) Team Quirk – Jose Abreu 1B
(5) Chupacabraj Samsquantch  – Paul Goldschmidt 1B
(6) Team Team – Anthony Rizzo 1B
(7) Vin Rusty – Edwin Encarnacion 1B
(8) Playing in the Past – Miguel Cabrera 1B
(9) Cityname Sportsteam – Clayton Kershaw SP
(10) Team Schritter – Carlos Gomez CF
(11) Professor Chaos – Troy Tulowitzki SS
(12) The Kekambas – Adam Jones CF

I was blessed again with the #1 overall pick and obviously took Trout. I suppose it was fortunate that I got a draft in earlier where I had the #1 pick as well so I could get a little practice with the draft spot. No surprises here in the 1st round. Tulo is a little too much injury risk for me in round 1, but is worth it when healthy. Im not sure I would take any SP in the first round, but Kershaw make a good argument. Again, at the back end of the 1st, cant criticize the pick too much even if it’s not one that I would make.

Round: 2
(13) The Kekambas – Jose Bautista RF
(14) Professor Chaos – Felix Hernandez SP
(15) Team Schritter – Anthony Rendon 2B
(16) Cityname Sportsteam – Jose Altuve 2B
(17) Playing in the Past – Bryce Harper LF
(18) Vin Rusty – Josh Donaldson 3B
(19) Team Team – Corey Dickerson LF
(20) Chupacabraj Samsquantch  – Yasiel Puig RF
(21) Team Quirk – Nolan Arenado 3B
(22) Bats n Balls – Buster Posey C
(23) Team Bomber – Robinson Cano 2B
** (24) Pog Champ – Ian Desmond SS

Round: 3
** (25) Pog Champ – Max Scherzer SP
(26) Team Bomber – Stephen Strasburg SP
(27) Bats n Balls – Michael Brantley LF
(28) Team Quirk – Justin Upton LF
(29) Chupacabraj Samsquantch  – Hanley Ramirez SS
(30) Team Team – Madison Bumgarner SP
(31) Vin Rusty – Adrian Beltre 3B
(32) Playing in the Past – Jacoby Ellsbury CF
(33) Cityname Sportsteam – Freddie Freeman 1B
(34) Team Schritter – Chris Sale SP
(35) Professor Chaos – George Springer RF
(36) The Kekambas – Corey Kluber SP

At the turn, I grabbed Desmond and Scherzer. Desmond locks up SS for me nicely while complementing Trout’s power/speed combo. Scherzer is one of the four SPs I consider elite. I may have been better served taking a hitter here seeing as how light I ended up in power by the end of the draft, in a roto league, I didnt want to find myself behind on pitching too early. Being a RCL, I wasnt surprised to see Arenado go early. Dickerson was a bit of a surprise to see go in the 2nd as well, but that may be more of my own unfamiliarity with the player since I didnt play fantasy last year. You can never discount someone that plays half his games at Coors.

Round: 4
(37) The Kekambas – David Price SP
(38) Professor Chaos – Ryan Braun RF
(39) Team Schritter – Albert Pujols 1B
(40) Cityname Sportsteam – Johnny Cueto SP
(41) Playing in the Past – Evan Longoria 3B
(42) Vin Rusty – Carlos Gonzalez LF
(43) Team Team – Kolten Wong 2B
(44) Chupacabraj Samsquantch  – Todd Frazier 3B
(45) Team Quirk – Chris Davis 1B
(46) Bats n Balls – Starling Marte LF
(47) Team Bomber – Prince Fielder 1B
** (48) Pog Champ – Jordan Zimmermann SP

Round: 5
** (49) Pog Champ – Jason Kipnis 2B
(50) Team Bomber – Jose Reyes SS
(51) Bats n Balls – Aroldis Chapman RP
(52) Team Quirk – Jeff Samardzija SP
(53) Chupacabraj Samsquantch  – Billy Hamilton CF
(54) Team Team – Ian Kinsler 2B
(55) Vin Rusty – Yoenis Cespedes LF
(56) Playing in the Past – Zack Greinke SP
(57) Cityname Sportsteam – Mookie Betts CF
(58) Team Schritter – Kyle Seager 3B
(59) Professor Chaos – Matt Kemp CF
(60) The Kekambas – Brian Dozier 2B

