3.24 – ESPN Std H2H Draft Recap #2

I completed a couple drafts over the weekend and this is one of them.  I had a RCL draft on Monday, so I wanted to get the feel of where positions thinned out quickly in drafts this year to prepare. After the last draft, I wanted to go into this one with the goal of maybe taking a more elite SP or two earlier instead of loading up on bats the whole draft. Here are the results:

beisbol I think Trout is #1 with McCutchen, Giancarlo, and Goldy in some order for #2-4 . I got the 5th pick and was lucky to have Goldschmidt make it to me there (someone took Miggy in the top 4). In round 2, I took the dive and bit on Scherzer, a pretty good bet for Ks and ratios. I’ve found that 3B thins out incredibly fast this year, so getting Donaldson in the third was nice. Zimmerman is another National that made it on my team. Its amazing how many absolute fantasy studs are on the Nationals this year, I wonder if it will actually translate to success in the standings. Votto is a guy Im kinda conflicted on. Sure the bounceback potential is tantalizing but you’re also left wondering if the power will ever be back. Im finding that unless youre stacked at the other positions, you need your corner infielders to produce those power numbers and it seems there are better options than Votto this year. As a 2nd 1B however, I think he can make sense. Ross and Arrieta should hopefully pad the K totals from Scherzer and Zimmerman with Iwakuma smoothing out the ratios. I addressed RP and SVs earlier this draft, taking Perkins in the 15th and Clippard/Broxberger/Cecil at the end of the draft. Not elite by any stretch, especially the trio at the end, but they should be closing out games for their squads at least to begin the season. No sure how I feel about Choo, McHugh, Santana,  or Shoemaker but for where they were drafted, the risk was minimal. The season should determine if they get swapped out for other players. I did pick a catcher earlier this time as well, but iirc, Rosario was a misclick….regardless, the position sucks and Im planning on switching them out regularly.

Overall, I think the draft was ok. Looking back, Scherzer is sick, but just taking taking two pitchers in the first five rounds and I can already feel a huge gap in hitting between this team and the first one I drafted. Other than Scherzer, I dont think the pitching staffs are too different either. In future drafts, I’ll try focusing harder on hitting early. Also, I need to do a lot more research on sleepers for this season, because around round 18, I really did not feel confidant about any of my picks.

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