3.24 – ESPN Std H2H Draft Recap #3

Alrighty, free ESPN standard H2H league draft recap #3!

baseballThe number #6 pick this time, but still landed Goldy. This time Trout, McCutchen, Kershaw, Giancarlo, and Stanton were taken ahead of me, but still got my guy. I do like to diversify my players across free leagues so I’ll be playing with someone on at least one of my teams. In addition to keeping me up to date with more players, I get to root for more of them :D. Jones, Puig, and Upton filled up the front end of my OF. Pujols is a year older, but should be a steady 1B. In the 6th, I got a chance to draft Billy Hamilton, someone I have never played with before. Ive read that STLs are a bit overrated, but Hamilton is one of the elite in the cat and I couldnt pass up a chance at a guy that I usually never see this late. 2B usually leaves me choosing between Kipnis and Dozier, I initially favored Kipnis for the better AVG and balanced production, but I think Im starting to lean towards Dozier and his better power as AVG seems like a cat that will come and go for teams this year unless they seriously invest in it. I took Robertson and Betances in the 11th and 12th, but I think now that it was a mistake. Not that they are bad pitchers, in fact, they are good relievers out-right that can produce good ratios and Ks even when not racking up SVs, but Im not sure any RP is really worth it this early. Also, this is one of the few ESPN standard league drafts where I missed out on Arenado so I fell back on Wright. This isnt my favorite pick, since Wright’s best years seem to have long gone, but Davis’s 3B eligibility eases the blow. Rollins seems to be poised to produce runs atop the LAD lineup and a nice SS especially in the 15th. I dont think I needed to draft Hosmer or Myers where I did. Looking back now after having done more research, there are far more interesting sleepers with bigger upsides that I’d rather take than these guys. Honestly, Im not the biggest fan of the picks I made after this point. Clippard and Cecil are good closers for the end of the draft and Im fine with Ramos as my C, but everyone else isnt terribly interesting.

I think this is going to be one of my more flexible teams in terms of roster spots. Looking back, there’s a whole third of the line up that Im not completely sold on. I can envision myself pushing the acquisition limit each week with this team. This definitely could have been draft where I splurged on sleepers had I done more research beforehand. If I had to pinpoint where I went wrong, it may have been when I caved to the Hamilton pick instead of an elite SP. More likely, it was when I went consecutive closers in Robertson and Betances in the middle of the draft. I’ll have to be extra vigilant for hot free agents pick ups for this team considering how weak this draft looks in hindsight.

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