Here is where I think I stumbled a bit. Zimmerman offers great Ks and ratios howevers I dont think that he is a great value here as I dont think much separates him from other SPs around this point of the draft. Kipnis fills a need at the shallow 2B, but like Zimmerman, Im starting to think that the difference between him and the next couple 2B taken isnt that big. Picking at the turn and filling a need is never bad, but I wonder if could have done better here. I think I would have been better served picking up hitters with power like Adrian Gonzalez instead.

Kolten Wong is another Razzball fav and expected to be picked up early. Lots of speed was taken here with Marte, Reyes, Hamilton all being taken.
Round: 6
(61) The Kekambas – Carlos Santana 3B
(62) Professor Chaos – Matt Harvey SP
(63) Team Schritter – Jonathan Lucroy C
(64) Cityname Sportsteam – Adrian Gonzalez 1B
(65) Playing in the Past – Craig Kimbrel RP
(66) Vin Rusty – Nelson Cruz LF
(67) Team Team – Manny Machado 3B
(68) Chupacabraj Samsquantch  – Dee Gordon 2B
(69) Team Quirk – Jake Arrieta SP
(70) Bats n Balls – Jon Lester SP
(71) Team Bomber – Jason Heyward RF
** (72) Pog Champ – Carlos Carrasco SP

Round: 7
** (73) Pog Champ – Joey Votto 1B
(74) Team Bomber – Cole Hamels SP
(75) Bats n Balls – Greg Holland RP
(76) Team Quirk – Alexei Ramirez SS
(77) Chupacabraj Samsquantch  – Gerrit Cole SP
(78) Team Team – Marcell Ozuna CF
(79) Vin Rusty – Jay Bruce RF
(80) Playing in the Past – Hisashi Iwakuma SP
(81) Cityname Sportsteam – Christian Yelich LF
(82) Team Schritter – Starlin Castro SS
(83) Professor Chaos – Victor Martinez DH
(84) The Kekambas – Tyson Ross SP

My next two picks were Carrasco and Votto. I remember reallyyyy wanting Arrieta at this spot, but he got taken a few picks before mine. Trying to decide between Carrasco and Hamels, I went with Carrasco though I cannot really pinpoint why…Maybe it was because I had taken him in so many other drafts. Maybe I was worried about Hamels’ potential move to an AL squad (a kind of baseless worry looking back). Most likely Carrasco being a little younger and more interesting than Hamels drove my decision. Votto was a bit of a desperation pick on my part. Seeing most of 1B sucked dry by this point, I pulled the trigger on him. Paired with my previous picks of Desmond and Kipnis, my team is sorely lacking power by this point and would be deficiency I would struggle to fill throughout the draft.
Round: 8
(85) The Kekambas – Kris Bryant 3B
(86) Professor Chaos – Masahiro Tanaka SP
(87) Team Schritter – Mark Melancon RP
(88) Cityname Sportsteam – David Ortiz DH
(89) Playing in the Past – Kole Calhoun RF
(90) Vin Rusty – Xander Bogaerts 3B
(91) Team Team – Pablo Sandoval 3B
(92) Chupacabraj Samsquantch  – Adam Wainwright SP
(93) Team Quirk – Yasmany Tomas RF
(94) Bats n Balls – Matt Carpenter 3B
(95) Team Bomber – Jorge Soler RF
** (96) Pog Champ – Ryan Zimmerman 3B

