3.21 – Let’s Play Ball!

After much consideration, I’ve decided to try and get back into fantasy baseball. The grand-daddy of fantasy sports. All those MLB headlines on Rotoworld that I have been ignoring starting to get relevant. My past experience with free, standard leagues on Yahoo and ESPN is that very rarely do you get anyone else in the league who is actively playing. Just setting your lineup is sufficient to at least secure a playoff spot in H2H leagues. Roto leagues are a little harder, but you usually you can address weaknesses pretty easily. There is little in the ways of resistance for waiver/FA pickups unless its a supernova of a player (eg – Jose Abreu last year). If anyone makes pick ups, its usually at the beginning of the season. By the dog days of summer, hardly anyone is paying attention. It may be a little pessimistic, but I dont expect to be trading with any of the other random owners in these free leagues. This places a lot more value on drafting well and keeping up with available players. Streaming pitchers is as easy as you’d expect in a league where not many people are competing for pickups.

So this year, Im going to try something a little different. Razzball has their own leagues called Razzball Commentor Leagues (RCLs). Being readers of Razzball, these are significantly more competitive leagues than your regular free league. Luckily, RCLs are also free (my bank account weeps tears of joy). RCLs are standard 5×5 roto leagues. I have played both roto and H2H leagues before for baseball, but my preference is for H2H. To that end, I’m going to split the 10 free leagues that you can join on ESPN (on one username at least): 5 roto RCL leagues and 5 H2H free leagues. I’ll start drafting the H2H leagues first, since they should be easier and let me ease back into the jungle that is fantasy baseball. I could do some auction drafts, but after the first snake draft I tried took over an hour to complete, I dont think Ill have the patience for a full auction draft.

I’ll start doing some research and come back with some posts about my drafts soon.

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