3.9 – Player Haters Assc Week 18 vs “M.I.L.L.$.A.P. ROCKY” Recap

final scoreFinal score: 6-3 win! As predicted, I lost the %age categories and we split the DD and PTS cats.

What went right – My team dominated the defensive cats. Led by Nerlens Noel and his 17 (!!!) STLs, we even won BLKs by a comfortable margin over the team with the 2nd most BLKs. We even made a solid run at the %age cats that I expected to lose. We were winning the cats up until a devastating Saturday where we went 26/84 FG (0.310%) and 21/32 FT (0.656%), ultimately costing us.

What went wrong – Players missing games. From a James Harden suspension to various minor injuries and IR spot rules, quite a players on my team missed games this week. Beal, Lowry, Dragic, Len, and Hibbert all missed time this week due to rest/injuries. None of the injuries sounds too serious, but I would have loved to make a run at the PTS cat. Also, my reluctance to drop anyone from the current roster cost us in two ways this week. First, I couldn’t move Kyle Lowry from the IR spot when he returned in the middle of the week. Second, I couldnt stream any players and get some additional GP in. With a close counting category like PTS and already losing/conceded the %age cats, the additional counting stats from a streamer could have made a difference. In this case, how big a difference is a bit questionable since my opponent forgot (or did he?) to start some key players on Sunday.

My opponent currently #4 in the league and the cusp of locking up his playoff spot. With about a 8.0 game lead over the #5 and #6 teams,  he is my likely opponent in the first round. I’d expect a similar result when we play over two weeks. Hopefully, I will actually be able to secure one of the %age categories and the win again next time.

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