Round: 9
** (97) Pog Champ – Matt Holliday LF
(98) Team Bomber – Leonys Martin CF
(99) Bats n Balls – Garrett Richards SP
(100) Team Quirk – Danny Santana SS
(101) Chupacabraj Samsquantch  – Julio Teheran SP
(102) Team Team – Jacob deGrom SP
(103) Vin Rusty – Alex Wood SP
(104) Playing in the Past – Dustin Pedroia 2B
(105) Cityname Sportsteam – James Shields SP
(106) Team Schritter – Charlie Blackmon RF
(107) Professor Chaos – David Wright 3B
(108) The Kekambas – Brandon Moss 1B

Here come the old guard in Zimmerman and Holliday. In my desperation for hitting, I rolled the dice on these two. Zimmerman is an injury risk, but if he is healthy, I think he was the one of the only 3B left here that could put up respectable power numbers. The Holliday pick is probably a product of me being unfamiliar with the players around this part of the draft and my teams need for hitting. He has little upside, but I think a reasonable floor resulting in a relatively boring pick.

In contrast to my picks of two older players, a lot of younger players started coming off the board around these picks. Kris Bryant has been crushing spring training and after his two week exile is over, may well be up there at atom the 3B mountain. Young OFs Calhoun, Soler, Tomas, and Martin all offer interesting upside. Xander Bogaerts is another Razzball favorite who lasted until the 8th round. I have a strong suspicion that players with unique names like Xander’s are more susceptible to getting drafted early just because their names are easier to find…

Round: 10
(109) The Kekambas – Rusney Castillo CF
(110) Professor Chaos – Evan Gattis C
(111) Team Schritter – Alex Gordon LF
(112) Cityname Sportsteam – Elvis Andrus SS
(113) Playing in the Past – Eric Hosmer 1B
(114) Vin Rusty – David Robertson RP
(115) Team Team – Dellin Betances RP
(116) Chupacabraj Samsquantch  – Wil Myers RF
(117) Team Quirk – Matt Shoemaker SP
(118) Bats n Balls – Hunter Pence RF
(119) Team Bomber – Josh Harrison RF
** (120) Pog Champ – Sonny Gray SP

Round: 11
** (121) Pog Champ – Kenley Jansen RP
(122) Team Bomber – Chris Archer SP
(123) Bats n Balls – Gio Gonzalez SP
(124) Team Quirk – Jedd Gyorko 2B
(125) Chupacabraj Samsquantch  – Cody Allen RP
(126) Team Team – Alex Cobb SP
(127) Vin Rusty – Avisail Garcia RF
(128) Playing in the Past – Koji Uehara RP
(129) Cityname Sportsteam – J.D. Martinez LF
(130) Team Schritter – Michael Wacha SP
(131) Professor Chaos – Gregory Polanco RF
(132) The Kekambas – Jean Segura SS

I’ll admit it, Sonny Grey was a bit of a homer pick. What can I say? I had to show my fellow Vandy alum some love, especially after seeing him drop this far in the draft. I wasnt in serious need of pitching but he seemed like too good value to pass up here. The Kenley pick is an example of why information is so important. When I saw him name, I saw the strikeout machine closer. What I didnt know was that he is currently hurt >_>. It doesnt seem too serious, but I dont think I would have taken him had I known. Regardless, wasting this pick on a RP, any RP really, was a horrible waste. I knew in the back of my head that the timer was ticking down on filling power holes in my lineup, but I suckered myself into taking Kenley.

Round: 12
(133) The Kekambas – Andrew Miller RP
(134) Professor Chaos – Huston Street RP
(135) Team Schritter – Chris Carter DH
(136) Cityname Sportsteam – Daniel Murphy 2B
(137) Playing in the Past – Jimmy Rollins SS
(138) Vin Rusty – Trevor Rosenthal RP
(139) Team Team – Lucas Duda 1B
(140) Chupacabraj Samsquantch  – Mark Trumbo 1B
(141) Team Quirk – Brett Gardner CF
(142) Bats n Balls – Steve Cishek RP
(143) Team Bomber – Yordano Ventura SP
** (144) Pog Champ – A.J. Pollock CF

