3.23 – Player Haters Assc – Playoffs Rd 1 vs “MILL$AP ROCKY” Mid-round Update

Warning: Dangerous level of salt contained in this post. Elevated blood pressure risk immense. Proceed with caution….

Gahhh injuries are the worst. I thought my opponent had it bad when he lost Ibaka, but I never imagined I’d watch five different guys go down with injuries in two nights. Wall and Noel were able to come back their next games, but Lowry and Harris have missed time and it seems Terrance Jones is going to be out for a while when he suffered a collapsed lung (!!!!). Too many near-misses on double-doubles has also been a source of consternation for me this week (looking at you Gobert and Giannis).

On the other side of the ball, my opponent’s team definitely showed up to play. LMA has been spectacular, grounding the squad in FG% and DD. Reggie Jackson seems to have settled into DET at the perfect time; logging a 20pt/20ast (!!!!) game and a triple-double early, ultimately grabbing 4 double-doubles in 4 games. Avery Bradley dropped a 20pt/10reb game on me with 4 3PM. The rest of his team has also turned in solid performances the whole week. A night of a few missed starts, but my opponent has also started to get more active on the waiver wire, picking up Ersan Ilyasova, Jordan Hill, Matt Barnes, and Joe Johnson  through the week for spot starts.


So, halfway thru, my prediction of a 6-3 week was right, just for the other side…. 😥 In my opinion, the 3PM, AST, and DD cats are still up for grabs. FT% is kinda close, but I think my team isnt good enough at FTs to catch up to 79% or even 78% barring a catastrophic meltdown from his team. The 3PM and AST cats could very well have been ours right now if Lowry hadnt gotten hurt, but as it stands, they arent and its looking like that’s where the biggest battle is going to be. FG% is definitely a lost cause and unless Harden goes off for 50 a game, I think PTS are as well.

Roster moves:

  • Hibbert -> Marcus Morris (vs NOR)

I decided to drop Roy Hibbert because without Ibaka, I wasnt as worried about the REB and BLK cats. Combined with Hibbert underperforming a bit, I figured I could get more production out of the roster spot by just streaming. With Knight and Len out and Green seemingly buried on the depth chart, I liked Marcus’s chances to help in 3PM and PTS. Things didnt entirely goto plan as he was horribly inefficient, going 1/11 FG and 0/2 FT. He did grab 13  REB so it wasnt a total waste, but I certainly expected more.

  • Marcus Morris -> Steven Adams (vs ATL)

I was a little worried about this move since ATL plays above-avg defense (4th in DEF efficiency), but Kanter also missed this game, leaving OKC thin in the frontcourt. Adams racked up a 12pt/16reb night with 2stl/2blk and didnt even kill me at the stripe, going 2/3 FT. With Hibbert and Len both gone and OKC’s frontcourt in flux, Adams may stick around a little longer.

  • Terrance Jones -> IR
  • -> CJ Miles (@BKN)

With the extra roster slot from moving Terrance to the IR, I picked up CJ Miles to try and make up ground in the 3PM cat. Originally, I was eyeing Anthony Morrow (OKC) for this purpose, but he was snatched up during my indecision. CJ pitched in 4 3PM so no complaints from me.

  • CJ Miles -> Ersan Ilyasova (vs CLE)

With this move I was hoping to sneak in some 3PM and maybe a double-double. I got a 6/11 FG, 14pt/6reb game with 1 3pm instead. Certainly hoping for more, but it’s better than nothing.

  • Ersan Ilyasova -> Rodney Hood (vs MIN)
  • Steven Adams -> Bojan Bogdanovic (vs BOS)

By this point, Lowry and Tobias have missed 2 game a piece and Im actually down a handful of 3PM. With a decent lead in REB, I decided to move on from Adams and chase 3PM.

This coming week, I’ll keep streaming those two roster spots to try and fight for cats Im down in. Since Im pretty much conceding FG%, I can stream 3PT snipers with impunity. Hopefully, Lowry and Harris can return healthy and help us come away with the win. I have 8 roster moves left this round, so Im not sure if there is much value in opening up more roster space by dropping Harris and/or Terrance since I have two spots for streaming already. But since Terrance is out presumably until the middle of the week (more likely the whole week) and Harris only plays 2 games this week, its definitely a consideration. There’s no point in holding onto them if it costs me a chance at advancing. Fingers crossed, LETS DO IT BOYSSS!!!!!

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