3.3 – ATML Update #2 – Will Bench Spot #5 Make the Playoffs?!?

Little update with the goings-on of Bench Spot #5 in the ATML…


[Alee] Rose/Oladipo/Zaza for [Reff] Bropez

1/28 – Back when Rose was struggling and Alee was desperate to move on from him but couldn’t stomach just dropping him, Dylan approached with an offer of Bropez for the package of Rose/Dipo/Zaza. Zaza and Dipo had sentimental appeal but the chance to get out from under the relative inconsistency of Rose and Dipo while landing a top flight big man got the deal done. Since the trade, Rose has had bright spots, particularly since Butler went down with injury (what is in the water in CHI??), but has also continued his maddening trend of missing random games to rest/soreness. Dipo had a bit of a hot streak, since the trade, but has cooled down to solid top50-ish value. His well-rounded lines and strength in STLs made him a strong fit with Team Reffe before they moved Paul George. While the additions of Jennings and Ilyasova have muddied ORL’s rotations beyond Skiles’ normal tinkering, Dipo’s minutes have been consistently high (37.2 mpg past 30 days). Zaza also has come down from being the DD machine he was to start the season, but still provides decent REB/DD production. Not even the stink of the Nets can slow down Bropez this season; still not the prodigious REB you would hope for from your C, his strong %ages and defensive stats in addition to his scoring make him an ideal fit for Alee’s team.

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1.27 – ATML Update

So the regular season is halfway done and my secondary applications and teacher trainings are all finished so now’s probably as good a time as any to get back to the blog game. I’ll start with bball and recap fb in a later post. Starting from the draft, my need for Wiggins and subsequent overdrafting of him left me in a pretty big hole. Streaming to try and fill the void led to me add/dropping a lot of guys that I regret like Avery Bradley, but the one that probably hurts the most was dropping Porzingis. Mostly a novelty I took at the end of the draft, so much for him needing time to get eased into the NBA game :P. Here are the big moves Ive made so far:

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12.11 – SJW Playoff/Gurley Bowl Update

sasdasdIt’s probably fitting that my season ends in the same manner that probably cost me too many games this season: rosterbation. As I said in my preview, I was weighing the merits of staring Bortles/Tannehill/Mariota this week. Thinking the JAX/TEN game would be a slog like their previous matchup, I went with Tannehill in an all-in play with Parker and Landry. In what looked like a plus-matchup vs BAL, Tannehill “managed” his way to his lowest yardage total by a significant margin and finished with an 86/1 line. The 30+ pt outings from both Bortles and Mariota were just salt in the wound. Maybe the new OC is hitching his wagon to Miller because Landry completely bottomed out with a 2/5 line. At least Parker caught the TD…. The lesson here: You never go full Dolphins. Besides CJA hurting his ankle and JMatt producing a useful stat line, everything else was pretty on par with my expectations.

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12.3 – CoDG Playoff Rd 1 Preview – vs “Team Chandrasekhar”


Last time Aleks and I faced off back in week 4, I narrowly escaped with a 116.5-109.3 victory. Even with CJ Spiller’s miraculous OT TD vs DAL, the Stafford/Calvin duo was contained by SEA and a large lead meant Julio wasn’t needed to carry the load vs HOU. Way back then, I was still starting Hill out of necessity but he was kind enough to punch in 3 TDs that week. With Brady on BYE, I was relying on Flacco and Ryan. As fortuitous as Hill’s game was, I unfortunately caught that one terrible game that Flacco seems to have every year. I remember drafting Flacco explicitly to cover for Brady until the latter returned from suspension and when that didn’t come to pass, Flacco was supposed to be the BYE week fill-in I kept stashed for 3 weeks – thanks Joe >_> (ps – get well soon!)


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12.2 – SJW Gurley Bowl Rd 1 Predictions

Bracket Link: http://challonge.com/peweo7uq (I cant embed for shit on WP/dont want to install WP and dl plugins >_>)

#1 Ellen Mao vs #8 McAfee’s Colts

Having just missed the playoffs by just a point, Drew is the Gurley Bowl’s #1 seed and looks to parlay his season into at least something after missing out on a chance to finish in the money. Coach VZ got huge games from Hilton and Marshall and nearly pulled off the upset last week vs Team Reffe, but will he actually set his lineup this week? Eli’s inconsistency, the weight of PHL’s offense crushing Demarco, and Eifert’s questionable neck injury throw a little intrigue into this matchup, but Mao should comfortably pick up the W and move on to rd 2.

My Pick: Ellen Mao

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12.2 – SJW Gurley Bowl Rd 1 – vs “OFFICIAL RIOT LEADER”

Gurley Bowl has finally arrived! Seeded right in the middle, I get a rematch with Jeremy in rd 1. Our week 11 matchup was a pretty ugly affair as his studs rolled over my team. Since then, both of us have made trades (both with Tyler amusingly) for RBs; DeAngelo for myself and Ingram for Jeremy.


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12.1 – Week 11/12 Recap

Week 11 Recap



Kind of like two manatees trying to fight over some kelp, this matchup was ugly af (maybe that contributed to my delay in penning this recap…). Coach VZ got helped by his players hitting on a good number of TDs, but they also didn’t contribute much yardage. Ultimately, getting just 1 pt from his DST and K probably doomed him.

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