Round: 13
** (145) Pog Champ – Drew Storen RP
(146) Team Bomber – Matt Adams 1B
(147) Bats n Balls – Ben Zobrist 2B
(148) Team Quirk – Jonathan Papelbon RP
(149) Chupacabraj Samsquantch  – Mike Fiers SP
(150) Team Team – Joaquin Benoit RP
(151) Vin Rusty – Mat Latos SP
(152) Playing in the Past – Neil Walker 2B
(153) Cityname Sportsteam – Lance Lynn SP
(154) Team Schritter – Doug Fister SP
(155) Professor Chaos – Devin Mesoraco C
(156) The Kekambas – Ben Revere CF

Here I took another (injured!!!) RP in Storen. Again, I didnt have the full background on Storen’s injury, but I did remember the elite closer he was two years ago, an eternity. What’s done is done however, and should they come back, Storen and Kenley should provide a solid closer duo for my team, though I way overpaid for the privilege. AJ Pollack was entirely a product of me seeing his ESPN projections of double-digit HR and STL. Doing a little more digging, it’s possible he reaches those numbers considering the time he missed to a flukey injury last year, losing 3 months to a fractured hand.

Round: 14
(157) The Kekambas – Jose Quintana SP
(158) Professor Chaos – Anibal Sanchez SP
(159) Team Schritter – Melky Cabrera LF
(160) Cityname Sportsteam – Glen Perkins RP
(161) Playing in the Past – Francisco Liriano SP
(162) Vin Rusty – Fernando Rodney RP
(163) Team Team – Lorenzo Cain CF
(164) Chupacabraj Samsquantch  – Adam LaRoche 1B
(165) Team Quirk – Drew Hutchison SP
(166) Bats n Balls – Howie Kendrick 2B
(167) Team Bomber – Zach Britton RP
** (168) Pog Champ – Collin McHugh SP

Round: 15
** (169) Pog Champ – Khris Davis LF
(170) Team Bomber – Joc Pederson LF
(171) Bats n Balls – Justin Morneau 1B
(172) Team Quirk – Alex Rios RF
(173) Chupacabraj Samsquantch  – Oswaldo Arcia RF
(174) Team Team – Jayson Werth RF
(175) Vin Rusty – Javier Baez SS
(176) Playing in the Past – Yan Gomes C
(177) Cityname Sportsteam – Salvador Perez C
(178) Team Schritter – Brandon Belt 1B
(179) Professor Chaos – Phil Hughes SP
(180) The Kekambas – Jake Odorizzi SP

At this point, my rotation was pretty set with Scherzer, Zimmerman, Carrasco, and Grey so Im not entirely sure why I took McHugh. From what Ive read, he seems capable of grabbing K’s in bunches and had a nice run at the end of last season. If I were to do it over again, I would definitely pull the trigger on Joc Pederson here. I am in love with that kid except I didnt know it until after the draft when I was reading articles on sleepers. Reminds me of high school when I realized I loved this girl after she started dating my friend 😛 Khris Davis should be a cheap source of power. Listening to some podcasts, Brandon Belt could have been a nice pickup with these picks as well. Oswaldo Arcia also another name generating a bit of buzz at the moment.

Round: 16
(181) The Kekambas – Danny Salazar SP
(182) Professor Chaos – Alcides Escobar SS
(183) Team Schritter – Shin-Soo Choo LF
(184) Cityname Sportsteam – Pedro Alvarez 3B
(185) Playing in the Past – Michael Pineda SP
(186) Vin Rusty – Steven Souza RF
(187) Team Team – Dalton Pompey CF
(188) Chupacabraj Samsquantch  – Nick Castellanos 3B
(189) Team Quirk – Drew Smyly SP
(190) Bats n Balls – Hector Rondon RP
(191) Team Bomber – Andrew Cashner SP
** (192) Pog Champ – James Paxton SP

