3.9 – Player Haters Assc – Week 19 vs “”P-Town Silky” Preview

My opponent this week is P-Town Silky. Due our 10-team league’s single-division schedule, we are playing this team for the third time. Our proverbial whipping boy, both our previous matchups have ended in 8-1 beatdowns. I suppose this is an instance where the schedule works in my favor since I get to play a relatively easy opponent three times. I currently hold a 9.0 game lead over the 2nd place team, so it seems this little bit of scheduling will secure me the #1 seed for the playoffs.

ptownA little bit about the owner, a fantasy rookie, this is his first year playing. As such, he has gone through much of the same growing pains that all of us who play fantasy sports experienced when we first started. There have been noticeable bumps in the road from lopsided trades to simply forgetting to start players. The only father in the league, I dont really blame him for not giving the league and his team his full attention (esp since his son is so damn cute!!!!).

In our previous two meetings, the only cat my team dropped was FT% and barely edged out wins in 3PM both times despite having a 8+ GP advantage in each matchup (mostly due to my opponent not setting his roster).

Opponent profile: (#8) P-Town Silky

  • FG%: .4359 (10th)
  • FT%: .8071 (2nd)
  • 3PM: 927 (1st)
  • REB: 3329 (10th)
  • AST: 1930 (8th)
  • STL: 692 (8th)
  • BLK: 318 (10th)
  • DD: 70 (10th)
  • PTS: 10036 (7th)

His roster is almost entirely composed of guards and wings. His team actually profiles like your typical 3PM specialist – low big men stats (FG%, REB, DD, BLK), high FT% and 3PM. He boasts two of the most elite scoring guards in Damian Lillard and Klay Thompson. With those two, 3PM and FT% come easy week to week. Other than their elite usage, they also dont (often) come with the common drawback of 3PM specialists, the low FG%. Surrounded by other players strong in 3PM like Gordon and Frye (and previously Matthews), its no surprise that he is 1st in the league in 3PM. After that however, his team has major flaws. Most glaringly is the lack of frontcourt players. While Boogie Cousins is one of the (if not THE) premier big men for fantasy, he cant do it all on his own and it shows as the team ranks last in ALL the big-man cats (FG%, REB, DD, BLK). Also, his roster is very top-heavy with talent. Other than Lillard, Thompson, Cousins, Wade and, more recently, Oladipo, the rest of the roster is filled with replacement-level talent. The missed starts and low frequency of pickups compound the team’s weak showing in the counting stat categories.

I predict a 7-2 win this week. My team will probably drop 3PM and FT%, but take the other counting cats and FG%. I guess its a good thing that I probably wont be forced to make any moves meaning Lowry can still wait in the IR spot even though healthy. Also, I can probably afford any missed games from players dealing with injuries (Goran, Beal, Wall, Len, Hibbert, and Noel) and still do well. Hopefully, they’ll be ready to go next week when the playoffs start.

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