3.16 – Player Haters Assc – Week 19 vs “P-Town Silky” Recap


After taking the first two matchups with P-Town Silky 8-1 both times, I expected to do well again, but I never expected a 9-0 sweep.  My opponent conveniently didnt make any moves and had benched Lillard the whole week. With a 44/1414 to 34/1003 GP/MIN advantage, I easily took the counting cats, tho I suspect I would have lost the 3PM and maybe the FT% cats if Lillard hadnt been marooned on the bench the whole week.

Since my opponent wasnt making any moves and I wasnt in any real risk of losing the #1 seed, I got to wait on Dragic in the IR spot the whole week, tho now I have to decide who to drop to get him back in the lineup. With Hibbert struggling and Len banged up, one of those two looks like the most likely choice. Most surprising this week was how well my team did in the %age cats, beating our season averages of .449 FG% and .761% FT%. Not sure how sustainable the shooting will be, but if my guards (Wall, Lowry, MCW in particular) can keep it up or at the least not be deadweights, the %age cats may not be as lost as I would have expected.

With this week’s win, we finished #1 in the regular season! Sporting a 12 game lead over the 2nd place team and a positive record vs every team in the league save one (8-9-1 vs “The Mexicans”), Id say we did pretty well these past 19 weeks xD.

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