Round: 17
** (193) Pog Champ – Chase Headley 3B
(194) Team Bomber – Brad Boxberger RP
(195) Bats n Balls – Jose Fernandez SP
(196) Team Quirk – Dallas Keuchel SP
(197) Chupacabraj Samsquantch  – Brett Lawrie 3B
(198) Team Team – Addison Reed RP
(199) Vin Rusty – Chase Utley 2B
(200) Playing in the Past – Torii Hunter RF
(201) Cityname Sportsteam – Francisco Rodriguez RP
(202) Team Schritter – Neftali Feliz RP
(203) Professor Chaos – Jered Weaver SP
(204) The Kekambas – Yadier Molina C

Another unnecessary SP pick in Paxton, who I admittedly also know little about, but who I learned in the time between my turns, can offer those sexy Ks. I tagged Headley as my CI, hoping as his fantasy owner and as a Yankees fan (yay homerism) can figure out Yankee stadium and provide those HRs my team desperately needs. I started to get the feeling that a lot of my fellow draftees were starting to feel fatigued like I was. Pick times were either short with queued up players, or long with owners scrambling to figure out who was left.

Round: 18
(205) The Kekambas – Steve Pearce 1B
(206) Professor Chaos – Adam Eaton CF
(207) Team Schritter – Jake McGee RP
(208) Cityname Sportsteam – Adam Lind 1B
(209) Playing in the Past – Marlon Byrd RF
(210) Vin Rusty – Brett Cecil RP
(211) Team Team – Santiago Casilla RP
(212) Chupacabraj Samsquantch  – Scooter Gennett 2B
(213) Team Quirk – Joe Nathan RP
(214) Bats n Balls – Ian Kennedy SP
(215) Team Bomber – Danny Duffy SP
** (216) Pog Champ – Kevin Gausman SP

Round: 19
** (217) Pog Champ – Chris Owings SS
(218) Team Bomber – C.J. Cron 1B
(219) Bats n Balls – Aramis Ramirez 3B
(220) Team Quirk – Domonic Brown LF
(221) Chupacabraj Samsquantch  – Hyun-Jin Ryu SP
(222) Team Team – Tyler Clippard RP
(223) Vin Rusty – Luke Gregerson RP
(224) Playing in the Past – Jake Peavy SP
(225) Cityname Sportsteam – Brian McCann C
(226) Team Schritter – Erick Aybar SS
(227) Professor Chaos – Sean Doolittle RP
(228) The Kekambas – Rougned Odor 2B

Yeah I know…another SP…its like I learned nothing from my previous drafts. I wonder if I was intimidated by the RCL crowd. Gausman…a back end arm on a good team. The hope is there, but I think there were better choices like either a bat like CJ Cron or a RP like Clippard.

Round: 20
(229) The Kekambas – Desmond Jennings CF
(230) Professor Chaos – Aaron Sanchez SP
(231) Team Schritter – Shelby Miller SP
(232) Cityname Sportsteam – Brandon McCarthy SP
(233) Playing in the Past – Jenrry Mejia RP
(234) Vin Rusty – LaTroy Hawkins RP
(235) Team Team – Joakim Soria RP
(236) Chupacabraj Samsquantch  – Michael Cuddyer RF
(237) Team Quirk – A.J. Burnett SP
(238) Bats n Balls – Coco Crisp CF
(239) Team Bomber – Jhonny Peralta SS
** (240) Pog Champ – Wilson Ramos C

Round: 21
** (241) Pog Champ – Ken Giles RP
(242) Team Bomber – Yasmani Grandal C
(243) Bats n Balls – Martin Prado 3B
(244) Team Quirk – Wilin Rosario C
(245) Chupacabraj Samsquantch  – Matt Cain SP
(246) Team Team – Taijuan Walker SP
(247) Vin Rusty – Jeurys Familia RP
(248) Playing in the Past – Carlos Beltran RF
(249) Cityname Sportsteam – Michael Saunders RF
(250) Team Schritter – Derek Holland SP
(251) Professor Chaos – Justin Verlander SP
(252) The Kekambas – Danny Farquhar RP

Around this point, I think vets such as Cuddyer and Verlander actually provide nice value as you fill out your roster. I took Ramos here as my C, but I think Grandal is a little more interesting now. A move to the LAD lineup should help him out. Giles isnt that great a pick either as he is not the Philly’s closer, but he is a strong reliever who should provide good ratios and K/9 albeit in small doses. I would have been better served picking up someone like Saunders probably.

