2.27 – Watch List Review

Quick post about players I have bookmarked on my watch list. A little barren this time of year, but nice to have on hand should the need arise that I need help in a specific category. As usual, it is easiest to find players in the FA pool that specialize in a single category. Most common category to find on the waiver wire is 3PM. Players that specialize in 3PM usually contribute only in that category and often come with less than ideal FG% (<  45%). The hardest category to find on the waiver wire is FT%. You need a player who has a combination of good FT% and also volume at the line, something usually reserved for high usage players (aka players already owned). your best bet for FT% is to find backups who handle the ball for their team’s 2nd unit and has a strong drive to the basket game.


The Specialists

> 3PM

  • Gerald Green – Streaky 3pt shooter. Competing with Brandon Knight at SG, but can also play SF.
  • Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – The ultimate man-crush. Seemingly has the green light to shoot in DET. Has gotten mountains of minutes even despite inefficient play all year. STLs used to be a part of his game, but have come and gone so far this season.
  • CJ Miles – There was a point in the beginning of the year with Hill, George, and West hurt that CJ was the main offensive threat on IND. As players have returned, he has slid back into being a bit of a role player.
  • Ben McLemore – Young gun who really does little more than shoot 3s. Also looks like SAC willing to let him shoot to his hearts content. Will be interesting to see how the coaching change to Karl will affect his game. Also, SAC has Nic Stauskas waiting in the wings.
  • Aaron Brooks – Rose out for the year, time for the CHI backup PG to shine. Probably wont help in more than 3PM and maybe AST.
  • Jodie Meeks – Seemingly conceding ground to KCP as DET’s 3pt shooter of choice.
  • Jared Dudley – Not as prolific a 3pt shooter as some of the other names on the list, but is capable of bringing it. MIL’s trades may change his role from what it has been thus far.
  • Tony Snell – Also a possible beneficiary of Rose’s injury. Should Butler miss time as well for whatever reason (a distinct possibility with his league-leading minutes), Snell would be an immediate pick up.


  • Tony Allen – The one, the only, Tony Allen. The definition of a specialist. If you need help in STLs, Allen is your man. A long history of racking them up, his name is often the first that comes to mind when thinking about STLs. He wont help in just about any other category, but he will get them STLs.


  • Ed Davis – With LAL going no where this season, Davis may have inconsistent playing time, but he is LAL’s  primary rim protector (Bob Sacre….lol). Is also capable of pulling down REB and helping in FG%, but is not a good FT%.
  • James Johnson – The rare wing defender that racks up BLKs. Playing time is the main concern here. Can also swipe STLs as well.
  • Spencer Hawes – Supposed beneficiary of Blake’s staph infxn, but has yet to put up any huge box scores. Theoretically could chip in BLK, 3PM, and AST, but simply doesnt touch the ball enough in LAC’s offense.
  • Andrew Bogut – The “anchor” of GS’s defense. Has to stay healthy.

> FG%

  • Tyler Zeller – With Olynyk out and Wright traded, Zeller has been manning the post for BOS. Seems to only shoot around the basket, which is ok because he is extremely accurate in that area only. Wont help in BLKs and marginally in REB in the same vein as Brook Lopez. Minutes will probably go down when Olynyk returns and with Bass stealing some minutes as well.
  • Jordan Hill – Main low post threat for LAL. Capable of getting double doubles. Was hurt, returning to form now.


  • Rodney Stuckey – Got on the list when he was in the middle of a hotstreak (couple of 30 pt games). Doubt he gets that hot again, but is capable of having nice scoring games.
  • Jerryd Bayless – Primary PG behind MCW. Should MCW get hurt again, Bayless should get some nice run. MIL offense pretty balanced so you dont expect the PG to put up huge stat line, but should be helpful when MCW sits.
  • Jordan Clarkson – Initiator for LAL (hey someone’s gotta do it right?). Can also have some nice box scores, just hard to expect any consistency.
  • Wesley Johnson – Big fan of those 1/1/1+ players. If you have an open roster spot, players like Johnson wont help you dominate a category, but can give you that slight edge you need.
  • Norris Cole – With Holiday out, Cole could take PG minutes in NOR. Before the trade, Evans was the primary ball handler in that offense and may remain so. Remains a situation to monitor.
  • Jeremy Lin – Really misses D’Antoni. Had a nice game recently, but they have been few and far btwn this season.
  • Lance Stevenson – How the mighty have fallen. Not sure what has happened this year (groin injury perhaps?), but his game has fallen off a cliff. you hope for last years numbers, but it does not look like they’ll be coming this year on this squad.
  • Shabazz Muhammad – Supposed beneficiary of proposed moves for MIN that didnt materialize. Can score, but how many shots can he take with Martin, Wiggins, and Pek still to feed?
  • Kelly Olynyk – Kind of a do-everything C, in a similar vein to Spencer Hawes. His skills lean more towards STLs than BLKs, which is fine. Has a growing offensive game that he can also take to the perimeter. Split time with Zeller prior to being injured.

It should be noted that some of these players are already owned by my leaguemates. Dont worry too much. By nature, these players are highly replaceable and its very common to see them added and dropped with frequency.

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