Round: 22
(253) The Kekambas – Wade Davis RP
(254) Professor Chaos – Marcus Semien 3B
(255) Team Schritter – Arismendy Alcantara 2B
(256) Cityname Sportsteam – John Lackey SP
(257) Playing in the Past – Jason Grilli RP
(258) Vin Rusty – Matt Wieters C
(259) Team Team – Daniel Norris RP
(260) Chupacabraj Samsquantch  – Homer Bailey SP
(261) Team Quirk – Kennys Vargas DH
(262) Bats n Balls – Mike Napoli 1B
(263) Team Bomber – Chris Tillman SP
** (264) Pog Champ – Curtis Granderson RF

Round: 23
** (265) Pog Champ – Nick Markakis RF
(266) Team Bomber – Chris Hatcher RP
(267) Bats n Balls – Asdrubal Cabrera SS
(268) Team Quirk – Nathan Eovaldi SP
(269) Chupacabraj Samsquantch  – Ervin Santana SP
(270) Team Team – Chad Qualls RP
(271) Vin Rusty – Sergio Romo RP
(272) Playing in the Past – Norichika Aoki RF
(273) Cityname Sportsteam – Scott Kazmir SP
(274) Team Schritter – Rick Porcello SP
(275) Professor Chaos – Anthony Gose CF
(276) The Kekambas – Jordan Walden RP

All that pitching I took early biting me in the butt hard now. Markakis is like hobo’s Holliday, decent floor, but virtually no upside. Granderson could provide some pop, but at the expense of the AVG, it may not be worth it. What can I say? I boxed myself into this position, desperate for power and sold my soul for it.

Round: 24
(277) The Kekambas – Kevin Quackenbush RP
(278) Professor Chaos – Justin Smoak 1B
(279) Team Schritter – Drew Pomeranz SP
(280) Cityname Sportsteam – Rajai Davis LF
(281) Playing in the Past – Edward Mujica RP
(282) Vin Rusty – Carlos Martinez SP
(283) Team Team – Travis d’Arnaud C
(284) Chupacabraj Samsquantch  – Mike Zunino C
(285) Team Quirk – Jeremy Hellickson SP
(286) Bats n Balls – Austin Jackson CF
(287) Team Bomber – Joe Mauer 1B
** (288) Pog Champ – Dexter Fowler CF

Round: 25
** (289) Pog Champ – Trevor Plouffe 3B
(290) Team Bomber – Shane Greene SP
(291) Bats n Balls – Trevor Bauer SP
(292) Team Quirk – Yusmeiro Petit RP
(293) Chupacabraj Samsquantch  – Jason Hammel SP
(294) Team Team – J.J. Hardy SS
(295) Vin Rusty – Jesse Hahn SP
(296) Playing in the Past – Bobby Parnell RP
(297) Cityname Sportsteam – Denard Span CF
(298) Team Schritter – Andrew Heaney SP
(299) Professor Chaos – Mike Leake SP
(300) The Kekambas – Cody Asche 3B

The best perk of having the #1 pick other than getting Trout, is that you get to leave the draft first. After 2 hours of drafting, I was mentally exhausted. Mostly just lottery tickets around here.

So, one RCL down, another to go tonight. This team is definitely strong in the pitching department, but light on the SVs (until Jansen and Storen are back) and hitting in general. I think this team’s fate will lie in my ability to spin a trade, most likely one of my pitchers, for a good bat or two. In H2H, its easy just to specialize in cats and punt others, but in roto you’re heavily punished for such a strategy. I think a middle of the pack finish is likely for this squad. There just isnt enough hitting to get behind the solid pitching. Getting out-valued in those middle rounds will probably be our downfall.

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